5 Big Problems With The Tesla Model 3


Is the Tesla Model 3 really worth all the hype or is it too problematic?

Not unlike all Tesla vehicles, Model 3 reviews are mixed. Some people insist that this has mostly to do with agendas, while others believe the Silicon Valley automaker’s cars definitely have a long list of pros and cons. No matter what you believe, the more information you can glean about a new vehicle like the Tesla Model 3, the better-informed you are to establish your own opinions. Then, you can determine if the car matches your priorities and fits your lifestyle.

When Parker from Vehicle Virgins first checked out the Model 3 (video below), it wasn’t quite the same. That car was essentially in its factory configuration. This Model 3 has a long list of aftermarket mods. Parker has spent some more time with the car, and although he loves it, there are reasons he’s tweaked it. He shares five things he hates about the Model 3 and how you (or Tesla) may be able to fix some of them.

  1. Quirky, nerdy, non-aggressive facade
  2. Door handles are subpar (inside and out)
  3. Center console doesn’t close correctly
  4. All-season tires don’t make sense
  5. Lack of a “conventionally-placed” speedometer

Watch the video for more details and to learn how Parker has resolved some of these issues.

Video Description via Vehicle Virgins on YouTube:

5 HUGE PROBLEMS With The Tesla Model 3!

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Check out Vehicle Virgin’s previous Tesla Model 3 video below:


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2. Tesla Model 3
Range: 310 miles; 136/123 mpg-e. Still maintaining a long waiting list as production ramps up slowly, the new compact Tesla Model 3 sedan is a smaller and cheaper, but no less stylish, alternative, to the fledgling automaker’s popular Model S. This estimate is for a Model 3 with the “optional” (at $9,000) long-range battery, which is as of this writing still the only configuration available. The standard battery, which is expected to become available later in 2018, is estimated to run for 220 miles on a charge. Tesla Model 3 charge port (U.S.) Tesla Model 3 front seats Tesla Model 3 at Atascadero, CA Supercharging station (via Mark F!) Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3 The Tesla Model 3 is not hiding anymore! Tesla Model 3 (Image Credit: Tom Moloughney/InsideEVs) Tesla Model 3 Inside the Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3 rear seats Tesla Model 3 Road Trip arrives in Tallahassee Tesla Model 3 charges in Tallahassee, trunk open.

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Im beginning to suspect that the Model 3 performance will be fast around the truck than the Model S P100D.

I doubt it. If it was any good, we would have Nordschleife laptime already.

P100D is horrible around the track. It overheats, it doesn’t corner well, it’s a luxury boat. Model 3, they’ve fixed the overheating problem, it handles amazingly well, it’s going to kick the S’s butt, unless you’re in a short drag race.

That is an interesting assertion about the Model 3. I’d love to see it tested in practice!

Personally I rather doubt it. The 2020 Tesla Roadster has a 200 kWh battery pack, probably because a lot of extra (unused) power, and a lot more thermal mass in the pack, is needed to be able to keep the pack from overheating with a high-speed track run.

If Tesla achieved efficient cooling with the much smaller ~80 kWh Model 3 pack, then why put a 200 kWh pack into the 2020 Roadster? Sure, it needs more power for faster acceleration, but not that much more!

Actually, yes, it *does* need that much more. By a rough estimation, accelerating a ~2000 kg car from 0-60 mph without running into power limits requires about 900 kW, i.e. about twice what Tesla’s P100D battery provides…

Nothing has surprised me more about the majority of reviews of the Model 3 than the lack of complaints about the lack of an instrument panel (with a speedometer in the driver’s eyeline). At worst, some of them say that takes some getting used to.

I’m surprised there are not more saying that’s simply unacceptable, just as some say the centrally placed instrument panel is unacceptable in the Prius.

I thought we would see a spate of articles about people using aftermarket mods such as HUD displays to replace the missing instrument panel. But as it turns out, not so much!

Apparently most drivers get used to the Model 3’s off-center placement of the speedometer (and other indicators) easier than I thought.

“Apparently most drivers get used to the Model 3’s off-center placement of the speedometer (and other indicators) easier than I thought.”

Or only fanboys gotten their hands on 3-s so far, so they pretend that nothing’s an issue.

There are lots of vehicles with centrally and otherwise oddly located speedometers. I’ve rented a few Hondas with the speedometers near the center of the dash. I don’t think it’s that remarkable and if you sit in a Model 3, it’s a lot less distracting than you originally think.

