500 HP BMW i8S Coming In 2016?

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Georg Kacher, a journalist well connected with BMW sources, reports for Automobilemag that the Munich-based automaker is preparing a new green supercar for 2016, the centenary year for BMW. Built under the codename M100, the car will be sold under the BMW i8S badge.

Ulrich Kranz is once again in charge of the BMW i supercar and the new program director Roberto Fedeli, who recently moved from Ferrari, will work alongside. Even though the BMW i8S is based on the “regular i8″ model, the anniversary car will come with many bespoke parts that could almost be advertised as a new car.

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The carbon fiber life module and the drive module will be retained, but new materials, lightweight construction techniques and even the lack of rear seats will point to a whole new car. Also a reworked transmission and stronger brakes are on the list as well.

The biggest change comes from under the hood where the car will get a combine power output over 500 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque. The current i8 pairs the turbo three-cylinder’s 228 hp and 236 lb-ft of torque with 129 hp and 184 lb-ft from its electric motor.

BMW i8

BMW i8

The new mid-engine plug-in supercar is still being evaluated in two different configurations. One features a twin-turbo 2.0-liter four rated at approximately 320 hp; the other one boasts a 3.0-liter straight-six good for close to 480 hp – most likely the S55 engine from the BMW M3 and M4.

While the gasoline engine drives the rear wheels just as in the BMW i8, the electric motor propels the front wheels. Its power output is 109 hp when mated to the six and 204 hp when supporting the four. Common to both versions is a rear-mounted integrated starter generator, which develops 27 hp. A dual-clutch transmission with 9-speeds is said to be used.

The curb weight of the BMW i8S model is said to exceed 3,455 pounds, the extra 150-plus horsepower will help with performance. The top speed may again be limited to 155 mph, but the 0-62 mph acceleration is said to improve from 4.1 to 3.5 seconds.

If the BMW i8 starts at $136,625, the i8S will be priced higher to reflect its status.

BMW i8S will go on sale in late 2017.

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Ha ha, a supercar which is as fast as a family limousine…TESLA ROCKS!

Sounds like a response to P85D admittedly 🙂

I think it’s ludicrous that they would call this a “green” supercar. Even in the configuration that has the smallest ICE if you took away the electric motor it still produces 320 hp. Since when is a 320 hp gas car green? That’s like saying I went out and bought a Leaf so my Camaro is now “green”.

At least in this 2.0L version it has a 200 hp electric motor for reasonable all EV driving unlike the i8. If they go with the six and a 100 hp electric motor then why bother with the electric part.

Sounds like BMW may be taking a shot at the 918, a car you won’t see on the street. With a $700k price gap, maybe they can get close enough to one we will.

It might matter less for functioning street PHEVs than it does for PHEVs developing into a racing formula. One that allows loaded storage to show up on the grid, and maybe, maybe, be recharged pit side. Then, supercharging R&D could go on steroids.

This car is like a hopped up Volt or Prius. It really needs 1,000+ HP for it to justify the $100k price tag. Car reminds me of Audi R8. High price; not to impressive performance.

918, P1, LaFerrari are the future of supercars. If it’s not at that level; then forget it. No excuses when tapping into electric assist. Should have insane power by default. Here’s a tip BMW: 9″ or 11″ WarP DC motor and 2k Zilla. Google it. Or send Otmar a little $$$ and have him develop the Zilla Inverter for your AC motor of choice.

Now with all that said; if i8 was a $40k car; I wouldn’t even be reading this post about it. Just not that interesting of a car. A lot like Honda CR-Z and Hyundai Veloster.

4,000 amp Zilla? Picture of it on facebook.

and to celebrate the years of profitability started by the post WWII city-car, they will make an M-version of the original Isetta!