All 5 Occupants Survive Horrific Tesla Model S Crash


Tesla Model S Crash - Image Credit: Merkur - Sabine Hermsdorf

Tesla Model S Crash – Image Credit: Merkur – Sabine Hermsdorf

German website Merkur (also a Munich-based newspaper with circulation of nearly 300,000) published a post on a crashed Tesla Model S.

Details are somewhat sparse, but the driver was an 18-year-old female and four other occupants (all between the ages of 18 and 19) were onboard.

The Model S belongs to the father of the driver.

According to police reports, the accident occurred last Wednesday when the driver lost control of the Model S while negotiating a left-hand turn at a high rate of speed. The car left the right side of the road and then overturned before landing back on its wheels and coming to a halt.

Three paramedics, two rescue helicopters and four ambulances were deployed to the scene.

As Merkur reports (via Google Translate/InsideEVs reader notting):

“The five occupants were able to free (themselves) from the vehicle itself, but some had serious injuries. The front seat passengers (including a female driver and male from Pullach) along with one in the back seat (from Wolfratshausen), sustained heavy, but not life-threatening injuries and were flown by rescue helicopters to Munich clinics.”

“(Two others from Starnbergerin and Gautinger) who were sitting in the back seat sustained medium injuries were transported to the Bavarian Red Cross in Wolfratshausen.”

The Model S was totaled, but all five occupants survived, which is all that matters. The Model S did its job in protecting those within, even in this extreme crash.

Tesla Model S Crash - Image Credit: Merkur - Sabine Hermsdorf

Tesla Model S Crash – Image Credit: Merkur – Sabine Hermsdorf

Tesla Model S Crash - Image Credit: Merkur - Sabine Hermsdorf

Tesla Model S Crash – Image Credit: Merkur – Sabine Hermsdorf

More images via source link below.

Source: Merkur

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75 responses to "All 5 Occupants Survive Horrific Tesla Model S Crash"
  1. Tom K says:

    Pretty amazing stuff. It looks like the cockpit area is intact.

    1. Kdawg says:

      And the front looks better without the nosecone.

      1. mhpr262 says:

        Thanks, that was a good laugh!

    2. Oggy says:

      Why are the door handles not out?

      1. GolfProFred says:

        12V battery is long gone.

  2. alohart says:

    It must have flipped end-over-end because the top and sides don’t appear to be damaged whereas the front sustained serious damage with the back damaged as well. Looks like the entire interior is filled with deployed airbags, a good thing. Must have been a wild ride.

    While Daddy is no doubt very happy that his daughter and her friends survived, in no small part due to the Model S’s rugged safety features, he might not let her take his next Model S out to joy ride. She has probably learned a lesson the very hard way.

  3. offib says:

    Someone’s gonna get in trouble.

    1. kdawg says:

      – “All occupants survived, but the driver was heard saying ‘My dad is going to kill me'”

    2. jh says:

      Someone already have.

  4. Four Electrics says:

    While this crash looks terrible, hitting dirt in a flat field is a lot different than hitting a tree or a barrier. This is perhaps the best case collision for an automobile.

    1. pjwood1 says:

      Still, potentially only having the field and maybe a couple “endo’s” meant “high rate of speed” would have been very high. I’m thinkin’ “Bandit” high.

      1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

        Yes. I suspect if there was a cockpit recorder, you’d hear the driver saying “Hey, everybody, let’s see how fast this thing can go!” about a minute before the accident.

        Oh, wait… it’s a Tesla Model S. Make that about 10 seconds before the crash. 😉

      2. Steven says:

        I don’t know about the rest of the world, but to those of us in the two wheeled world, an “Endo” means “end over end”, an ugly accident.

    2. ffbj says:

      Oh, please, give it a rest. This is why no one puts any stock into anything you say.

      1. Speculawyer says:

        Seriously . . . yeah, that dirt was real kind to the front end of that Model S.

        The crush space did its job . . . it absorbed the energy from the impact thus protecting the passenger compartment.

        1. Four Electrics says:

          The crumple zone only had to decelerate weight of the car, more or less–which is why this is a best case scenario.

          Tesla are very safe, of course. Perhaps that’s not obvious enough to everyone, but that’s why I use one to transport my own children.

          Pointing out that a field of dirt was kind to this car somehow make me a Tesla basher, I see. Please find another outlet for your outrage. I recommend hitting the gym three times a week.

          1. Nick says:

            You can tell how hard this was on the car based on the obliterated front crash structure.

            If an engine was in the way, it likely would have been worse.

