UPDATE: 413-Mile Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion Electric Car Debuts In Geneva


The I.D. Vizzion features an all-wheel-drive electric drivetrain that can carry occupants 413 miles.

UPDATE:  March 6 – Lives images from debut added directly below.

VW I.D. Vizzion

VW I.D. Vizzion

VW I.D. Vizzion

The Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion concept is the brand’s idea of what a high-tech sedan could be like in 2030. On the outside, it doesn’t look too different from the four-door vehicles that you can currently find on the road, but the interior is a vision of the future by completely doing away with conventional controls. Instead, occupants use voice commands and gestures to tell the car where to go. A network of sensors and artificial intelligence take over the driving work from there.

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Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion

The Vizzion’s design takes cues from other members of the I.D. family of concepts. The front end, especially, with headlights stretching across the entire nose evokes the I.D. Crozz. A large greenhouse and arching roofline make the sedan appear sleek, and the smooth lines accentuate its futuristic appearance.

On the outside, there are a largely hidden network of lasers, radar sensors, cameras, and more. In addition, the computers monitor traffic data from the cloud and compare it with what the on-board sensors show. VW also imagines using vehicle-to-vehicle communication as yet another method of gathering info about the road ahead.

Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion

With its focus on fully autonomous driving, VW’s designers put their major emphasis on the Vizzion’s cabin. Inside, occupants find four, big captain’s chairs and thick carpeting on the floor. The large windows and glass roof let in lots of natural light, but folks can electronically darken the cabin when they want privacy. It looks like a very comfy place to take a drive.

VW also packs the cabin with tech. One of the oddest touches is incorporation of Microsoft’s HoloLens augmented reality tech that can project virtual displays in front of occupants. The car’s artificial intelligence also learns about the owner and frequent occupants. For example, the system learns things like a person’s preferred seating position and climate control settings.

Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion

Like the other models in VW’s I.D. family of concepts, the Vizzion uses a fully electric drivetrain. There’s a motor at the front making 101 horsepower and another at the rear with 201 horsepower, which allows for an all-wheel-drive layout. Under the floor, a 111-kilowatt-hour battery provides 413 miles of range in the European testing cycle.

Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion

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Stating a range for a concept for a car for 2030 is simply jerking off.
(Sorry, but it cannot be said in nicer words.)

Ranege should be at least 1000 miles by 2030.
But if VW builds this car, the range will be 1000 miles on diesel.

I was at the unveiling, and they said it will be for sale in 2022 (With a steering wheel).
They said that by 2025, they expected to be able to make a car with no steering wheel.

Looks better in real life, but it is just still a concepts.
The 2022 production version will looks a lot like it.
The mention of size, and over all car profile.

Time will tell, they will start to release their new MEB based EVs in the end of this year with the AUDI. Then 3 brands in the VW group will release a new EV model every year, from 2019.

I’m waiting for the i4, and the undisclosef vehicles from BMW tomorrow. MB will also reveal some new info. The same goes for the PSA group.

Vaporware 2022?. Believe i4 will come put before this crap

This article is really a public service for VW’s customers telling them that, if they weren’t gamed mechanically, if not defrauded by claims, if not in tune with their self-gratifying press releases, that they should expect more to come.

Germany’s own people are coming for VW, and they still don’t get it: https://www.ft.com/content/c739481a-1bb0-11e8-956a-43db76e69936

2030: Translation: Will Never Be Built.

It looks every bit as good as the Tesla Model S. I wonder what Tesla’s will look like that far out, in 2030?!

Or, VW: 2030 – Tesla: 2021.

Tesla 2021 equals limited rollout 2021, ramp up in 2022, available in 2023.

Really – even on a post about VW? You guys need to get another obsession and move on.

Which puts it infinity years ahead of VW.

infinity ev will come out before this crap

VW, how about just make a 400 mile EV with no extra magic in 2018!??? People want to drive electric. I bet an electric Beetle with decent range would sell like hotcakes! Unfortunately, VW is taking its time it seems. The e-Golf is a great start, but come on, what is VW waiting for?

Arrives 2021, without level 5

400 miles huh.

Hey, I have a good idea.

Why don’t they make a 300 mile range car in 2019?

Or, how about making a 200 mile range PEV NOW?

Or a 150 mile range car last year?

They Can’t! GM, Tesla, & Nissan Beet them to all those lower range Spots!

GM – 1st Cheaper 200+ Miles Range
Tesla – 1st Cheaper 300+ Miles Range
Nissan – 1st Cheaper 150 Miles Range!

