Over 50 U.S. Police Departments Use Zero Motorcycles (Video)


Zero Motorcycles reports over 50 Police Departments have adopted its electric bikes…  kind of a new twist on “ElectraGlide in Blue”?

The press release:

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., (May 26, 2015) – Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in the electric motorcycle industry, announced today that the number of police departments in the USA using the company’s 100% electric motorcycles has surpassed 50. Zero offers three models of police motorcycles—the Zero SP, Zero DSP and Zero FXP —to meet the specific requirements of law enforcement.

“This is a milestone for us, as more agencies embrace the benefits of Zero Motorcycles,” said Kevin Hartman, North American fleet sales director for Zero. “When compared to traditional police motorcycles, our patrol bikes have a lower total cost of ownership, are easier to maintain and—with minimal noise and no exhaust—are a vehicle for good community relations.”

The lack of noise produced by the motor is proving to be a tactical advantage for patrol officers.

“This motorcycle is so quiet that we continuously sneak up on wildlife and suspects while out on patrol, and we continue to receive positive feedback from the public,” said Officer Steve Carbajal of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Off-Road Unit.

“Because the motorcycles are electric, officers may arrive on scene without disruption and come across a crime in progress without being detected,” said Amy (Armstrong) Luna of the Fresno State University Department of Public Safety.

With over 600 sworn officers, the Cobb County Police Department is already benefiting from their recently added Zero motorcycles. “They have been a great addition. Officers are excited to use them, and the positive response from the public has been overwhelming,” said Sgt. James D. Fincher of the department’s Ranger Services. “We currently use them to patrol the 77 parks within the Cobb County parks system, along with patrolling the 13-mile Cobb section of the Silver Comet Trail (a heavily traveled, 61-mile paved trail stretching from the Atlanta area to the Georgia-Alabama border). The ease of use, positive public relations and downright fun has proven invaluable to our department.”

Zero’s police motorcycles are fully electric and designed exclusively for police and security departments as a cost effective means to patrol a wide variety of terrain and areas with noise and pollution limitations, including indoors. Patrol models are fully equipped with pursuit emergency lighting and sirens, safety components, and functional storage options to carry gear, patrol items, and emergency medical equipment.

“Our Zero motorcycle makes a significant contribution to our continued efforts to promote environmental sustainability, while providing all the positive features of traditional motorcycles,” said Sgt. Paul Parizek of Des Moines, Iowa, P.D.

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50 depts. is pretty impressive… Good going, Zero!

Does each US State have it’s own Police department?


“Twenty-two U.S. states use the term “State Police”, eighteen use the term “Highway Patrol”, and seven use the term “State Patrol”

Besides State, there are also County and Municipal level Police Departments. So there are far more than just 50 Police Departments in the US for Zero to sell bikes to…


“Because the motorcycles are electric, officers may arrive on scene without disruption and come across a crime in progress without being detected,”

But don’t they have sirens/lights?

I guess it makes more sense after watching the video.

It also makes sense that lights and sirens can be turned off… 🙂

Officer’s name at 2:33 “D. Ball” Just to avoid saying that D Ball gave me a ticket, would limit me from speeding in Scotts Valley!

The ability to quickly sneak up on the perps undetected.

I would suspect the military is buying them too. Plus you can ‘refuel’ them at FOBs by using solar PV. Reducing fuel resupplies saves lives.

Army Special Forces was using them for awhile. Mostly because insurgent snipers liked shooting the gas tanks of their ICE bikes. Not sure if they’re still using them or not though.

The main military motorcycle is the Hayes M1030, a diesel bike based on the KLR650. Gets absolutely insanely good fuel economy, and can run on I think seven different fuels.

Need some Police Twizy’s

Police use cars to transport suspects/convicts. Twizy wont make it.

That could make a serviceable Twizzy Patty Wagon. 😉

From zero website

ZERO SP zf12.5
Highway, 70 mph (113 km/h) 64 miles (103 km)

Wont be used as highway pursuite any time soon.

That is what the drones are for.

Cops don’t use motorcycles for highway pursuit for the most part. Usually it’s more of an urban vehicle. As far as the noise thing goes though, The BMW RTs some departments use are already extremely quiet.

Wow! Two years ago I rode my electric assist bicycle to a diner for lunch. There were three motorcycle cops in there eating. I struck up a conversation about their bikes. About two minutes in I was evangelizing about electric motorcycles for cops. They clearly thought I was “a person of interest.” 🙂

Times change.