59,000 Plug-In Electric Vehicles Were Sold In China In June, Up 33%

JUL 15 2017 BY MARK KANE 16

Sales of plug-in vehicles (aka New Energy Vehicles regionally) in China have continued to rebound, and are now on track for new records to be set later this year.

Sales of New Energy Vehicles in China – June 2017

According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in June sales amounted 59,000 (up 33.0% year-over-year), while production hit 65,000 (up 43.4% year-over-year).

Overall market share, compared to the overall 2,172,000 sales (passenger and commercial vehicles) stood at 2.7%!

All-electric vehicles are the vast majority:

“To be specific, the production and sales of BEV reached 54 thousand units and 48 thousand units, increasing 52.9% and 41.4% year on year; and such figures for PHEV were both 11 thousand units, increasing 10.1% and 5.3% year on year.”

Results for the first half of the year are not much better than year ago, because of weak start unintentionally brought on my governmental red tape:

  • Sales: 195,000 (up 14.4% year-over-year)
  • Production: 212,000 (up 19.7% year-over-year)

Overall market share after six months compared to 13,354,000 vehicles sold (passenger and commercial vehicles) is 1.5%.

“To be specific, the production and sales of BEV reached 175 thousand units and 160 thousand units, increasing 30.4% and 26.2% year on year; and such figures for PHEV were 37 thousand units and 35 thousand units, decreasing 14.4% and 19.7% year on year.”

Sales of New Energy Vehicles in China – June 2017

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Any info regarding to sales numbers of individual EV models?


Is 2017 on track for 1 million worldwide?

Tried to find quick reference but I think just shy of 500,000 first half of the year. About 450,000. Perhaps an article on this?


InsideEV Scorecard has worldwide at 350k to May. WW sales for june will be over 100k given china result.

Typically second half of year is stronger than the first. Maybe representing 55-60% of total.


VW BEV sales in China could be huge next year as they have multiple EVs rolling out under their brand and a JV with the first one rolling out late this year…
One thing posters around here dont get is that the US is not the center of the world and defiently is not for VW…
China is VWs number one market of revalavance and the US is way way down the list for them…


Wow. Go china. Love these sales records. This is great for the environment & the planet.


Actualy it is currently very bad for the planet and enviorment as China grid energy is dirty dirty dirty…
In the US and EU BEVs are cleaner but not China but this will change at some point in the future with China rolling out one massive solar and wind plant after another…


You have it correct, with 1 exception: China continues to build more coal plants than hydro, sun and wind combined. As such, China will remain at 80-90% coal powered for a long time to come. And worst of all, China’s wind is weak due to pollution, so EVs will mostly be powered by coal.

Anti-Lord Kelvin

Wrong! In 2016 coal plants “only” produced 65% of Chinese electricity. And wrong again about addition of electricity produced by coal plants as they added 52 TWh, so less than the 56 TWh of wind electricity added, less than the 54 TWh added by hydro (and 15 TWh more by pump storage), so with 28 TWh solar electricity added, we have, at least, 153 TWh added by renewable sources against 52 TWh of coal plants electricity. Even if we add added electricity from gas-fired plants (21 TWh) and other thermal plants (38 TWh), we have a total of 111 TWh added from fossil fuel plants. And not to speak about the 42 TWh added by nuclear plants. So the trends is already about fossil fuel going down in percent of produced electricity share. And the Chinese government have already cancelled 103 coal plants at the beginning of this year. So, China is planing to have less than 50% of its electricity produced by coal plants as soon as 2025…the same share of USA in 2005. (Source: CHINA ENERGY PORTAL)

Micke Larsson

Also the coal plants that they are building are ultra-supercritical replacing old inefficient ones.
So the pollution, total coal use and percentage of electricity from coal are all going down fast.

China has a long way to go, but damn are they going there fast.

Damocles Axe

How does this level compare to the (required) 8% sales of plug-in vehicles required by the Chinese gvt. next year?

Are they likely to meet their own goals with their own suppliers?


Article states this sales level is 2.7% of sales so the auto manufactures have to have huge increases next year…
I think Chinas EV policy is way to heavy on the front end EV requirements and way to light on the back end requirements…


VW and Mercedes are starting entirely new joint ventures to meet the requirments…
I wonder how other makers plan to meet it…
Almost all of these sales are from three Chinese makers…

Some Guy

They Chinese manufacturers possibly will meet the quota. Foreign manufacturers? Not so sure…

It will likely be a credit point based system, where 8% does not mean 8% of vehicles (sadly) but credits for 8% of vehicles, similar to ZEV credit system. Longer range BEV get more credits (up to 4), whereas short range PHEV get NO credits in China (50 km min AER real world, is aspired).

If credits are indeed transferable, both BYD and Tesla are going to make a fortune. If not transferable, the government does in fines for ICEs, which is also fine.

I think this will play out well in China, but given the mentality of the international ICE manufacturers, they will likely drain supply from other markets without penalties to meet China goals rather than increase production of EVs.

Micke Larsson

Hopefully the credits are not transferable. That would lower the result quite a bit.

In general transferable credits are crap.


This number includes ~41’200 passenger cars and the rest are commercial vehicles.

The commercial vehicles are almost exclusively BEV (around 1000 PHEV). For the passenger cars, the split is ~31’700 BEV and ~9’500 PHEV.

Bob Nan

Wow, I believe 59,000 is a record high for China and the 48,000 BEVs should be another record high.

Now the Worldwide total stands at 100,000 + with North America at 18,000 and EU at another 23,000. This is the first month other than December where 100,000 target has been crossed. Time to celebrate.