400 BMW i3s Headed For DriveNow Car Sharing Service In Copenhagen

AUG 20 2015 BY MARK KANE 8

The all-electric BMW i3 now also available at DriveNow car sharing in Copenhagen and interconnected with public transport

The all-electric BMW i3 now also available at DriveNow car sharing in Copenhagen and interconnected with public transport

400 all-electric i3s for DriveNow car sharing in Copenhagen, Denmark announced by BMW is one of the largest projects of this type in the world.

Partnering with bus operator Arriva Denmark, BMW was also able to interconnect the car sharing with public transport.

With so many EVs available in Copenhagen, more customers will get an opportunity to test drive the cars and sales of the i3 =could increase.

“Copenhagen. Following the successful introduction of the BMW i3 to the DriveNow fleets in Germany, the UK and the USA, the next major step is being taken with the commissioning of 400 BMW i3 in Copenhagen on September 3rd 2015. What is new here is an all-electric fleet which is also interconnected with public transport. The future-oriented business model stands for even more targeted orientation of individual mobility towards the needs of people in metropolitan regions.

For BMW i, car sharing using electric vehicles is an important step in opening up convenient initial access to electric mobility to the public at large, in order to reduce traffic and emissions in cities and to make a contribution there towards better quality of life.”

Dr. Bernhard Blättel, head of BMW Group mobility services commented:

“Here in Copenhagen we are now already witnessing mobility of the future. It is on-demand technology, interconnected, quiet and electric. We are pleased to be able to introduce the capabilities of the BMW i3 and our expertise in future-oriented mobility concepts here in the Danish capital.”

“We are not rivals [regarding the collaboration with Arriva], but cooperate with the providers of public transport in order to further develop urban mobility in a customer-oriented and sustainable way.”

Nikolaj Wendelboe, CEO of Arriva Denmark said:

”We are proud and very happy to introduce this innovative solution to the city of Copenhagen together with our strong business partners. Furthermore, I am confident that DriveNow will prove as a unique opportunity for people to try out and enjoy the green means of transportation. This will contribute to a breakthrough for the electric cars.”

Hundreds of i3 are included in DriveNow car sharing schemes also in different cities in Germany, which we can see in this presentation:

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So! What are we waiting for on this side of the ocean?!?

Yes idea is nice!

Price about 4 kr. pr. minut (50 cents)
one hour max 190kr (29 dollars)
access card for car 250kr (348 dollars)
if you crash car 5000kr. to insurance company (750 dollars)

access card for car 250kr (35 dollars)

access card for car 250kr (35 dollars)

In the past, I relied solely on a car sharing service for about a year for all my driving need. I wouldn’t do it again, unless they somehow developed self cleaning cars. People are pigs! You have to clean out their stinky, filthy garbage before you go anywhere. And the very steep late return fees sucked when you got stuck in a big traffic jam. You end up reserving the cars for 2 to 3 hours longer than you think you’ll need it just to avoid the steep late return fees.

Car sharing now and car sharing a couple years ago are very different concepts. I think your context does not apply any more.

…among other things.

My car sharing experience has bee fine- the previous people were not enough to actually matter. Getting delayed by traffic is a risk in any cage; if traffic is that bad, then be on a train or 2-wheeler.

I live/work in a flat urban area with decent bike paths, so for the day-to-day stuff get by with a bicycle.
I’m divorced and have my 2 kids half the time, so really only need a car twice a week on weekdays to pick them up from their mom’s (23km away), or on the occasional weekend to drive out of town with the kids.
We have a car sharing service here, with cars just a few minutes walk away, so I seriously looked into it, hoping I could get rid of the car, but no go. Biggest issue is there’s no guarantee you’ll have a car every time you need it, other issue is needing to (un)install the kids’ safety seats for every trip. I really don’t see how this works for anyone with a family & any kind of schedule (not to mention, it was actually pretty expensive).