See 40-Ton Electric Mining Truck In Motion

APR 18 2018 BY MARK KANE 6

Artisan Vehicles introduced a 40​ ton​ mining ​haul​ ​truck called ​Z40 that just so happens to be all-electric.

The​ ​Artisan​ ​Z40 – 40​ ​Tonne​ ​Haul​ ​Truck

According to the Californian company, the Z40 is the smallest truck capable of carrying 40 tons in the world, which is perfect when you need to drive underground.

And because it’s electric, there are no emissions and just 1/8 of the heat generated by the typical diesel hauler.

Artisan Vehicles doesn’t provide much details on the Z40. We know that it’s equipped with four motors and that peak power is double that of the conventional diesel version, so it can take more cargo. It’s also ready for a battery swap so that it can continue to work without charging stoppage.

“Artisan Vehicles, the biggest game-changer among underground mining equipment OEMs, is changing the game again. Artisan continues to break through technical boundaries previously thought to be unbreakable. Our new 40 tonne truck, the largest all battery powered truck ever to be put underground, will make its debut in January of 2018. Now mines that struggle with heat and ventilation have a new and more powerful tool to increase their production.

The Z40 Haul Truck is a ground up design that seamlessly integrates the most capable and proven battery electric powertrain available in the mining industry with the latest and most coveted features of any haul truck on the market today. The Z40 raises the bar of what is possible and enables an all new level of production and cost reduction for underground hard rock mine companies.”

The​ ​Artisan​ ​Z40 – 40​ ​Tonne​ ​Haul​ ​Truck

“Kirkland Lake Gold, a fast growing and innovative leader in the mining industry, will be the first customer for the Z40. KLG continues to challenge conventional thinking and perceived limitations on production and cost reduction and their bets are paying off.

Based in California, the heart of electric vehicle technology, Artisan Vehicles is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of zero emission battery powered mining vehicles. Artisan’s underground mining loaders and haul trucks are designed from the ground up to include the best thinking in vehicle engineering and to maximize the performance of its high powered, highly reliable, field proven battery electric powertrains.”

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Mike Kasaba, Artisan’s CEO siad:

“We have discovered a powerful combination. Using the very best techniques for machine design and our many years of experience with battery powertrains has led us to create a new class of machine. A class that directly impacts and improves underground production. Our truck’s capabilities, performance, and benefits on ventilation and cooling are changing the hauling equation in the most positive way in a generation.”

Tony Makuch, CEO of Kirkland Lake Gold said:

“We believe in battery technology and in Artisan as our technology partner. Their machines are powerful and reliable and have helped us achieve our production targets at Macassa.” said .

The​ ​Artisan​ ​Z40 – 40​ ​Tonne​ ​Haul​ ​Truck

The​ ​Artisan​ ​Z40 – 40​ ​Tonne​ ​Haul​ ​Truck

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It would have been nice if they would have included video of the battery swap in action, or even just stills of the battery.

In the long run this is what we need. No use of fossil fuels in mining! (or agriculture, or shipping, or …)

Here, here… Did someone (else) say “agriculture”?!


And battery swapping systems, is what we need indeed

Nice, less fumes for miners the breathe in is a big win.

So many important questions not answered!

What is the capacity of the battery pack, and how heavy is it?

What is the expected average duration (hours of operation) on a single charge? (For heavy equipment like this, energy consumption is measured in hours, not miles.)

What kind of equipment is needed for battery swapping, and does the company have a video showing that? Or is battery swapping just theoretical?

The first video talked about them dropping the big battery then using a smaller battery onboard to move the truck over to get pick up another big battery. Sounds like it is just a few minutes so even if it only lasted 2-3 hrs it is fast and simple. Clearly it is real and not theoretical.