Modern MINIs have moved the spedometer back to where it belongs.

I think Tesla’s philosophy apart from being minimalist (easy to produce…) is that the cars will be autonomous pretty soon anyway so why bother too much with driver ergonomics. Of course the road to full autonomy is a bit longer than Tesla figured but Tesla is surprisingly poor at estimating distances for a company that’s so into autonomous driving;)

There is no chance that the Teslas are fully autonomous anytime soon. And even if they were they are bought to drive. If you don’t want to drive them at all then any cheaper autonomous car or taxi would do for most.

Driver ergonomics are super important, for Tesla now and for Tesla in the future. Saying that it doesn’t matter much is very ignorant.

There won’t be any cheaper autonomous cars any time soon. If Tesla’s lidar-free approach works out, they will in fact have a sizeable cost advantage…

Despite being a Tesla fan, I agree with all this. It does appear Tesla designed the Model 3 for autonomous driving, but as you say, that’s at least a few years off. The Model 3 should have been designed for driving today, not driving a few (or more likely several) years from now, when more-or-less autonomous cars really are a thing.

And despite the assertions from Elon, I feel pretty confident in saying that Level 4 autonomy is more than two years off. I think it highly probable it’s more than 5 years off, at least if development is left to Tesla. Perhaps Waymo/Google will produce reliable autonomous cars sooner. They certainly do seem to have a significantly more advanced testing fleet than Tesla’s testing fleet, partly or mostly because Elon stubbornly refuses to put lidar into Tesla’s testing fleet.

While this is certainly true, it’s kinda beside the point that most reviewers do not seem to consider the speedometer location a problem…

It was not planned that MobileEye would drop them.

Apparently it was planned that they would drop MobilEye — just not quite as soon…

The heads right display is annoying, but no mods are available. I agree that most people will probably get used to the slippery slope of distraction that is the heads right display, which is unfortunate.

Several reviewers have claimed that it isn’t any more distracting than the more traditional “heads down” speedometer location.

You’re pretending to “agree” with something quite different from what I actually said, troll. You’re the one insinuating that is “unfortunate” or a “distraction”, not me.

Typical dishonest FUDster debate tactic. Too bad you haven’t been banned, and hopefully that will change soon.

I’ve been driving TM3 for a while now and got used to the center console so much so that now it feels weird to drive a car with standard gauges in the usual locations.

I had a Scion xA, with a center-mounted speedo, and I had exactly the same experience. It was VERY weird for the first week or two, then I adjusted, and it only seemed weird when I drove my wife’s car with a conventionally placed speedo.

I don’t know. I used to frequent priuschat forums during early years of gen 3 Prius. I don’t recall that center speedo ever being discussed as a big issue. May be it’s an issue only for people who never were going to buy a Tesla

Doesn’t the Prius have both- front and center displays? Mine does but it is Gen2

As an owner with 8000 miles on the car, mostly on autopilot:

The only real issue with the center display is that autopilot status is displayed on a small icon. I have no problems using it for other purposes, speed etc.

Cadillac has nailed this by creating a display at the top of the steering wheel. Tesla could easily make a similar display.

$50k+ car without even basic HUD is anachronism. It just screams “CHEAP”. At least until it gets fully autonomous, i.e. never.

Econobox automakers nailed it long time ago by providing HUD and displays in proper place for far lower overall price.

I recommend that you look up the word “anachronism”.

Funny, I’ve driven a lot of cheap rental cars over the years, never once had a HUD. Always figured that it was a luxury I simply never encountered.

When ordering the Model 3, my biggest concern was my wife’s objection of the center screen and its usage. It turned out to be unfounded. When we took delivery in Fremont, my wife let me drive the car home. I got used to the screen by the time I got on I-880. When she first used the car, it took her all 5 minutes to get around the controls, adjust seats, mirrors, AC vents, … and save to her own profile.

No complaints, period.

“my wife let me”

That made me cringe.

That means he was the first to drive the new car and they agreed it instead being imposed as you would do.

I guess you don’t live in the USA, where car buying decisions are more often made by women than men. Either that, or you’ve never been married.

Not in my case. I got a good one(-:

That’s her car. Happy wife happy life as they say 🙂

There are actually a fair few vehicles with a centre placement of the speedo. The first gen (200-2007) Nissan X Trail had this for example. You get used to it pretty quickly. I guess it’s a fairly easy cost saving measure as the dash can stay the same when switching from right to left hand drive (or vise versa).

