Check Out This 6-Month Tesla Model 3 Video Review


This fun, candid, and honest 6-month Tesla Model 3 review supports what many owners are reporting.

Teslanomics’ Ben Sullins and his wife Jenny go in-depth about their new Tesla. Interestingly, the video opens with Ben reminding his wife that the black Model 3 was “her” choice. She disagrees about the black car being a “choice,” but rather a smart financial decision.

Additionally, the couple owns a Tesla Model S and potentially could have opted for another, rather than choosing a Model 3. This makes their perspective interesting. They love the Model 3 for many reasons, but it seems that they may have been better off with a second new or used Model S.

This video is an outlier since it’s a married couple candidly sharing their experience. Sometimes they agree and others times, not so much. We find it fun to watch Ben and his wife’s interactions and dialogue about the Model 3.

Overall, they seem to be happy with the car. This is for many of the same reasons that other owners are impressed. The Model 3 is comfortable, handles well, accelerates quickly, and offers a huge range. None of this comes as a surprise, as all are qualities Tesla is regularly lauded for. However, the Model 3’s handling prowess is a cut above that of the Model S and X, mostly due to its smaller size and weight.

It’s not all peachy for the couple, however. The car’s trunk and frunk just don’t cut it for the whole family. It’s better for just one person commuting or a couple traveling. This being said, Ben has been driving the Model 3 and leaving his wife and family with the larger Model S. Also, the keycard/app “sucks,” according to Sullins. Additionally, Jenny says the car is glitchy. While she only drives the care on rare occasions, weird things tend to happen often. The screen doesn’t always work and the camera fails, etc.

Give it a watch and let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on our InsideEVs Forum.

Video Description via Teslanomics by Ben Sullins on YouTube:

It’s been 6 months since took delivery of our Tesla Model 3. In this video, we break down the good the bad, and our overall impressions. I’m joined by my lovely wife Jennie in this video, you can check more of her work out at

Overall the car has been amazing, here are the general feelings in each category:


The car is incredible to drive
Seats and interior are some of our favorites ever


It’s zippy and handles turns great
Acceleration is better than our 2013 Model S


Keycard/App totally sucks, barely works, needs to be fixed
The screen doesn’t always work properly (blank at times, the camera fails)


310 miles of range is AMAZING, we only need to charge ever 3 days
The trunk and frunk offer something to be desired, they work for one of us, but not for our family

Do you have a Model 3? What are your thoughts? Our views come after owning a Tesla Model S for 2 years so understandably are a bit skewed. We hope you love your cars and let us know how you like them in the comments!


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2. Tesla Model 3
Range: 310 miles; 136/123 mpg-e. Still maintaining a long waiting list as production ramps up slowly, the new compact Tesla Model 3 sedan is a smaller and cheaper, but no less stylish, alternative, to the fledgling automaker’s popular Model S. This estimate is for a Model 3 with the “optional” (at $9,000) long-range battery, which is as of this writing still the only configuration available. The standard battery, which is expected to become available later in 2018, is estimated to run for 220 miles on a charge. Tesla Model 3 charge port (U.S.) Tesla Model 3 front seats Tesla Model 3 at Atascadero, CA Supercharging station (via Mark F!) Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3 The Tesla Model 3 is not hiding anymore! Tesla Model 3 (Image Credit: Tom Moloughney/InsideEVs) Tesla Model 3 Inside the Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3 rear seats Tesla Model 3 Road Trip arrives in Tallahassee Tesla Model 3 charges in Tallahassee, trunk open.

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Too bad they can’t count… ownership between Jan 15 & June 15 is 5 months. Makes you wonder about any other analytical conclusions (not that there are many)…


It’s 6 months

David Green

Oh gosh Will, do you have a job with your name on your shirt?

MTN Ranger

Also ironic since his “forte” is statistics.

David Green

haha! Ben is not good at statistics, unless they are trying to wait Tesla in a good way.


I got a real kick out of her telling him that the black color was iffy. Wait a minute. YOU picked the color. Well, yeah, I’m cheap. I didn’t want to spend $1,000 on another color. Gotta love your spouse’s thrift, right?


Wow this from Ben. He’s a Tesla muncher

David Green

Wow, sounds like a lot of glitches, and some bad design… Tesla too cheap to give a key FOB is sad… cost cutting that really hurt the user experience from the sound of things (both Ben and wife).


Spin, spin, spin… nothing but negative spin from this serial Tesla basher!

What a troll.

At least he’s consistent. I like this type of troll, I don’t have to check to see if what he says it’s true, i know he’s full of bs. Predictably is what i want to see in these tools.

David Green

I pretty much repeated what Ben and his wife said, the entry card SUCKS…. thats not trolling, just facts…

MTN Ranger

Remember his is an early production model. I’ve had mine a month and had none of the software glitches he listed.

David Green

Did you get a key FOB?


Key fobs are a thing of the past it is not just Tesla ditching them. Also it has an alternative RFID Key card, two of them.

David Green

Yes, and as Ben & his wife say in the video the Tesla entry system sucks.. bring back the key FOB… Phone apps, and RFID card were a terrible idea, both require so many extra steps. On a modern car you never take the key FOB out of your pocket, you walk up, touch the door handle and it unlocks, you get in push the start button and go.. Bolt and Leaf do this, why not Model 3? Tesla tried to be cute, and came up with a bad design….

