517 Orders Placed For Renault Samsung SM3ZE On Jeju Island In Q1 2015


With a goal of 50,000 electric vehicles on its roads by the end of 2017, Jeju Island aims to be Asia’s electric car capital.

50,000 is a big number, so getting there will require a lot of effort, but judging by this response to the Renault Samsaung SM3ZE launch, we’d say that the residents of Jeju Island are showing strong support for electric cars.

According to Renault, 517 orders for the SM3ZE were placed by residents of Jeju in Q1 2015.

Jeju Island’s electric car goals/plans have been discussed several times by us, so if you’d like some more background info on Jeju’s EV-related doings, click here.

Jeju Island Info via Wikipedia

Jeju Island Info via Wikipedia

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6 Comments on "517 Orders Placed For Renault Samsung SM3ZE On Jeju Island In Q1 2015"

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I have one issue with that goal.

It look like taken out of the blue.

% of sales of new cars projected for next couple of years would NOT give any such round number.

It should be easy for authorities to fetch registrations data, and aim for % of projected sales instead of some fixed number.

What are annual sales in Jeju island? What percentage of sales those 50 000 cars will make?

And where can I look up that nice car? 😀 😉

Isn’t Renault a partner with Nissan for the Leaf? What are they doing here?

What do you mean? Renault and Nissan are in an alliance, but they have developed their electric vehicles separately.

Is SM3 ZE sold with or without batteries?

With batteries.

26,7 kWh from LG Chem.

Are these real orders or are they like TeslaPowerwall orders? 😉