The ones that think it is unacceptable are ones who didn’t buy it in the first place.

Old Jeeps (until the YJ Wrangler) have a central-mounted speedometer. Driving one doesn’t require you to stare at the central speedo. You shift, steer, brake, and (gasp) pay attention to the outside world..

I was not psyched about the one screen design when it was revealed. I spent months worrying and wondering if I should cancel. I got my Model 3 in May.

The speedo, at least for me, is a NON issue. There are some choices that are not my favorite (I’d vastly prefer the wiper menu stay up when wipers are on), but the instrument cluster and speedometee was irrelevant in a day.

It’s not so much the position of the display as the need to use the touch screen and multiple steps to do things that would be easier (and safer) to do with tactile manual controls. I think they may run into some market resistance form this element of the design as they go after more mainstream customers.

The Model S and X have been out with their highly-rated touchscreen displays with no tactile controls. If prospective buyers do 5 min of research online, they will find that Tesla’s touchscreen interface is just fine for almost everyone.

The steering wheel in my Volt blocks the HUD so I can never see my speed from my sitting position. I always glance at the center screen when driving and having the speed their is just absolutely perfect.

Totally agree on this. I ordered mine late June and really hope I don’t hate the lack of a main instrument cluster as Iexpect I will. That was my only real gripe about the M3 design.

Saturn placed the speedometer in the center on some models. No one complained then.

In the Bolt, with a lot going on behind the steering wheel, I find myself ducking to see the speedometer. I prefer the M3 placement now, and having the speed right next to the speed limit is awesome.

Of course, I have the same arrangement on my airplane, and indeed that is how most modern aircraft are arranged, with a large center screen. Like an aircraft, you get used to placing your hand on the screen edge to steady your hand while driving. On the M3 I use:

1. Thumb on bottom, index finger.
2. Thumb on left side, index finger.
3. Hand on right side, thumb.
4. Hand on top, thumb.

Because the M3 display sits out from the dash and is quite solid, you can actually curl your hand around the right or top side. One thing you learn rapidly, in the M3 or in an airplane, is not to try to “free hand” select on the display, I.E., use a unsupported hand/finger. It just does not work well while moving and bouncing. On aircraft, hand support is provided by a ridge at the bottom of the display.

I think the folks who found it unacceptable simply didn’t buy one because they found it unacceptable. A lot of reviews I’ve seen are by new owners.

I wish Tesla had simply added a small HUD display for speed and turn blinkers. It would’ve been the finishing touch on a design home run and still preserved the clean uncluttered look inside.

The first is immediately a moronic, shallow non-issue. Seriously? This is the first point?
How pathetic.

Yes, all the ugly girls think the pretty ones are shallow.

The frog nose of the car used to bother me, but now I’ve become used to it.

To the point where you allegedly bought one. Once again, I’m impressed by someone who can slam a product and company and at the same time allegedly buy multiple versions of the very same product they slam.

It’s almost like you have a superpower.

I find that the front of the car is homelier in some colors than others. Mostly the lighter ones because I find that the ridge/nose casts a shadow which makes the front of the car seem more pronounced than it really is. But, again, this is my opinion, not a fact.

As far as ‘slamming the car you’ve bought’, I’ve said plenty of disparaging things regarding both my BOLT ev, and my 2014 ELR. But overall, I’m impressed with both cars, – the only things I don’t like generically have to do with typical GM arrogance which has been the case for decades now – you just have to live with it if you want the car, and frankly, there are NOT that many good EV’s available. An example of both issues with the ELR is I hate the dopey ‘CUE’ (Cadillac User Experience touch screen with the horrible gesture controls and the crappy navigation map that erases everything when you zoom out to see where you are), but on the plus side people DAILY say what a ‘Beautiful Car’ it is, or ‘is it a new model’, or ‘where can I get one?’. I was at the FIRESTONE dealer last weekend, and another customer said the above – then the service manager said “THE UNDERSIDE OF THE CAR IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL ALSO!” – (when talking about the expensive, passive (i.e. not powered) Watts-Link suspension). I’ve said little about the model 3, other than saying that, at a distance (since I… Read more »

It’s a f*cking car. Drive it, don’t ogle it. Don’t be so shallow.
I don’t care if a car looks like the original leaf. As long as it’s high quality, long enough range and cheap enough.