John Doe

Would be cool with a fingerprint reader to enter and start the vehicle (as an extra option, if a key card or key fob fails or a customer loose it somewhere).
Fingerprint readers are waterproof, and cheap now.


We got ours within a week of two of his delivery and have not had any problem with the phone key. Maybe they were using older phones or android, but iPhone X and 7 plus work fine and reliably. My dilemma is having to switch to the correct Tesla in the App for it to work since I usually drive our S.

David Green

sounds like more steps then just walking up to the car touching the handle and entering… ?

John Doe

A key fob is really dirt cheap. $1-3 for a cheap Chinese made one. I had to clone my Ford key, to get a spare key.
I’m sure large car companies don’t pay a lot more for a better quality one.

I’ve received my invitation to sign for the KONA. Now Hyundai estimates Q2 2019… while Tesla estimates “early 2019” for my Model 3. I think Q2-19 Hyundai-time comes well before “early 2019” Tesla-time, but I’ve had a hard time making my mind up if I should sign or not. This helped. I’m allergic to buggy, unfinished products. The voice doesn’t really work, and it’s vital that it does since there’s no useable hardware interface. Ironically if Tesla didn’t skimp on the tiny license fees required to offer Android Auto and CarPlay (the first probably is even free, Android is open source after all!) voice would be much less of a problem. KONA has all the traditional hardware. It may not look as serene, but it actually IS more serene whenever you need to do anything. And it has a HUD too, and of course Android auto and CarPlay. But less space and less performance. If there weren’t so many bugs out would be a difficult choice. If the bugs didn’t exist and the Tesla had Android auto and a HUD, it would be a no brainer in Tesla’s favour. At least if they could say when the base version comes… Read more »
MTN Ranger

But Tesla will probably be producing more in a month than Hyundai will be producing in a year for the US. I’m betting the Kona will be hard to get outside of CARB states.

Ocean Railroader

Tesla to me is honestly the only car company that I have seen take producing as many electric cars seriously.

Such as Nissan and GM and everyone else seems to make excuses in to why they haven’t made their most state of the art model or how the cars can go five or even eight years without any range upgrades in the model years.

When Tesla has a range upgrade on their cars to a newer generation it is often larger then the ranges on most low range EV’s.


Much easier to build 12,000 Konas than it is 350,000 Model 3s. Hyundai is rather dull as well – driven the Ioniq a fair bit and it’s not at all memorable.

jim t

The first few minutes turned my right off. I had to hit quit after about 2 minutes. It was in no way a review. It was two people chatting.
“Thumbs down “.


Firstly, how can you compare the cargo room of a Bolt or a Kia Soul EV to an M3? Those cars are 20″ shorter in length. And yet, they both go on to describe the M3 as “cozy” and “snug”

Altogether a very disappointing review, which surprised me a lot. I was hoping the car was not so buggy. I can’t image what other car would be forgiven for the whole dash shutting down while you’re driving or the “key” not actually opening or starting the car reliably. In the end is seems like any long range EV would have worked better for them, but of course there aren’t many of those yet!


Everything they said about the car seats and cargo space rang equally true for the BMW 3-series. Cozy, snug, quick enough to get out of trouble with plenty of fun. For anything else, my Honda Odyssey. Still surprising that a luxury performance sedan has more usable space than a hatchback. Even a shorter hatchback.


Pretty much agree w/most of what they said. I have to use my keycard every once in awhile when for some reason it doesn’t see my phone. What’s weird is sometimes it sees my phone and allows me to open the door, but then I can’t put it in drive unless I put my keycard on the center console. Unless they can get the phone option to work much more reliably, I’ll probably buy a keyfob if/when they are offered.

I also have had glitches with the screen (same phantom finger taps). Also the rear camera shows a black screen about 15% of the time when it is first displayed. Also had a couple other weird glitches, and times where the display rebooted itself.

Hopefully they get these minor annoyances worked out. Other than that, the car is a dream.

Scott G

Card – I was looking forward to NOT having another stupid Key Fob. I already have to run in/out of the house every time I take a different car (or carry multiple which sucks). I hope to always use my phone and have that card in my wallet for those, just in case moments.

David Green

Sounds Beta to me… Key FOB is a way better and more secure way to go… but then again there are many things about Model 3 that I think are the industry worst in design. The lack of a FOB, is one, and the lack of rear heated seat controls in the back is another. LAME, Tesla!

Scott G

So enjoyed the candid conversation from both of you!
Just ordered mine this weekend…can’t wait.


There is a big misconception about child seats in this video. They state that a car seat can’t be used in the middle position—but that is ONLY if you want to use the LATCH attachment. It says right in the manual *where they highlight in the video* that a car seat can be used in the center position with a seat belt. This is not unusual. I have two larger SUVs, and neither support LATCH in the center position.

LATCH is not inherently safer than using a seat belt, it’s just faster if you take the car seat out frequently. In fact, if the combined weight of the child plus the child restraint is more than 65 lbs (29 kg), they recommend that you DO NOT use the LATCH, and use the safety belt instead, even in the side positions.


Amazed that people have no problem spending 70K for a Model 3 ..
Crazy $$ for car you get (including size and performance) and all its flaws ..

David Green

As I said before, people love their Tesla’s and being broke…