6 Reasons to Respect Tesla

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Do You Agree Or Disagree With These 6 Reasons Why Tesla Deserves Respect?

Do You Agree Or Disagree With These 6 Reasons Why Tesla Deserves Respect?

Before And After Underbody Shield Install

Before And After Underbody Shield Install

According to the Wall Street Cheat Sheet, there are 6 reasons, aside from the Tesla Model S, for which Tesla Motors deserves respect.

Here, in abbreviated form, are those 6 reasons:

1. Customers come first

“There are many aspects of Tesla that one can argue and complain about, but it’s hard to give it a hard time about its customer service. Take for example, if you will, the fires that plagued the media for weeks and sent the company’s stock into a nosedive late last year. In a time where safety concerns and potential recall risks are being buried for years before something is done, Tesla grabbed the issue by the horns and took charge of making things right.”

2. It’s not afraid of a challenge

“How do you deal with the near-complete and inherent lack of a fueling station network when you’re trying to sell electric cars? If you’re Tesla, you build them.”

“Can you imagine another automaker single-handedly building out a national gas station network?”

Tesla's Supercharger Network Truly Sets It Apart From Other EV Makers

Tesla’s Supercharger Network Truly Sets It Apart From Other EV Makers

3. It’s not afraid to admit when it’s wrong

“Remember when the leasing for the Model S was announced, which promised buyers or leasees could finance the $70,000 car for under $500 per month? It was a bold claim, and Tesla notably took some unusual liberties in reaching such a figure. After some public unrest and criticisms from media, Tesla revised the system to offer a more realistic projection.”

4. Driving innovation

“Few companies have managed to shift industry thinking in recent years more than Tesla Motors. Virtually every aspect of the company is innovative to some degree, from its sales channel, to its product, to how the company maintains its products once they’re out in the real world.”

Direct Sales Happen Here

Direct Sales Happen Here

5. Its direct-to-consumer model

“Virtually every aspect of Tesla’s business is different from the norm, and that includes how it sells its vehicles.”

6. It has the big automakers on their toes

“For all the aforementioned reasons, major established automakers are naturally — and understandably — keeping a very close eye on the company…”

We believe that Wall Street Cheat Sheet is mostly accurate in listing its 6 reasons Tesla deserves respect.  However, we find it easy to argue that Tesla’s direct-to-consumer model will be a hindrance as the automaker grows in size, sales volume and global reach and that Tesla isn’t always quick to admit when it’s wrong.  In fact, it usually takes ample media coverage before Tesla admits to wrongdoing, which is much the same case with most of the world’s automakers.

Source: Wall Street Cheat Sheet


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21 responses to "6 Reasons to Respect Tesla"

  1. Interesting that WSCS missed the most obvious reason of all: Tesla produces a car that is superior to its competitors in almost every way – looks, performance, operating cost.

    And also a raving fan base.

    Lets hope that the other automakers are doing more than paying attention, and stepping up their game as well.

  2. pjwood says:

    Didn’t see “Doing the right thing for the planet”, which has been roundly stated in the past. Hello Wall Street?

    1. Spec9 says:

      You are NOT going to find that kind of talk at the WSJ.

      1. CherylG says:

        This is NOT from the Wall Street Journal.

  3. Mikael says:

    Direct-to-consumer sales will not be a hindrance.

    But silly anti free market laws against selling direct to the consumer are and will be a hindrance.

    1. Mark H says:

      I tend to agree with that Mikael. Time will tell when they are making 500,000 per year and have some aging EVs on the road but I really think this is a long term paradigm shift.

      1. QCO says:

        Agreed… Direct selling has happened in just about every other consumer product market, and cars are the last big holdout.

        Over time Tesla may develop other channels, but direct selling is essential for launching new technology so it doesn’t get stifled by conservative channels that may have reasons to reject it (dealer ICE maintenance might be an example).

  4. See Through says:

    Napster also had a good model of Direct sharing – cut middleman rolayties.
    Google also had a ‘disruptive’ model of stealing all copyrighted materials, and putting it up as their own, earning revenues. It got blocked in certain countries.

    These cheating methods may not work very long.

    1. See Through says:

      But yes, Tesla still deserves a lot of respect for revivign the ev industry, and bringing the tech style into auto industry.

    2. Jesse Gurr says:

      Napster cut out the middlemen, yes, but it also cut out the artist…

  5. CherylG says:

    “Tesla grabbed the issue by the horns and took charge of making things right.”

    Isn’t this the same company whose response was ‘all cars catch fire’.

    It wasn’t until the Feds opened an investigation that the design problem of the exposed front edge of the battery emerged.

    1. Anon says:

      All gasoline (and hydrogen) cars are significantly more likely to burn or explode than a Model S: about 8000 to 1. Yes, it’s still a fact; even after adding a deflector shield and installing them for free to customers that request the enhancement. Adding the tripple shield drops the chances to nearly zero.

      Tesla did an internal investigation of its own –for each incident– loooong before “The Feds” made press about their concerns. Internal testing and materials selections were made behind the scenes, while the popular conservative press and over-reactionary trolls like you, whined dramatically online.

      Physics and engineering were artfilly combined to craft a nearly invisible modification that further reduced any fire risk, and new cars were quickly fitted with the shield enhancement faster than you can say, “GM’s 13 Years of Stonewalling Design Flaws Kills Innocent People” or “People Perished in Petrol Powered Pintos”.

      I don’t get what your baseline for comparing Tesla’s conduct to other automakers is based on; but it’s certainty not built on facts.


      1. Phr3d says:

        CherylG’s baseline is prohibitively simple:

        Tesla = cannot be good

    2. Brandon says:

      McDonalds said that, not tesla

    3. Aaron says:

      “All cars catch fire.”

      Yes, they can, but their response was that the Model S has a 1/5 likelihood of catching fire than other cars. If you’re going to troll, be accurate about it.

      Did you happen to also miss the ICE that went up in flames, killing a passenger, when the car ran over a metal object, puncturing the gas tank? The Model S gave multiple warnings to the drivers about a problem and gave them time to pull over and NOT DIE.


  6. ffbj says:

    Tesla and its employees certainly deserve a well done, and then again, well done. Humanity needs to strive for excellence or we will fall into mediocrity. So it sets a good example for 1 and makes a great car for 2.

    1. Rick Danger says:


  7. Brandon says:

    Where’s the reason “its the greatest car ever made by mankind” ? respect the goat car

  8. I agree with the 6 reasons.