310 Mitsubishi i-MiEVs Recalled In US And Canada (Update)

AUG 9 2012 BY MIKE

First highlighted in a short article on autoblog, Transport Canada issued a recall affecting 49 2012 Mitsubishi i-MiEV cars that could have extreme safety results.  Since then, 261 US model i-MiEVs (formerly just know as the i) have also been recalled.


Based on the information in the recall notice, some sensors on the Canadian 2012 Mitsubishi i-MiEV are incompatible with the self-diagnostic software used by the Safety Restraint System, or the SRS system. What happens is the SRS warning lamp will illuminate in the dash when a diagnostic check happens, but there are no issues. Even when there are no faults in the system, if the SRS light is on and an accident occurs, the inflatable curtain and side impact airbags may deploy late, if at all.


No word yet if US or global version are affected by this recall.

To fix this issue, all Mitsubishi dealers have been authorized to replace the faulty sensor with an updated one that will no longer have an issue.


As of press, Mitsubishi is unaware of any injuries or accidents related to this recall.


To learn more about this recall, check out the Transport Canada site, or in the US at the NHTSA’s website.


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