I hate these concepts. Why do all these companies think EVs have to look like the cars from Minority Report? How did an electric motor get all mixed up with self driving and fancy tech?

I want a cool looking, fun to drive EV with a couple/few hundred mile range. I don’t want fancy tech in it. I don’t want it to look like a Star Trek bridge on the inside.

Stop with these ridiculous concept that will never be made. Just make a normal, cool looking car (by today’s standards), that’s fun to drive, is a BEV, and has a 200 – 300 mile range.

I’m sorry but all EVs of today just plain suck. They’re either boring cars you use to commute to work and get groceries (e.g. Leaf) or they’re boring looking sedans that are way over priced (e.g. Tesla). Where’s my electric MX-5, WRX, GTI, etc that has 200 – 300 mile range?

How about NOT waiting for VW or any other EV laggard who all do concepts for the 22 century & just simply get yourself a damn good EV TODAY… the Chevy Bolt… 0-60 6.5s 240ml range & costs just $37,000?!?!? So Simple!!!!

I kind of agree with you there.

I just want a normal looking car, with a great interior and auto break. Just in case.

I don’t need auto pilote, lane control, auto park or other stuff that makes it more complex – and in the end scary expensive to repair.
How about a display unit for a LEAF for example. You can buy a 50-60 inch TV a lot cheaper. If they have to change the complete unit, we’re talking a price range that equals a 80-90 inch ++ TV.

Since batteries are so expensive, manufacturers save money on cheap interior.

When real volume production of EVs start, we’ll hopefully get cars with OK seats and interior – at a price that is more equal to a ICE car.

“I hate these concepts.”

The world is big. There are lots of things for you to like and be interested in. Why does it need to bother you so much? A car concept doesn’t do anyone any harm in and of itself.

It looks awesome & love the specs, but 2030! good god, what the hell are they waiting for?

What are They Waiting For? I thought we all here knew that answer: ‘For Tesla to Freeze Over!’

A car that will never exist yet VW keeps harping on about it. Sure, all car manufacturers do concept cars at auto shows all the time but that is where it starts and ends. As an empty show piece to have in your display area to discuss ideas over makes sense but marketing it as the next big thing and then not doing anything with it makes little sense.

Motorsports Network Censorship lacking proper focus

Tesla better straighten its acts up. They are serious this time.

That was a good one! ?

Right, Tesla has sorely wounded the auto industry, but they are coming back, claiming it’s just a flesh wound.
But your arm is off. No it isn’t…

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I half expected that Mel Brooks clip…….lol

2030 is just around the corner…not this corner, the next next next…next corner.

Yeah Mark.ca

And you think about it if you go (the same direction) around 4 corners you usually end up right back where you started!!!

Ev powered by emission free diesel. Don’t believe it? Go ahead and test it.

But – it was only the ‘Talking Monkey’ that said – “You want me to do WHAT? – No Way – Get another Monkey for that!” So they Did!

In 2030; that car better cost $5000 because it will be out of date by over 7 years.

From article: “The Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion concept is the brand’s idea of what a high-tech sedan could be like in 2030.”

VW is better served slapping some wheels on a flying pig and call it a day with its EV concept cars.

How about in 2065? If VW PR sends out a release regarding 2065 Is that news, too?

Add normal doors, a better looking front, add a steering wheel, drop the AI/Autopilot and produce it.
Oh yeah.. loose the weird cupholder too.
Sell it with varying range, at varying prices.

All theSe are marketing hypes showing we can do it too to hold VW buyers from buying what’s available now! Sorry I expect better! I expect a battery electric flying car for less than 50K!

2030, Hmmph! Vizzion is a name that could imply several things. Why not something more precise? Illuzzion, perhaps? Deluzzion? Obfuscazzion? Desperazzion?

I don’t see this car as a competitor to the Tesla Model S although they are similar in size. I see the Jaguar I-Pace as a much more serious threat to the Model S. By 2022 VW will be competing with similar offerings from the likes of GM, Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Hyundai, etc.

Jaguar I-Pace without a Supercharger network isn’t a threat at all for Tesla who provides the right car with the right charging infrastructure.

The Jaguar i-Pace will have 400 mile range in 2030, and VW’s i-Pace wannabe concept car will be claiming a 1000 mile range for 2100.

This gives a “vizzion” into the future use of transportation. You pick up your “rider”(client), darken the windows, have autonomous driver take you to your destination while you “conduct your business” in private. When done, you arrive at your destination and drop off the rider.
Great description of mobile prostitution.

As with all of VWs upcoming EVs…
I can’t wait for them to not make it!