Agreed, it’s an opinion and not an issue.

#1 and #4 are “big problems”? Give me a break. Actually, none of the 5 listed are “big” problems. All are pretty minor.

Yeah. First world problems is an understatement for this. More like one percenter problem. And I think all season tires make sense for a lot of people, including me. Not everyone wants to change the tires for a couple of snow storms they get in a year.

Don’t quite see how this would be a “one percenter” problem. TM3 is not that expensive, if you can afford it then a set of summer and winter tires is just a small fraction of the cost of the car.

It also depends on where you live and how you drive. You can do just fine on the all season tires but if you want more road grip, you need some specialized rubber on your wheels.

I think most people don’t care about the cost as much as they simply don’t want to bother with changing the tires where not necessary…

Ah, now the one percenter problem makes sense. I should call my butler to tell my chauffeur to take the car to my mechanic so that the summer-winter tires can be changed.


Where am I keeping all these extra tires? I would have been very annoyed if it came with summer tires.

The extra tires go in the shed behind the servants’ quarters.

Honestly, if the issue is the appearance of the car, the 3 looks great.

Not like the pregnant minivan the X is….

Starts for 35K? Seems a little misleading… I have not seen one of those… Pretty much my usual complaints other then that…

Wait, I thought the Model 3 was supposed to suck?? Is this yet ANOTHER glowing review of a Tesla product?

Model 3 does not suck… Its actually pretty good, and quality is constantly improving. I do not like some of the design choices, and think there was too much cost cutting for a 50K plus car that is currently available.

I was being facetious (sort of). My point is, the only real negatives of the Model 3 come from the comment section on this website.

A good review from the V V shade slinging “#5 (conventionally-placed) Speedo Guy”!

Another list of 5 hates, that hopefully get changed on the Model 3, to show the Tesla brass, “where it hurts”!

I really don’t understand the complaints about the speedometer placement in the Model 3. It took less than five minutes to adapt to it in mine. Anyone who’s driven a Jeep CJ-5, CJ-7 or earlier model remembers the speedo in the middle of the dash, far below the driver’s usual line of sight. Anyone who’s ridden a Harley Road King acclimated to looking down at the top of the gas tank to see the speedo. There are many other examples – Mini’s, Priuses. Are people’s habits so ingrained that they can’t adapt? The Model 3 speed indication is not far from the sightline down the road. It makes me think that many drivers stare down the road robotically, never checking their mirrors, cross traffic, or other gauges.

As you correctly pointed out, those are poor designs. Why should customers had to “adapt” in 2018? A $50-80k car should at the very least have a HUD.

It appears that you completely missed Dave O’s point.

Nope. And I’m a Prius owner.

I also have a Subaru who stuck a tiny clock way down on the lower dash. It’s such a poor design that I mounted an analog watch between the hvac ducts in a much better line of sight position.

You stated that Dave O “correctly pointed out, those are poor designs”. He has not said anything about poor designs. He just cited a few examples of pre-existing cars with similar center speedometer setups.

Poor designs. You can’t put a tankbag on that harley without it covering up the instruments.

One of the reasons I bought a used Tesla Model S rather than waiting for the model 3 was the lack of a speedometer directly in front of me. For me, that was a deal breaker. Yes, I could get used to it, but I think it is safer to have it in the traditional spot.

Not sure how having a centrally placed speedometer affects safety. Unless you have a windshield projected HUD, you need to look down or to the right and in both cases you spend the same amount of time looking away from the road in front of you.

All season tires? *burr*…no one should use those.

It makes sense to use all season tires because TM3 is an all season car!

I hope that was an attempt of being funny.

I thought it was funny but since you treated it as an “attempt” – I must have failed.

It probably was (or maybe not). 🙂 I lose my sense of humor when it comes to safety. 😛

Only in the U.S. are all season tires foisted on consumers. I think this was some twisted attempt by Detroit executives to not have to have Mid-West buyers need to change to winter tires. But all season tires are a lousy compromise. They are poor in the summer and poor in the winter. And for the many of us living in the Western U.S., they are extraordinarily stupid. I won’t be driving in the snow, and if I did, they make you use chains.

“Summer” tires are best for warm or rain conditions. If you have to drive in freezing weather or in the snow, buy winter tires. But all season tires are worthless.

Agreed, I live on the coast of California and have no use for all season tires whatsoever.