          2. RexxSee says:

            Sure you own a Tesla… sure! 😉

            1. tedfredrick says:

              My son owns a Tela Model X and he is 27 years old. Probaly one of the younger Tesla owners. He has a friend that is 25 and owns a new model S. There are people out there that own Teslas.

          3. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

            Four Electrics said:

            “The crumple zone only had to decelerate weight of the car, more or less–which is why this is a best case scenario.”

            A serial Tesla basher doubling down on yet another Ludicrous™ statement. What a surprise.

            No, a best case scenario would be one where no one needed to be taken to the hospital, and furthermore, where the car wasn’t totaled.

            In fact, here’s the actual best case scenario for a Model S crash:


    3. RexxSee says:

      Lol! and you may break your neck hitting water, it all depend on the speed, FUDster.

    4. Nom de Plume says:

      Having the entire front end vaporized is not the “best case” for any automobile.

    5. Four Electrics says:

      Hitting the ground with the front of your car is less dangerous than hitting a tree or other barrier like a fence, since the ground has more elasticity and will give some cushion to the front of the car.

  5. georges says:

    “And she’ll have fun, fun, fun till her daddy takes her Tbird away”

    Beach Boys circa 1965

    history repeats itself.

    1. Speculawyer says:

      Well, she took daddy’s car away.

      And I have a feeling that she will not being having fun, fun, fun, now that daddy took the Tesla away.

      1. georges says:

        boy you can say that again. I wish my daddy had a Tesla I could borrow when I was in high school.

        Sadly Tesla wasn’t around that long ago 🙂

  6. Trollnonymous says:

    Someones insurance premium is going up….

    1. jm says:

      Oh no way – that’ll buff right out . . .

    2. Priusmaniac says:

      Perhaps it wasn’t insured. I know someone that wasn’t with a Mac Laren F1. Lol.

  7. sven says:

    I wonder if the teen driver was video recording her fast-driving exploits to post onto YouTube, and whether she was inspired to drive fast by all those Tesla street racing videos that are all the rage on YouTube and EV/green websites these days. Hopefully, there is dash cam video to show wannabe street racers how potentially dangerous speeding/racing can be, and that even a Tesla is not immune to deadly crashes when driving too fast.

    1. Jay Cole says:

      …my bet is someone in the backseat (despite getting a free ride in an EV and not knowing the proper time and place), was distracting the driver by incessantly talking about the viability of hydrogen technology while the teens were just trying to enjoy Rihanna on the radio, and that the FCV argument got so heated that all in the car involuntarily lost control of their motor skills and eventually blacked out when a rare unicorn Mirai was spotted driving the other way

      1. sven says:

        I’m not sure what you’re implying Mr. Cole, but for the record, last Wednesday I was neither in Germany nor talking to any teenage girls. 😉

        1. Jay Cole says:

          /worthless without pics to prove, heeh

          …or should I say wertlos ohne Bilder, (=

          1. sven says:

            It’s a good thing that the teenager was driving a Tesla EV, and not a Mirai hydrogen FCV, because we all know how potentially dangerous it is when you’re a passenger in an airborne car or dirigible that’s filled with hydrogen.

      2. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

        Wrecking a Model S due to reckless driving is certainly a high crime; what an ugly thing to do to a beautiful car! But if the driver was arguing with a “physics denier” fool cell car advocate at the time, then that certainly makes it forgivable. 😉

    2. jh says:

      I have a great many miles under my belt and I have seen seen worse accident than this as first responder to the scene.i have literally shovelled blood and intestines from the seats of cars. In none of the accidents I could have said that speed per see where the cause as such. Accidents happens, largely because the human behind the wheel make the wrong risk assessment. Speed is secondary. The velocity of 0 miles per hour can very well cause an deadly accident. Driving long distances is a question of statistics. So one or later you _will_ make a mistake. It’s just a question how big it will be and what consequences it will have.

      1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

        If the accident occurs at 0 MPH, the car is not going to flip end-for-end and something like 30 or 40 yards into a field.

        This was apparently a single-car accident, and was almost certainly a case of reckless high-speed driving.

        1. Scramjett says:

          I’m with JH on this one. It sounds more like her friends distracted her and she misjudged the distance she needed to slow down and make the turn.

          “Speed kills” is a tired, worn out trope that the Germans have long since proven false simply with the existence of their Autobahn. It’s easy to say “she was driving too fast, that’s why she got in a wreck.” However, I would argue that she misjudged the distance she needed to slow down. Something entirely possible to do even if you’re going the speed limit.

