Only 4 Teslas Have Ever Been Stolen – Video


Only 4 Teslas Have Been Stolen

Only 4 Teslas Have Been Stolen

“Tesla may be a hot car… but it’s rarely stolen. MarketWatch’s Catey Hill explains why the Tesla Model S has an impeccable record standing up to thieves.”

Why isn’t the Tesla Model S targeted by thieves?  Well, here are 3 reasons why thieves often shy away from the Model S.

  • Low demand for parts
  • Unique keyless entry system is unfamiliar to thieves
  • Tesla can track the Model S, so if its stolen Tesla should be able to locate it

Check out the video for more on Tesla Model S thefts.

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I’m surprised that even those 4 have been stolen. Where they just joyrides or were any actually completely stolen?

My initial reaction was that they must have been joyrides. However, given the fact that the Model S sells for more used than new, and that there are still long waiting lists in other countries, it is possible that any one of them were stolen for resale.

And did they track them down?

Can a stolen Model S actually remain stolen for long?

I would think all of the same reasons would apply to a Leaf or Volt.

Actually, the Volt would still have platinum in the catalytic converter, and there would be other ICE parts that may or may not be useful.

The Leaf, and other short-range EVs, have built-in theft deterrent systems:

1) can’t get away.
2) pride.

Seriously, though, this is probably true for all EVs that are not on ICE support (battery-only EVs). There are very few parts at all, really, except for the common stuff like electric power steering, A/C, heated seats, etc. Nothing rare enough or expensive enough to make it worthwhile for thieves.

Well, just watched the video, and actually, it is the commonality of parts that make cars so desirable to steal…so, apparently, there must not be much demand for A/C units and electric power steering…

The AC on an electric vehicule is totaly sealed and run on the traction battery.
No mechanichal link or cluch, it’s more an inverter type.
It’s useless in any other car,exept if you provide 360 volts D.C.

I click de link foh de video, aund all Iseez is, “Invalid Parameters”.


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I think the real reason why so few Tesla’s have been stolen is that they are a very rare car to run into. Such as I’m lucky to see only one or two a week or every two weeks. Also the location of these Tesla sightings are when I’m driving though a part of town were I see very large 5000 plus square foot mansions on each side of the street I’m driving on. With this said I have not seen a Tesla driving in a part of my home city were there would be a higher chance of it getting stolen.

The idea is that Teslas as of now mostly show up in wealthy low crime parts of towns and cities. The next factor is the Tesla is still a rare car for someone to run into. Also for someone wanting to steal a Tesla they would have to know what they are doing if they wanted to steal it for parts. Also I think if they did try selling stolen parts form a Tesla most Tesla owners would buy the parts bran new from the company in that they would have a money back service policy on them.

Without the “key” how does one steal a Tesla? Flatbed?

Even with a flatbed, you cannot release the e-brake (i.e. take it out of park) without the key, so you would have to get the car’s rear wheels on a sled or dollies. Seems like a lot of work for limited upside.