Over 500 Members Joined BlueIndy Electric Car Sharing In Indianapolis

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BlueIndy Electric Car Sharing

BlueIndy Electric Car Sharing

In its first month of operation, BlueIndy – a car sharing service with EVs that launched about two months ago in Indianapolis – reached the 500-member mark and logged 1,500 trips.

According to Autoblog, as of this week, the number of rides already crossed 3,000 – not bad for the fleet of 50 Bluecars.

““Reaching the 500-member mark has special significance in the land of the Indianapolis 500,” said BlueIndy General Manager Scott Prince “and it is even more significant to see the number of trips passing the 1500 mark”. “Our goal is to deliver a convenient, affordable and reliable transit option. The enthusiasm for our new service has been fantastic and many people have already commented on how BlueIndy helps them save money and time and enhances their mobility in the city”. “

On average, usage of each Bluecar is probably at over one a day, but this is still the early stages of the project.

On the other hand, for BlueIndy, the much larger problem than the rollout is the taxpayer money used to build the business:

Source: Autoblog

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I’m looking forward to when the BlueInday car might be sold or available in other parts of the US. I’d like a 2 door alternative that was price friendly. This little car also has nice lines. 🙂

I’ve heard that it uses a weird battery chemistry that requires heating all the time – if that’s true, it seems like it could use a bit of an overhaul to use normal batteries and J1772 ports. That said, maybe the dedicated charge connector means they don’t have to worry about personal EVs using their charging stations.

30kWh lithium polymer (LMP) battery

Lithium polymer batteries perform better when warm but they are not “weird”. The heat from the controller and motor will do fine.

The BlueIndy cars do have standard Type1 J1772 charging inlets, just like all other modern PEVs in North America.


Yep, you can even get an EV Charging membership V/S car rental so you can drive to any available slot and charge your car. The only down side is their cable isn’t very long so you have to drape it over the hood to reach a driver side charging port.

I’d love to get it in the Phoenix area. I want to HEAT test it and see how it holds up. They use a very advanced lithium battery and super capacitors for great range.

Living in Indianapolis as I do and being one of the 500, I have to say that the convenience of the BlueIndy cars is incredible. And I’ve got a charging station just half a block from where I live!

My only complaint is that there are still so few cars that a lot of the time there’s not even one car docked at the station. I wish they’d get more in.