In general, any product that claims to solve multiple issues addresses only some of them and only in a limited fashion.

In the northeast we tend to complain about the german cars that come with summer-only tires. 75%+ of people here don’t change to winter tires and assume the tires that came on their car will behave reasonably in all conditions. It’s always amusing to see someone who is flabbergasted that their AWD BMW is completely worthless in the lightest snow because it has summer tires.

Bottom line, manufacturers should give consumers zero-cost options between summer and all-season tires.

I still don’t get it. All season tires have poor cold and snow responsiveness. If those in cold winter climates would do it right, they would make the one-time investment in winter tires and exchange them each season. It would save wear on the summer tires and extend the life of both sets. Oh well, I can’t complain too much about laziness, I live in SoCal, and I have it easy.

“Bottom line, manufacturers should give consumers zero-cost options between summer and all-season tires.”

More like, people should be less stupid.

No, they should not. They should go with what is safest, which is summer tires + winter tires. It should not be an option to be stupid. 😛

” I won’t be driving in the snow, and if I did, they make you use chains”

Not true, all season tires with S+M and AWD/4WD don’t require chains.

Nothing wrong with all-season tires. Here in the DC region, I have a set of Michelins that were highly rated with an excellent balance of dry, wet and slushy performance. Their rain performance is fantastic! They aren’t good on ice, but nothing short of studs or chains are good on ice, anyway.

It’s the only type of tire I’ve had on my Mariner hybrid for the entire 7 years that I’ve owned it, and they work perfectly fine all year ’round. Perfectly safe, and I drive rather aggressively.

(if you scoff at “driving aggresively” in a “hybrid”, then you’ve never driven a Ford product – their hybrids mean business – never had a problem with merging or lane changing on the beltway or any other extreme condition).

I disagree with all 5 gripes, LOL. I’ve never used the wrong button to open my door. Why would you want to unlock your car while driving? Also the car locks/unlocks itself, so you never push that button. I can tell this guy is not an owner.

You can tell he knows little about the pricing as well.

I think he was to cool for school.

Stupid Name for a Channel to.

Why would you want your car locked while driving? There are some models where they automatically lock when you are driving, that is just annoying.

So you don’t get Car Jacked ‼️

I don’t think the newer cars stay open while driving… at least not my last 3 cars.

The guy is irritating. His amped up delivery causes me to wonder about his drug usage. Who owns a Model 3 and opens the door by pointing one finger into the door handle while using the other hand to grab the handle that sticks out? You use your thumb to move the door handle out while using the remaining fingers to pull the handle. It’s one smooth action. This guy acts as if he has some kind of coordination disability. It’s not hard. The electric button door release on the inside of the car is great. My slightly demented 84 year-old mother has no problem with pushing a button to get out of the car. Why is this guy confused? Don’t grab the emergency door release. Is it that hard to understand? The same holds true with closing the console. Does this dude have difficulty with following directions? Close it slow. Don’t bang the console cover. I guess someone on coke might have a little problem slowing things down to normal speed, but normal people should be able to actually not slam the console cover closed. How about a real review that focuses on actual issues?? The Model 3 has… Read more »

“Who owns a Model 3 and opens the door by pointing one finger into the door handle while using the other hand to grab the handle that sticks out?”

I haven’t looked, but that reads quite similar to how Munro was described as opening the Model 3 door in his first “Model 3 teardown” video; complaining about having to use two hands. But as others have pointed out after watching his video, almost immediately after making that complaint he is seen opening the door with one hand, so it seems his complaint was premature!

It seems that using the unusual Model 3’s door handle, just like looking at an off-center speedometer, takes a bit of practice until you’re used to it. That doesn’t necessarily make it bad for someone who drives it regularly, but it can be a barrier for a first-time user, or for someone who’s only borrowed the car in order to review it.

Munro said opening it using one hand is painful for him specifically, because of some kind of injury he had suffered in the past. It doesn’t apply to the vast majority of the population.

I suppose for the terminally uncoordinated, realizing how to use one hand instead of two might take a day or so to figure out. I guess I was sort of picking on the disabled. And I apologize if I offended anyone.

