60% Of Zero Motorcycles Sales Come From Outside U.S.

MAR 23 2014 BY MARK KANE 2

2014 Zero Police

2014 Zero Police

A Santa Cruz Sentinel article on Zero Motorcycles revealed that approximately 60% of total sales of Zero electric motorcycles comes from abroad.

From foundation in 2006, California start-up has grown to 100 employees in Scotts Valley, from which 85 are permanent and 15 temporary. An additional 20 employees work in other Zero locations.

Zero Motorcycles is assisted by the U.S. Export-Import Bank to fulfill foreign orders because it’s not an easy task for a small business.

“Without the insurance, foreign distributors would have to pay up front, then wait for the shipment to arrive, a journey of nearly six weeks by ship to Bogota, Columbia.”

From the article we learn that the largest order of 100 Zero DS for Bogota was worth $1.8 million, or ~$18,000 per motorcycle in Law Enforcement version.

Zero Motorcycles is selling to police agencies in Hong Kong, Holland, France, Spain and Germany.  A deal for Italy is in progress.

Source: The Santa Cruz Sentinel

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Green jobs creating an export surplus. That is a nice thing to hear.

Awesome. I remember when they were starting out, and I got to ride one of Neil’s early variants around the parking lot. They have really grown up a ton.

I’m still curious to see what happens to them in 10 years: will they continue to grow, will an established company jump into the fray and eat their lunch, or will they be acquired? Interesting times indeed.