4K Look At Tesla’s San Antonio Gallery/Service Center



A solar roof is a perfect touch for a Tesla gallery/service center.

This 4K drone video of Tesla’s not-yet-open¬†San Antonio Service Center shows its impressive solar rooftop array.

The new 12,000 square-foot Tesla Service Center is located at 23011 W Interstate 10. It’s listed as “Coming Soon” on Tesla’s website.

This store gallery joins four other in the state of Texas where Tesla continues to battle some direct sales hurdles.

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4 Comments on "4K Look At Tesla’s San Antonio Gallery/Service Center"

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I wonder how many KWhs can be generated with this system, also shade is falling on systems on the periphery.

I like how they have an ICE truck hiding behind a cement wall…..lol

This is new to Tesla but the building is 8-10 years old. It used to be a Ducati motocycle dealership, has been semi-vacant for a few years. The solar panels have been there for a while, probably from the start.

Lived in San Antonio, now about two hours away. Definitely gonna check this out. Would be a big benefit to have a supercharger in the city since the closest one as of current is halfway up to Austin. Would make my trips from closer to the border into the city in a model3 more possible