None of these are an issue for me or my brother with our Model 3’s. To each their own as far as the aesthetic appeal of the front end. Handles are only mildly awkward at worst. My issues are:
– Gloss piano black finish on center console incredibly foolish. Particular for a company that makes so many good decisions. They scratch and show fingerprints easily.
-Distortion in view through front windshield. It’s only slight distortion but very annoying for me, like an eyeglass prescription that is close but not quite right.
-Car does not release charge cable with press of the button on the adapter with phone on you. The car has to be woken up first by opening a door or using app first. Same for plugging it in if the car has gone into “sleep” mode.
-Vampire drain in hot weather is excessive.

Oh man, don’t get me started on the releasing of the charging lock with the phone app. Very annoying indeed to wait for the car to be “awaken”.

Tesla should be able to offer a simple fix. Just add a button on the screen to select a default whether to lock or not lock the charge port. Why would I need to lock the charger if I charge 90% of the time at home?

Good point. It is rare enough to want to lock the charger that locking should be optional. The model S has a little of the same issue. A pain when you like the lock on walking away feature but only one J1772 charger for 2 cars.

My biggest gripe is the lack of the 35000 version, don’t think it matters so much in the us, but in Europe and countries with strong government incentives it is the antidote to the real tesla killers (or at least a bad tesla flu). If it’s not out when the merc audi Porsche jag x & s are wafting down bus lanes, through toll booths and into city centers when everyone else is being punished there will be big political pushback. Had hoped kia, Hyundai would be out there but doesn’t look like they will make enough. Only nissan an renault left to balance it (who the fanbois love to beat on). They’ve still time but the 35k needs to be here when the “tesla killers” arrive.

No 2 gripe Station wagon!!!!

After waiting a few years my boss cancelled the reservations (2) we had for a cheap version of the M3. He has placed an order on one Audi EV i sted. Kind of a drag, since I might have got to use the cheaper Tesla, but will probably never get to use the Audi. We have 2 Model S, and I have used one of them – when it was old(ish). For only a few times, and mostly as a passenger. Not that I’ve been a passenger that often either To bad they did not start to sell the M3 in Norway – but I understand they have a problem to support the exciting MS and MX they have sold – with really long waiting times for maintenance. Hope it will help with the 10 technicians they have “loned” from Tesla for a period of time. It takes time to build a support organisation. We’re supposed to get the Audi in a few weeks time. We’re also getting a Renault EV van (the small one) this week. Will be interesting to test that too, when I’ll start to work again. Those small and medium vans will be a huge market.… Read more »

I received my model 3 November 4. I have 9000 miles on it. I’m 61 yo. Hands down the best car I’ve ever owned. HUD is no longer necessary in cars. AP works great except for the nag. OTA updates phenomenal. I will never pay for gasoline again! People who do not own a model 3 or have never driven one should not be commenting on something they have no experience with.

Yea that’s not how having opinions works.

Unfortunately, opines the the non-Tesla test driver/ owner.

Thank goodness IEVs appeals to all those with an interest in EVs. If we were restricted to only being able to comment on cars we own… well, you can see moribund forums like that all over the Internet. Forums which get hardly any views, let along comments, on any given day.

Heck, even the Tesla Owners Club forum allows comments by those who are merely wannabe Tesla owners! Thank goodness it’s run by people with a more open attitude than yours, William.

It’s true in this case. You can’t have an valid opinion on if something is distracting if you’ve never experienced it or experienced it over time, especially when practically everyone who has one has said that it isn’t. If the only people who say the speedo on the center screen is a problem are of the group that are non-owners, that ought to tell you something about the validity of their opinions.

Tesla is not the first car with center display panels, Toyota, Saturn had this center displays before, the design of model 3 is subjective opinion, although Tesla designer is vainilla and will be forever.

So basically there is nothing wrong with the car
The entire piece us based on personal preferences and views with no substance

The post by koz identifies some minor issues I agree with.

This video/article lists a bunch of imaginary problems stated by someone with no real TM3 experience.

That is the problem apparently, that there is “no substance” to the Model 3 problems.

“No Problemo”!

Personal issues and foibles, with panties all in a bunch? Absolutely!

If these “flaws” are all he can find with the Model 3, then detractors should close shop now and move elsewhere. Tesla nails it.

As a counterpoint, my number 1 gripe about a gasoline car: exhaust fume.

These are very clearly not criticisms from real “detractors”.

How about lack of one pedal driving?

It’s close enough not to be a big deal. I hardly have to touch my brakes. That said, I would love a “Heavy” regen in addition to the “Standard” and “Low” options.

