4,241 CHAdeMO Chargers Worldwide Officially

OCT 10 2014 BY MARK KANE 6

Kia powers ahead with fastest EV chargers in Europe (100 kW CHAdeMO & CCS)

Kia powers ahead with fastest EV chargers in Europe (100 kW CHAdeMO & CCS)

CHAdeMO network is growing and recently crossed 4,000 units worldwide.

According to CHAdeMO Association, there were 4,241 as of October 7.

Over half (2,129) are installed in Japan, while the rest are divided between Europe and the US at a ratio of ~ 2:1.

Europe has installed 1,327, while the US has 731.  Here we present the latest map with numbers for each country in Europe.

UK leads the way with 260 CHAdeMOs. 5 other countries – Estonia (160), Netherlands (121), France (114) and Spain (109) exceed 100. Three more exceed 50 – Germany (77), Ireland (67) and Denmark (56).

The number of CHAdeMO DC Quick chargers installed up to today is 4241.
— (Japan 2129 Europe 1327 USA 731 Others 54) last update 2014.10.07″

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Have you had any luck creating a SAE-CCS map for the USA? I realize it will be pretty sparse but It would be interesting to at least see where the development is beginning.

Just go on plugshare, de-select everything but “High Power Stations” in the “Legend” box, Click on “More Options” and uncheck the CHAdeMO and Tesla Supercharger boxes, leaving only “SAE Combo DCFC” checked.

Revel in all 23 of the USA Frankenplug stations !!! Actually, that would be 23 in the ENTIRE world since the USA plug doesn’t interchange with the Europe only plug.

With GM allegedly ramping up for a 2016-2017 edition of a “200 mile” car, and being the only US based auto manufacturer either selling a Frankenplug car and/or “promoting” the Frankneplug standard, I’d expect some (any) activity from them building, installing, promoting, etc.

Nada. What happened to all the Frankenplug promoters of impending doom for anything that wasn’t Frankenplug? Come on, let’s get this party started !!!

Well, at least you have Ford and Fiat / Chrysler doing absolutely nothing with Frankenplug. Zero. Nada. Zilch.

And the largest US based electric vehicle manufacturer, Tesla, will never use it.

The SAE version is only slowly rolling out, but the European version is rapidly doing so.

Since the first CCS charger was installed in Europe in June 2013, in a span of 16 months, 435 have been installed, a vast majority during this year.

This compares to 1,327 CHAdeMO (including dual standard units) in Europe since 2010.

CCS might not “doom” the other standards, but at the same time it’s pretty clear CHAdeMO will fail to become “de facto” in Europe.

As for the US, the i3 just recently launched and will probably make up a bulk of the SAE Combo demand. The 2015 e-Golf is also coming soon.

I think Tesla’s patent offering really confused manufacturers.

Supposedly some manufacturers are already ‘using’ some of the Tesla patents. BMW offers CCS, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they switch to Tesla’s tech.

I think the biggest issue is how CCS single-handedly stopped CHAdeMO adopation, especially in areas which don’t have any stations.

notice how Korea has over 80 public Chademo fast charge stations that are not shown.