47 Million Miles Driven On Tesla Autopilot To Date


Tesla Autopilot

Tesla Autopilot

Apparently, Tesla has a method for tracking the total amount of miles driven in the Model S/X while in Autopilot mode.

According to Tesla, that figure is 47 million miles and counting. 47 million mostly error-free miles, considering that we’ve seen only a few reports of Autopilot gone bad.

Autopilot launched just over 6 months ago in the U.S. Other countries followed with Autopilot launches soon after.

The first major Autopilot accomplishment came shortly after its release when rally driver Alex Roy and two others, Carl Reese and Deena Mastracci, drove a Tesla Model S on Autopilot coast-to-coast across the U.S. while setting two records in the process.

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It’s amazing how many miles are now driven electrically, whether it’s a Model S, Volt, Leaf, or anything else that accrues them.

I think we’re at the tipping point for mass proliferation of EV’s. Very cool.

It is starting to show also. Norway is probably down a couple percent in fuel consumption because of EVs.

At the right they’re going, within 10 years it’ll have dropped double-digits. More oil to sell. 😉

Yep, unfortunately that probably means that the oil price will never reach $100/barrel again.

That is a reality that EVs have to deal with. We should hope that electrification is so successful that it lowers the cost of oil.

The studies indicate 30% zero emission vehicle market share by 2040. ZEVs basically are supposed to consume market growth but not displace oil burner sales. So there were 17 million oil burners sold in the US in 2015 and there will 17 million oil burners sold in 2040 but there will also be 8 million ZEVs sold in 2040.

Any reduction in oil consumption will have to come from the increased efficiency of those oil burners. We can at least take solace in the fact that we are finally curbing the expansion of oil production. It looks like the only way we can actually reduce oil consumption in our life times is if the governments ban the sell of oil burners.

Studies? Yeah by the oil companies. Garbage, worthless, inconsequential, and prejudicial.

There’s also the continuing urbanization of the population that reduces miles driven.

Wow – that used to be the total electric miles driven in Teslas…back when Model S first debuted…now it’s just autopilot miles driven…very cool…amazing, in fact!

My test drive two months ago probably contributed about 4 or 5 miles!