Tesla Model 3 Review: After 6 Months And 10,000 Miles:


JR Garage gives an honest review of the Model 3 from the owner’s perspective

For JR Garage, six months of Tesla Model 3 ownership seemed to have passed like a breeze. Their 2018 Model 3 RWD arrived back in January and joined a Model X already in possession. Fast forward a few months, and these two Tesla’s found their family getting bigger, thanks to a brand new deep blue 2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance. However, it’s the six months of ownership and well over 10,000 miles on the odometer for the Model 3 RWD that is the topic of discussion in this video.

The Model 3 comes with an impressive performance aspect, great usability, interesting design and loads of range. It’s no wonder that right now, the Model 3 is the #1 selling car in the U.S. However when all the fanfare and bright lights go down, how does it stack up after six months of ownership? Especially after being owned by guys that did a lot of daily driving and an occasional long-range road trip every once in a while? For JR Garage, the answer is rather well.

Certainly, the crew’s got a Model X seven-seater family hauler and a high-performance Model 3 Performance at their disposal. But, it seems that the Model 3 RWD they’ve received in January got most of their attention for the last six months. The vehicle ordered pretty much comes with every option that was (at the time) available on the Tesla configurator. They’ve chosen a gorgeous red exterior paint finish for their Model 3, joined by a black leather interior.

The footage guides us through all the positive aspects of Model 3 ownership, but also, any qualms these guys may have. It seems, once again, that this rather impressive product still suffers from some infancy problems, but the overall impression is still quite positive.

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Thanks for sharing your feedback both positive and negative.
If you do the math (cost new – estimated trade in – fuel savings for 5 years) the Long Range (310 miles) models are not worth the extra money unless you frequently drive over 200+ miles per day as you will never recoup the $9,000 additional cost for Long Range battery.

If you use a 5 year window for fuel savings, did you also bear in mind that if you sell a Model 3 after 5 years, that you will recover some of the $9k upgrade?

Basically … what was you estimate of resale values after 5 years for regular and long range Model 3?

The math on fuel savings is better on the future base model however.

LR also adds faster 0-60. And theoretically the larger battery will last longer as it will go through fewer charging cycles after hundreds of thousands of miles. The warranty is longer to reflect this, 100k miles for SR and 120k miles for LR. It also charges faster at superchargers. So range isn’t the only thing you are buying.

And if you are comparing resale value, you have to factor in the potential of there being $3750 to $7500 more in fed rebates for buying an LR now. Really the bigger factor is having to buy the PUP package to get the LR right now. If they drop the PUP package requirement anytime soon, that would do more for the math in the short term than anything else.

FYI — News agencies are reporting gas stations out of gas in North and South Carolina as hurricane Florence approaches. Good time to have LR battery. Getting 300 miles inland would get you out of harm’s way for sure.

Until the storm hits the Carolinas, Tesla drivers will be able to charge pretty much anywhere, and keep moving farther away from the storm’s path, whereas gas guzzlers will fight for the few remaining gallons of oil, if any, where they get.

I live in NC and all the gas stations in the area had long lines. I passed them in my electric car with a grin. Now if only my Tesla could produce bottled water, milk and bread…

TeslaNipples on your car to provide milk? LOL!!