500 CHAdeMO Chargers Added In Europe Since Last Count

SEP 24 2015 BY MARK KANE 14

2016 Nissan LEAF & CHAdeMO plug

2016 Nissan LEAF & CHAdeMO plug

The number of CHAdeMO chargers in Europe grew by nearly 30% over the summer months to some 2,364.

That’s 500+ new places to find CHAdeMOs, compared to 5 months ago.

We believe that a significant (but unknown) number of chargers are multi-standard given the new standard requirements regionally. Power levels typically can be anywhere between 20 and 50 kW.

While the UK still leads in total number of chargers (418), France is accelerating quickly, achieving second best in Europe at 332. Germany, Netherlands and Norway also are increasing the number of CHAdeMOs quickly. Significant percentage of growth can be observed in smaller markets – for example Austria nearly doubled its number to 63.

The total number of units globally, according to CHAdeMO, stands at 9,075, but that’s only because this update was for Europe and other numbers from markets like the U.S. and Japan are several months old.

“The number of CHAdeMO DC Quick chargers installed up to today is 9075.
— (Japan 5418 Europe 2352 USA 1250 Others 55) last update 2015.09.22″

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If you look at CCS growth in the same time period you can probably estimate how much of that is dual standard and how many single CCS are installed.

Simply amazing. Where are the CHAdeMO haters to inform us of the impending German charging standard take over and the end of CHAdeMO?

Well done CHAdeMO.

Even more incredible when you understand that German public money will not be spent on anything except their CCS standard.

In Germany we have CCS projects sponsered from government with tax money, Chademo was not allowed. Project partners are VW and BMW…
Look this video minute 2:50 .
Costs some millions for only 8 stations. Now after two years under the smokescreen of “fast charging research” a private investor will adopt the stations and upgrade the stations with Chadmeo. The new conditions in Germany are investors can put a second fast charger next to CCS charger, with CCS and Chademo but second station will not be promoted! Also the very popular Renault Zoe is discriminated, he could charge with 43 kW AC but the stations are limited to 22 kW AC although 50 kW CCS is available, Crazy.

There are a couple of misconeptions in your post., for example the guidelines require AC has to be >22kW, so in almost all cases it ends up as 43kW AC. Unfortunately Renault cripples the newer Zoes to only be able to charge at 22kW (even when the station provides 43kW) without a DC option.

The Zoe R240 could charge up to 43kW, it is just disabled via firmware. At least this is what you can find in the advertisement for the new model.

Almost all installed chargers are multi-chargers. So when you install a CCS charger you get a Chademo (almost) for free.

So Chademo is benefiting from the CCS installations and if you only could have one plug per charger there would basically be no more Chademo installed at all in Europe.

There are 1416 CCS chargers and most countries have about the same number of CCS vs Chademo (with Chademo still winning almost every country since there were chademo only chargers installed before the CCS standard).

The big exception is the first wholy fast charging covered country in the world, Estonia, that has about 163 Chademo vs. 0 CCS.

Here you can see most of them in detail:

If Kia and Mitsubishi would ever get their products available in the USA, it would drastically help the Chademo infrastructure since there would be more than just one car to support. I realize the Soul EV is already for sale, but the numbers are so small that it hardly matters. If the Outlander PHEV were being sold in larger numbers as well as the Soul, that could triple the use of the Chademo chargers, which would encourage more build out of them.

Well, an amazing thing happened in Germany in August: the plug-in that was sold the most was CHAdeMO! It was the Kia Soul EV:

As it should be, the cheap car with best range sold most units.

Leaf 2016, when can you be ordered??? Cant wait for it to take off 🙂 and maybe we get the battery upgrade possibility in Europe too. This would be so cool for all the Leaf owner!

Great news! Come on CCS guys… where are yours?… are they working well yet?

sheesh i really hate the N.I.H. syndrome… (not invented here)

Almost all of these chargers also provide CCS. The standard wars are over in Europe, both sides won. Almost no one is stupid enough to install single standard chargers.

End this madness.
Since only CHAdeMO is compatible with Tesla and has already been widely adopted. Legislate Tesla (open patents) as the top end supercharging standard and dump CCS/SAE. Wasting far too much time and money fighting over multiple standards. Tesla will be the target standard and CHAdeMO can then be phased out over the next 20 years leaving one plug for DC fast charging