          Would the wreck be as severe? Probably not. But I’d argue that at highway speeds, whether you go the speed limit or faster, the difference is probably negligible and not even noticeable. There is a reason why cops use tread-marks to judge speed and not the state of the vehicle.

  8. SparkEV says:

    Yet another reason to remove humans from driving: teenage daughters!

    1. jh says:

      Statistically speaking teenage boys are way worse.

      1. John says:

        I can vouch for that.
        I’m still wondering how I survived my teens.

        1. kubel says:

          I’m in my 30’s and I still scare myself.

      2. Priusmaniac says:

        These cars won’t repeat the sixties muscle cars deaths but it kind of remind it.

  9. Mark C says:

    This is a perfect example of why this car has a valet mode. No teen should be turned loose with that much power.

    Count me as very blessed to have survived my early driving years.

    1. jh says:

      The key is to start early. I started my driving career when I was 7. Yes indeed. You learn the basics, to the point of getting it intuitive. In my youth I also did quite a bit of racing on formula 1 tracks, so before 16 I had accumulated a fair bit of experience of high sped driving. I think this is the right approach in general, the earlier you can get started the better. Does it means that you won’t make mistakes. No definitely not, my brain in my youth was as any other young brain nor geared to really make good risk management. That functionality is not really fully developed until about 25 years of age, but it did allow me to improve my skills to the point of automating how to counteract tail slides and a number other non standard modes) this has saved me atleast 4 times from accidents which could have had devastating consequences. So yes. Start early, and practice high speed driving early!

  10. notting says:

    OMG is that a stupid translation!

    “Pullacher” (in the meaning of “a person from Pullach”) was translated to “BND” (like the CIA, which has it’s headquarter in Pullach) *LOL*

    And BRK = Bavarian Red Cross (look at the ambulances in the picture).
    BTW: In 15 German states, there’s the German Red Cross and in Bavarian they founded it by using other laws, so it’s called different there and some legal things are different.

    Is that Google translation really not painful for native English speakers?

    Sadly also the Merkur article didn’t mention if the fire brigade had trouble with the battery…


    PS: Beside the Google translation it seems like everything is correct.

    1. Jay Cole says:

      Thanks for the assist, we’ll use that to help clean up the Google translate…it has a lot of toruble with shortforms and quasi-slang terminology for sure.

      1. notting says:

        “The five occupants were able to free [themselves] from the vehicle itself, but some had serious injuries.”

        Why “themselves” in “[]”?

        “The driver, from Pullach, who was sitting in the passenger seat, and the Wolfratshauser who sat in the back seat, sustained heavy but not life-threatening injuries and were flown by rescue helicopters in Munich clinics.”

        Person 1: driver, female
        Person 2: from Pullach, male, was sitting on the front seat beside the driver (don’t know the exact definition of “passenger seat”).
        Person 3: from Wolfratshausen, male, was sitting on the back seat.
        All of them had heavy but not life-threatening injuries. Rescue helicopters brought them to clinics (should be the correct term? Also like a hospital) in Munich.

        “The Starnbergerin and Gautinger who were sitting in the back seat were medium seriously injured and transported to the Bavarian Red CrossWolfratshausen.”

        The BRK brought the female from Starnberg and the male from Gauting to the hospital in Wolfratshausen (problably with ambulances ;-)). Medium injuries.


        PS: I’m too lazy to use a dictionary at the moment. A very good/native English speaker should rewrite it. It also means I didn’t translate it in the way as it was written in the German article.

        1. Jay Cole says:

          I gave it my best pass to edit and straighten it out now (thanks to you…with a hat tip of course!)

    2. Ambulator says:

      It was bad, but until your nice explanation it was far too much trouble to try to understand.

  11. John says:

    The thing I find most striking is that after an nasty front end hit, the front doors still open. This indicates to me, that the cabin structure remained mostly where it started.

  12. floydboy says:

    Yeah, looks like an ‘endo’. From the way the back end looks, they must have been completely airborne, before landing tail-first and plopping down in the field.

    That would’ve taken some speed. Probably meant to hit the brake but hit the accelerator, nosed it in on higher ground, then over they went.

    Well, if you’re going to do car aerobatics, it pays to be in the right car!

    1. mhpr262 says:

      Speaking from years of experience of jumping RC cars and building ramps for them, with a ramp that short, steep and curved it is 99% certain the end of the car was tossed upwards upon leaving the ramp into a nose-dive position and they slammed into the ground nose first, dropping from the heighth of a two or three-storey building. A memorable experiece, I am sure.

  13. Doggydogworld says:

    BGR has an article with more pics, says it flew 25 meters. One pic from behind looks like there is a large impact point, then a smaller one, then the car. Consistent with nose-tail endo that then (like a cat) lands on all fours.

