Edmunds Presents 40 Cool Things About The Tesla Model 3 – Video

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There are plenty of cool features in the Tesla Model 3 as it’s kind of a computer on wheels, but the best part is that with new updates there will be even more nifty stuff in the future.

40 Cool Things About The Tesla Model 3 (source: Edmunds)

Here is a short video presenting 40 things picked up as the coolest by Edmunds.

Many of these features are already available in the Model S, Model X or even other EVs, but some are unique.

If you think they missed some really cool stuff, feel free to let us know in comments below.

40 Cool Things About The Tesla Model 3 | Edmunds

Edmunds takes you on a comprehensive two-minute tour of the new Tesla Model 3, showing off 40 interesting features. From Tesla’s Autopilot to a cowbell to a frunk, this electric car is unique.

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Another Euro point of view

Cool, that’s the word. I hope we can all build purposeful and meaningful lives around that word as it seems to be the 21st century core value (at least in the 1st world). Now I am off internet for the day as I need to meditate about the fulfillment feeling of having a car with a glove box that can be opened by swiping my finger on a screen.

Oh give it a rest.

Sorry..This vehicle will never fit the needs of this 68 year old.. Raised in the day of “big block” Detroit Muscle..4-speed shift..Posi-traction..NO computers or power whatever..Great car for my grand daughter.. Will buy her one in about 10 years !!

What are your needs out of curiosity?

Lots of Dirty Smoking, Choking, Polluting, Oily , Noisy, Gas Guzzling Rattle Trap.. …R O T F lmao..

Oh 1 more, the 4spd to make it Work Intensive driving.

Thomas J. Thias - Clean Energy Retort

Hmmm, VW AG and Daimler can’t use DIEsel exhaust test monkey’s any more. Maybe they can hire sma few of ylu Coal Rollers for the task!

“Car exhaust monkey test backfires on VW, German carmakers”

Link Goes To DW Dot Com-


Beats the heck out of greeting at the local grocery store!


Thomas J. Thias

Amazing that InsideEVs hasn’t had any article about this latest horrifying addition to the dirty diesel scandal.

Maybe a year or two ago, I made an analogy between Volkswagen and other dirty diesel makers, and Big Tobacco with its claims that “There is no scientific evidence that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer.” But at the time, I said this was an exaggeration and unfair to VW.

Seems I was wrong. In trying to “prove” that inhaling diesel exhaust isn’t a health hazard, VW has proven to be every bit as dishonest and despicable as Big Tobacco.

🙁 🙁 🙁

Yeah. There’s nothing like a road trip travelling at 80 mph with the engine screaming in your ear for 4 hours in 4th gear at 3600 rpm. The fun part is when you stop for gas and everything is so quiet except for that ringing in your ears.

Some Just know how to Enjoy & Have Great Big Fun By Punishing Themselves…lmao…

Masoch was an actual person 🙂

Turning 70 this year and can’t wait to get my Model 3, maybe next month or March.

That should be fun.

Counting your chickens.

@Jim Parkevich, “Raised in the day of “big block” Detroit Muscle”

You still want to support the terrorists of Middle East ?


And yet, here your are fraternising and posting on an EV forum. Nuf said!

Hopefully 360 view of car will be implemented soon.

I wonder if the Battery Situation on Model 3 is like the Old S 60 where they can release the remainder of the battery Capacity via OTA update for a lower Fee than the now $9000.00 Option later on in time. Just like they did with the S60. It would be a Way to Go.

There’s been a lot of speculation about this and the answer seems pretty clearly to be “no”, based on the fact the long-range Model 3 is specced as being heavier and with a different weight distribution than the base model.


Model 3 is dead serious with full autonomy in mind: no dashboard, large screen, software controlled glovebox (autonomous taxi) and most importantly – automatic charge port!

The only thing that could become an issue are the doors that are unable to close themselves if left open.