40% Of All New Vehicles Sold In Norway In August Were Plug-In EVs!


New plug-in passenger car registrations in Norway – August 2017

For just the second time, Norway has exceeded 40% market share for plug-in electric vehicles, taking a massive 40.2% of the over light vehicle sales in the country for August (the record of 42.4% was set this past June).

Opel Ampera-e – one of the very few (61) that made it over the ocean and into a customer’s hands in August.

Total new registrations of passenger cars amounted 5,393, the second best result ever; a figure that is also 43% higher than a year ago.

Interestingly, there was also a new record of 1,025 sales of used imported passenger plug-ins!  (Thank you weak EU emission standards for those registrations?  Sell ’em on paper…then ship ’em to Norway)

  • BEVs 2,784 (up 38.5%, good for 20.8% market share) + 1,025 used + 104 vans (84 new and 20 used)
  • PHEVs 2,609 (up 48.1%, good for 19.4% market share)

The bad news for Norway is that despite being chosen as the first market for the Opel Ampera-e (think re-badged Chevy Bolt EV), the locals have yet to see too many of those in reality, as GM is not prioritizing the region alongside rolling out the 238 mile/383 km EV in America. In fact, deliveries are shrinking, despite demand being virtually off the chart.

Here is few of the main BEV models registration stats for August:

  • VW e-Golf: 996
  • BMW i3: 390
  • Nissan LEAF: 264
  • Renault ZOE: 141
  • Tesla Model S: 106
  • Tesla Model X: 88
  • Opel Ampera E: 61

New Opel Ampera-e registrations in Norway – August 2017

New plug-in passenger car registrations in Norway – August 2017

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29 responses to "40% Of All New Vehicles Sold In Norway In August Were Plug-In EVs!"
  1. Joe says:

    GM just does not care about Europe since they have sold Opel – Vauxhall (GM Europe) to PSA (Peugeot-Citroën).

    e-Ampera (rebadged Bolt for Europe) is just not a priority.

    1. Dav8or says:

      Agreed. Likely they would skip it altogether at this point but there is likely some sort of contractual obligation to provide some for a while. Likely they will drag their feet until PSA doesn’t care anymore and comes out with their own BEV.

      1. Reijer says:

        Strange that they complain about the 111 days of inventory in America, while saying that there is not enough demand for the Bolt. Just wait half a year. I think they will ramp up delieveries once Tesla will build 5.000 cars a week. GM has a great product with the Bolt.

        1. unlucky says:

          GM is not “complaining about the 111 day inventory in America”. They didn’t say there was a lack of demand. In fact they specifically denied there was a glut of Bolts in the US. They said the average Bolt-qualified dealer in the US has 5 Bolts.

          1. Rob Stark says:

            GM said 5-7 Bolts per qualified dealer.

            That is certainly not a lot.

            But it is oversupply when it is a 111 day supply.

            Ideal is 60-70 day supply.

            It shouldn’t take a dealer 111 days to sell 6 Bolts.

            1. ClarksonCote says:

              These statistics are meaningless at the beginning of a stepped vehicle rollout.

              Once it’s on sale for a year in all locations, and with more normalized pricing, then the “days of inventory” number will be much more meaningful.

        2. Viking79 says:

          Bolt EV is overstocked in some markets, but I think that is mainly as that supply won’t be replenished much before the end of the year and due to how GM did the rollout. I expect increasing US sales through the end of the year with the Bolt EV.

    2. John p says:

      Thats stupid ,because though open was solo to psa,they can sell chevy bolt of their own in norway with his name ,And they dont do it .gm dont want to sell eléctrico cars nowhere ,the main readon is the shareholders majority are oil companys or similars to sell oil products ,they dont want the oil cake finish so soon ,thats why they delay selling a massive car like the bolt anywhere .
      Thank god exist tesla And the chinese

      1. MTN Ranger says:

        GM closed the Chevrolet brand in Europe. It lost too much money.

      2. unlucky says:

        I’m sure GM gave PSA a non-compete agreement of several years duration as part of the deal. Without it, you just couldn’t get as much money from the sale.

  2. fasteddie2020 says:

    Is it too crude to point out the irony that Norway can afford to issue very powerful incentives for green transportation using funds derived from selling oil to the rest of the world?!

    1. Nada says:

      But at least they use oil funds for EVs unlike every other major oil producing nation…
      Wouldnt be suprised to see Leaf sales take the market to over 50% when the new version rolls out their…

    2. Rob Stark says:

      It would be much better if Norway used its oil revenues to fund invasions of their neighbors and annexing their territories.

    3. Tosho says:

      Actually, exactly this the best way to use eaasy oil money. Put it into renewables, which will eventually drive the price of oil and coal down and make extracting and using them not economical.

    4. Mikael says:

      It is not rude, but it is incorrect. The registration taxes implemented on the heavy, polluting and powerful vehicles has more than offset the incentives in total.

      So it is something that any and every country can do, it doesn’t have much to do with an oil fund.

      When is the ignorant “they can do it because they have a huge oil fund” statement going to die?

  3. Nada says:

    There must be some kind of conspiracy for VW to finish first in EV sales in a EU market that is important to them unlike the US market where they only sell half their ICE product line…
    After all the commentors here said VW only make EV vaporware??
    Whats goin on!!
    How can this be??

    1. Mr. M says:

      VW sales in norway has been strong since ages. So it is no wonder that BEV/PHEV versions of VW are also strong.

      VW sales in US has always been weak.

      VW norway = reasonable price, high quality
      VW US = too high price, low quality

      However given the prices in norway it’s still clear that the eGolf is not near the numbers wäre i would expect it to be. They could easily double eGolf sales to 600/month if they would also offer a big battery like the Bolt.

    2. Mr. M says:

      And BEVs are cheaper in norway (sales price, not only TCO) than conventional cars.

    3. Peter says:

      Norway is not an EU member.

  4. Warren says:

    Well, since GM said they are losing money on every one they sell it would definitely be foolish to sell them, when they are not even in the European market anymore.

    1. unlucky says:

      When do you believe GM said that?

      I never saw that mentioned.

  5. Martin T. says:

    Well done Norway on Ev’s and they export the oil to the rest of us…. clever and they get to breath the fresh air while running around in their birthday suits 🙂

  6. arne-nl says:

    40%, and that is before the Ampera-e is available in any meaningful numbers, and the new Nissan LEAF and the Ionic EV and the Model 3. Those cars will easily take the market share to more than 50%.

    1. Mikael says:

      If Toyota managed to put a plug on their most popular models in Norway is would go way higher than 50%….

      Imagine the combination of that happening plus all the 200+ mile EVs coming to Norway.

  7. ES says:

    VW e-Golf sales in Norway in August were 996 according to this articel: https://www.dinside.no/motor/historisk-august/68662528 (in Norwegian)

    1. Jay Cole says:

      Danke, will add note to story.

  8. Some Guy says:

    If the “used” BEVs were to be counted correctly as what they are (new), the plug-in share would be even more impressive at 44.4%. Nice, and it is not even the last month of the quarter.
    I wonder if Norway will hit a 50% plug-in share in December 2017 or March 2018.

  9. Oyvind Hjelleset says:

    Kia Soul EV sales in Norway was 458 in August, have to go back to October ’15 to match that number… guess the new 30 kWh battery is the explanation.