  14. George Harrison says:

    Yes Gray everyone deserves to die , that’s why we are all alive and don’t worry you’re turn will come as everyone else’s . Does that clear up your vengeful mind?

    1. heisenberghtbacktotheroots says:

      I just wanted to add that this was the most stupid post I read on insideevs, but luckily it disappeared (Thanks Mods)

      So everyone else will read our comments without context.

      It’s a shame that some people post such BS when someone else made a mistake. I’m for one am glad that everyone survived! Teenagers (and grown-ups) make mistakes, that’s the way it is, but NO ONE deserves to die!

  15. ModernMarvelFan says:

    I guess this one didn’t have “autopilot” feature…

  16. Phr≡d says:

    speed meets black ice – film at 11

  17. Ahldor says:

    When women take risks in traffic they usually dont have a clue what they are doing.

    1. jm says:

      The calm before the storm . . . . of outrage.

      1. Ahldor says:

        But its effin true. Im not saying women are bad drivers. They can drive very smooth and fluently, some of them.. But when it comes to risks a guy evaluates the situation and may go for it, even if success would be like winning a jackpot in a lottery. When he encounters the bad stuff thats about to happen he quickly thinks “****! ****! ****!!” and bad stuff happens. As if he knew the bad stuff could happen but he himself held the winning lottery ticket to be okay, he thought.

        When a woman take a risk she already created a world in her head where nothing could go wrong. So when the bad thing is about to happen she thinks “wft? wft? WTF??” like “this didnt happen in my plans”.

        The outcome however is a crash in both cases, and who is the more stupid one is up to anyone to judge.

    2. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

      Right, that’s why accident rates and cases of unsafe driving are higher among men than women.

      Oh, wait…

      1. Ahldor says:

        I never said women are worse drivers than men. Read my above comment.

        1. You read it… “When women take risks in traffic they usually dont have a clue what they are doing.” Very clearly you did say women are worse drivers than men (unless, aside from men and women, other kinds of humans drive cars). So not only are you sexist but you are also completely deluded – by yourself! What makes you think men don’t think like this? I happen to know they do… and worse, they are prepared to take far more risks, driving, than women – which is reflected in accident stats, as PMPY points out.

          1. Ahldor says:

            I just state there are differences between men and women. If that makes me a sexist then be it.

            I dont agree I wrote women are worse drivers than men. I think your mind ****** it up.

            1. ffbj says:

              You cannot know how another person responded mentally to a situation based on their sex.
              Thinking that you can is sexist thinking.

              1. ffbj says:

                I will grant you that it has been shown that men and women process information differently, but this also happens on a cultural level too. Also age is a known factor. That is why teenage boys are so expensive to insure.

                In the context of this particular accident I would say the sex of the driver had very little to do with the actual accident.

                Inexperience and the smoothness and the lack of feeling of speed, not knowing how fast you are going, the time of day and road conditions had much more to do with this particular accident. Focusing primarily on the sex of the driver and occupants, is sexist. In my view.

                1. Ahldor says:

                  Yes of course, I called the gender issue which may not have been the reason behind this accident. And like you say there are several other different factors too and even overlap between genders which Martin Winlow proves by bithing about the matter.

                  Overall I think men and women contribute equally to society but then I get remarks that far more men than women sit in jail.

  18. G2 says:

    Could the injuries be because the occupants were not belted in and were colliding into each other?

    1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

      The injuries were caused by high speed probably coupled with reckless driving, followed by very rapid deceleration when the car left the road, flipped end-for-end at least once, and plowed into the ground repeatedly.

      Physics and inertia aren’t just a good idea… they’re the law!

      More seriously, G2, when you have an accident at 100+ MPH, it’s likely you’re going to get injured even if you’re wearing a seat belt. Seat belts do save lives, but they don’t provide magical protection from inertia.

  19. Doug Bostrom says:

    A few lines of code and the car could help youngsters go much slower.

    1. Doug Bostrom says:

      Oops: I see I’m clueless, the car has a valet mode. Ok, add Teenage Offspring mode (even slower).

    2. Priusmaniac says:

      Against stealing the key it won’t be easy. An extra code perhaps for above 100 mph driving.

  20. George B says:

    Good to see that you picked up this story! The translation and overall context is accurate. Some smaller sites struggled a bit with the German source text – Google Translate notwithstanding. Thankfully, all the occupants have survived this joy ride with an unexpected take-off attempt.

  21. jeff says:

    perfect future use of valet mode.