66% Of German Poll Respondents “Want To Have” A Tesla Model 3


Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Recently, German site Autobild posted a Tesla model 3 poll, and it seems Germans are also decently enthralled with Tesla’s latest EV offering.

In total some 66% of 13,150 respondents checked the box entitled – “Great, I want one”

Considering the rather weak reception of electric cars in Germany, these poll results are impressive, nonetheless wanting to have one and actually ordering is not the same thing.

German Model 3 Poll (via Autobild)

German Model 3 Poll (via Autobild)

Here are the Question and Answer options in English from the poll:

“What’s your opinion on the Tesla Model 3?”
A. Great! I want one!
B. It is still too expensive
C. I don’t give about e-car

The German electric car market is warming up though and the Model 3 could indeed be popular there, provided the German carmakers don’t have a competitive car ready when the Model 3 hits th market. It seems Tesla may be ahead of the German automakers who have a longstanding reputation as being first in innovation…not this time it seems.

Hat tip to Roland T!

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Well, this seems consistent with all those orders from Germany on that Model3tracker map.

I don’t believe this number. The Germans are very loyal to their brands, because they lost the war.

Well if your own brand doesn’t provide the desired product, you have no choice but to look elsewhere.

(The real problem with poll is it is a self-selecting EV fan sample.)

Historically speaking the Germans are always taking their time. Once they step in and change they end up doing it very good. Look at their washing machines cars lenses etc. They are all in the top. Very good quality but it takes them time to reach that level.

Well, Uncle Sam may have saved the Brits in WW2, but the Krauts (Mercedes) definately saved Tesla in 2008 😉

They were not in it to “save” them … they were in it to make money. And so they did when they sold their share. Plus the parts Tesla has bought from them over the years.

I am sure MB doesn’t regret it.

i’m sure Uncle Sam doesn’t regret saving the brits either.

I believe that Mercedes (Daimler) got the money from Qatar.

This time they choose:

If you can’t beat them, join them.

Oh, another one of those polls, telling us exactly nothing.

The poll is still open: http://www.autobild.de/artikel/tesla-model-3-2016-konkurrenten-8847243.html

I voted for “still too expensive”. And yes, I’m a Renault driver and waiting for a Megane Z.E. with similar or more range etc. like the Model 3 – but for a lower price (e.g. I don’t need that much motor power, for Renault, the Model 3 probably would be at least a GT (highest motor power for normal car) if not even RS (Renault sport vehicles)).

BTW: http://www.autobild.de/umfrage/index.html?bid=1479339&page=0
Would you buy a used BEV?
51% (2280 votes): No. What if the battery becomes bad?
23% (1054 votes): Yes, a new one is too expensive.

Now for the most interesting part:
26% (1172): Only if there’re more chargers.


Considering the fact that the Renault ZOE is around 30 000 euros, you will have to wait quite a while for a Megane that is a better value than the Model 3 ….

The Zoe is currently starting at 16500EUR in Germany (5kEUR Renault discount (see Zoe page on their website) at least until end of April but that discount was already continued a few times – it startet many months ago). All prices without battery (only for rent, not for sale).

And I hope the Megane Z.E. will be much cheaper. On the other hand: The service network is much better -> normal maintainance at every Renault garage, even when they can’t repair Z.E. vehicles. Next Z.E. garage is much closer than the next Tesla garage >=100EUR ranger service each time (expect warranty repairs?)…


… Megane Z.E. cheaper than the Model 3…


I actually think that is quite a low percentage given that it is an EV website. I would have expected the results to be in the 90s.

It is an ICE website.

True, but people not interested in EVs probably did not click on that story.

scott franco (No M3 FAUX GRILL!)

I always advocate polls should have “qualifier” questions at the bottom. In this case, they should be:

D. I think Tesla is a type of food processor.
E. I have personally had contact with extra-terrestrial life.

Then, you just discard any of the last two answers. Greatly improves poll accuracy.

i like your idea. And i like to add:

F. Free energy for all.