Good point, most competition has 1 pedal driving down, why is Tesla so far behind on an obvious EV tech?

It is one of those techs that once you have it, you could never go back.

1. I haven’t heard anyone complain about this. Nerdy is the last word I could think of. This isn’t a iMIEV or a gen 1 Leaf.

2. The exterior door handles still baffle a lot of people, but once they get used to it, it’s not a problem. I never thought of the exterior handle as cheap either. The interior manual release is my big pet peeve.

3. Center console. It is hilarious that the car emits a warning on the LCD when you push hard on the console door. Otherwise, what is wrong with him slamming it shut?

4. I can see some complaint about the tires, but come on it’s easy to fix. When mine are worn out, I’ll be getting performance summer tires like the Michelin Pilot Sport or Pirelli P Zero/Nero.

5. Not a big deal. I would put it on the “It would be nice” if there was a HUD option.

Unless stopping for a long meal, what innumerate charges to 100% on a road trip?

Looks like from the reviews M3P spells the beginning of the end of the ICE sports sedan

It’s more like the start of the beginning. Can’t wait to see how long it will take for the ICE cars to disappear.

Reviews from people like this guy is EXACTLY why people “abuse” autopilot and end up getting into accidents by making suggestions that are full of B.S. and contrary to Tesla’s own disclaimers…

I’ve been driving for a quarter of a century now in the Mid-Atlantic and have never had the need for dedicated winter tires or chains. As an apartment/condo dweller I can’t even begin to worry about storing them and swapping them twice a year. The roads get plowed and so heavily salted that ice and snow are the least of my worries.

I own a model 3. by far the best car I’ve ever owned and certainly not the most expensive.
I love the design especially the front if the car. very elegant and sleek. I like the door handles very much. I’m glad they are not motorized like the model s. the center console hinge/closing mechanism is great. it’s smooth fluid easy to use. no complaint about the tires. they work for me. lastly I love the location of the speedometer – far easier to see than on any other car I’ve owned. no steering wheel in the way.

I would leave that car Alone …Those Personal Preferences , I’t made to fit most people’s Needs ..I would Not Touch That car Leave Factory Original !

Door handles. You press the wider part with your thumb, pull the lever. Right hand on passenger side, left on driver side.

Do not criticize Tesla otherwise you´ll get tons of reply s about how you´r wrong…
it´s like some online AI bot is writing them,… Btw, I am not buying it because of ridiculous centre “console” design.

There certainly seem to be online AI ‘bots writing repetitive Tesla basher posts… like yours. Or rather, not actual ‘bots, but Russian troll farm employees.

Putin is betting the farm on his Troll Bashers. Can’t knock him for his futile attempt at being a #1 Tesla FUDster!

If those are the 5 biggest problems you can list, then I’m feelin’ pretty ecstatic about my Model 3. You probably don’t know that you can tell the car to chime when you are X miles over the speed limit. I rarely need to look at the speed, and when I do, I look the same distance as with my fossil car – just to the left rather than down.

More like 5 nitpicks. Those are all wussy complaints.

Not to quibble, but one of the video says “The 35,000$ Model 3 is amazing”. I am surprised. I thought Tesla hasn’t delivered any of those. How does he know what the $35K versio is like?

Maybe it’s a missive from the future! 😉

Number one and number five on that list are also my biggest cons.
If Tesla would fix those, they would have a much better car.
I find Model X also one of the ugliest cars I have ever seen.
I am not a hater, I really like Model S and don’t understand how they went down from there instead of evolving.

Tastes vary. While I personally think the X is not quite as elegant as the S, it’s still miles above any other tall car I’ve seen… IMHO they made the best of that form factor.

I agree that Model 3 is a bit of a step backwards; not too terrible though.

Please… Don’t you E V er post a Vehicle Virgins or Doug DeMuro video, pleeease.

Their stuff is garbage, and their fanbase toxic. Huh, and we thought Tesla fanboys were bad…

How do you become a Tesla fanboy? Sounds like a fun group to join.

No joining necessary, just plug into the St. Elon destination charger, and your as good as IN!

No lower ride. I had a low ride Miata before, it was always scraping curb bumpers, even speed bumps, and occasionally I even got rock hits from underneath, as in a rock that everyone else simply rolled over, but got caught between the street and undercarriage of the Miata.

If a “quirky non aggressive facade” is a “HUGE” problem, i won’t waste any of my time time looking at the video.