50th Anniversary Honda Super 90 (Electric) Concept

MAY 13 2015 BY TDILLARD 15

Igor Chak's Electric Super Cub

Igor Chak’s Electric Super Cub

We all know and love “The greatest motorcycle ever“, the Honda Super Cub, right?  Well, to commemorate the 2008 50th anniversary of the bike, industrial designer Igor Chak submitted a fairly remarkable electric concept to celebrate the milestone.

The original Super Cub

The original Super Cub

Back in the 60’s Honda has been focusing on more stylish lightweight bikes that could be used in rural areas, bikes that were cheaper and had better gas mileage compared to the bigger bikes. One of the bikes was the iconic S90 (Super 90). It was a truly unique looking motorcycle with its shiny chrome tank and a stamped frame, boosting a 89.6 cc SOHC 2-valve 4-stroke air-cooled engine with a top speed of 64mph.

It has been 50 years since the first S90 and I thought it would be a great to give this amazing motorcycle a second life!

A second life indeed.  A gorgeous, yummy, shiny second life with a breathtaking tribute to many of the mid-century post-modern touches that made the Super Cub so, well, super.

Tank and tank emblem

Tank and tank emblem

LED tail light

LED tail light



Top view down

Top view of tank and “pod”, weird front brake thing

Hub motor

Hub motor

Specs, part one...

Specs, part one…

Specs, part two...

Specs, part two…

We have a lot of questions, of course.  That’s damned small for a 50kW-rated hub motor, for starters. Two of them?  100kW of hub motor?  staaaaap.  A 14kWh battery ain’t gonna fit in that of course, and that scoopy pod thing seems like it wants to suck up all the road dirt from the front wheel, of course…  and what exactly is up with that front right brake control cage guard thing?

…but ain’t it pretty?  Here’s Igor’s full video:

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Anime Bike. :p


Two motors, I wonder how thee handling will be.
I’m not a fan of this concept.
It looks like what you would find in a magazine 5O years ago depicting what the motorbike of the future will be.


Two 50kW motors – this thing will be a rocket!


Why wouldn’t 14kWh of batteries take this motorcycle far? It should be good enough for over 100 miles. The i-MiEV goes 62 miles on 16kWh of batteries.


Unless it’s 20 feet tall, how are they getting 14kwh in there?

Richard Harmon

I agree with Otto about the batteries. To me 14 kWh is “wishful thinking”. It is a nice looking machine for a concept, but I don’t think we will ever see more than one of these things. It will look great in Honda’s motorcycle museum, though.


14 kw bat yes (sulfures batt )that how they get so much energy In there. Good for at least 150 miles


I would like to the designer see drive this thing down a tall curbstone without going over the handlebars … folly.


This is cool with a range of between 100km to 200km it should be a hit.


1.) Regarding the original, I’d hardly call anything with a 90cc engine a “motorcycle”.

2.) Regarding the new one, it looks like a Black And Decker power drill with wheels.


The honda cub90 is an iconic piece of human engineering in the world. and the most produced vehicle in the world

It is a step through motorcycle with a 3speed semi-auto. Dont fucking diss it.

but yes this concept looks shit…why has it got clip on style bars…it should be upright


My Yamaha 80cc kicked that Honda’s butt.

Now what should I do with our old Screamer tandem, now that my wife stopped riding?




100 miles at 35 mph…pedaling of course. 🙂


I like it! Retro and modern at the same time. 14kWh battery and a total of 100kW of motors will make it seem pretty sweet.

Pete Williams

Honda have missed the point.
The old stepthrough 50cc’s were a utilitarian vehical that has transported half the world.
This will not do the same job