5 BMW i8s In One Parking Lot – Video


Honestly, we’re not sure if this is a dealer lot somewhere or a BMW corporate site, but we doubt you’ll ever see 5 BMW i8s parked in this close of proximity anywhere else or ever again.  Unless, that it, there’s some sort of BMW i8 owner meet and greet at some point in the future.

The scarcity of the BMW i8 means that sightings are still rare, which makes us wonder, have you seen a BMW i8 in the wild yet?  There are now well over 300 in the U.S., but that’s still a small figure, so i8 spottings in the wild will be few and far between.

2 Of The 5 BMW i8s

2 Of The 5 BMW i8s

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See Through

Honestly, I haven’t even sighted a BMW i3, and I live in one of the 4 EV hotbeds of US.

David Murray

That’s surprising. I’m in Texas and I’ve seen 3 or 4 i3’s in the wild already.


Which area do you live?

i3 are everywhere in the SF Bay Area and LA area.

That is 2 out of 4 “hot beds”.

Unless you live in GA, I seriously doubt that you live in 1 of the 4 “hot beds” area…

David Murray

Considering that nearly every car there is a BMW, I’d say it is a dealer lot.


No plates on any of them, tape on the door handles and lot numbers in the windshield. BMW delivery lot.

Jouni Valkonen

In Finland it is very rare even to spot any electric car or plug-in hybrid. However, few times ago I walked through my neighborhood parking lot and there was sitting Opel Ampera! I wonder if there are even 100 Amperas in Finland?

It had a price, while it was available, 48 000 dollars after price cuts, where as corresponding four door Opel Astra has price 24 000 dollars. Or Opel Ampera was exactly twice as expensive as similar ICE car. These prices are after taxes and clean car incentives and converted from euros to dollars.

(Note that Opel Ampera and Astra are essentially the same cars as Chevy Volt and Cruze. Just different brands.)


Ya, saw my first i3 on the road last week, so I don’t expect to see an i8 anytime soon.


Is that an I-40? Or a 40-I as opposed to a 40-O?


pretty sure thats a walmart parking lot


It’s a dealership in Leipzig, Germany. You can see the german license plate at 21sec with “L” for Leipzig.

Arkansas Volt

I saw an i8 charging next to my Volt at the Hilton in Austin, TX late last month.