6-Seat Tesla Model X – Video Preview


6-Seat Model X

6-Seat Model X

The Tesla Model X is offered in both 6-seat and 7-seat variations.

There’s no price difference noted between the two versions, so it’s really just a matter of taste as to which setup buyers select.

The video here (via YouTuber wessellfremont) focuses on the 6-seat version shown at the Model S launch event earlier this month.

Of note is that center storage cubby/cupholder between the pair of 2nd row seats.

As seen below, Tesla’s graphic of the 6-seat Model X doesn’t show the storage cubby. We wonder if it’s easily removeable, thus allowing improved access to the rearmost seats?

The Model X in the video is a Founder’s Edition. We’re not entirely sure if this makes a difference, or if all Model X CUV’s come equipped with the center storage console.

Tesla Model X Gets 6-Seat Option

Tesla Model X Gets 6-Seat Option

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I was wondering if there was going to be a console between the seats.

The “Executive” middle seating option will go over very well in China. 🙂

It is not currently an option.

One thing is certain: If Tesla doesn’t offer an option for a between-seats console in the six-seat version of the Model X, then it’s going to be a very popular aftermarket product! But either way, yes it had better be designed to be easily removable.

same thing happened with the Model S console, or complete lack thereof. There were a couple of after-market options developed before Tesla included options for one.

Interestingly enough, women loved the lack of center console because they had a place to put their purses without hogging the passenger seat.

As a man with an uhm shoulder bag I never know where to go with it when somebody’s riding shotgun when I drive my father’s prius. The key fob is in the bag and if I dump the bag on the backseat the car says the key is not present etcetera. Also sometimes the car tells me to buckle up my bag… a simple quick lift and drop solves that but having a good place were to put a handbag or a MAN’S shoulder bag would be very nice.

Just a suggestion: Try experimenting to see how far away your shoulder bag can be and still have the key fob enable the… well, I guess it’s no longer appropriate to call it the “ignition” in an EV!

Perhaps dropping your bag right behind the driver’s seat, instead of tossing it into the back seat, will suffice?

TomArt said:

“…women loved the lack of center console because they had a place to put their purses without hogging the passenger seat.”

I’ve also seen numerous posts on the Tesla Motors Forum about mothers who loved the absence of a center console, because the space allows them to turn around and reach a child in the row of seats behind them.

More options is better; diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks. And more options means more people that can find a configuration for the Model X to satisfy their particular needs, which means more customers for Tesla.

Check out the Tesla Drawer, it solves the storage issue while saving the open center console area

“We’re not entirely sure if this makes a difference, or if all Model X CUV’s come equipped with the center storage console”

They don’t all come with the center console. However you can get one as an option for $10,000.

Not impressed, show me a 4 or 5 seat version. IMO the rear 2 seats are a waste of space use.

I’m with you. I’ve never once needed a third row of seats in our RAV4 EV, and it just adds unnecessary weight. The X is heavy enough already.

Tesla’s the only company offering a 3rd row. I think your points are [not] valid.

I love how the middle row seats have self contained seat belts. I didn’t notice that before.

I really wish they would offer this with just the front 2 seats!

Not impressed with what’s I’ve seen so far of the seat/cargo setup. No reason they shouldn’t provide what European MPVs costing a quarter of the price do: Every single seat in the back can be inclined / folded forwarded / slid back & forth or completely removed, separately.

No reason all X shouldn’t come with a middle seat for the 2nd row, which would be removable in 30sec if desired (my cheap Skoda Roomster does that, and even allows you then to slide the outboard seats inward by 4″ each, so the 2 rear-row passengers now have more elbow room on their window side as well)

I think Tesla should make the third row optional just like in the Model S.
I’ll never need a third row and would rather have more boot space. Even better would be to be able to individually remove or collapse seats just as any other decent MPV can.
Then I’d turn the X into a three seater for bringing a bike along on some trips.
And while that would be doable with the outside solution, it’s really not a good idea (think aerodynamic drag!).
I’m all for individually removable/collapsible seats!
Please Tesla offer that for the money!