4-Door BMW i8 Gran Coupe Gets Rendered As Tesla Model S Competitor


According to Auto Projecoes (via Google Translate):

“BMW entered the segment with the electric i3 and the i8. However, in the case of the i8, he arrived with more sporting proposition, and 2 +2 layout with only 2 doors. My idea was to make the family” i8, with four doors and longer wheelbase. Would become a rival for the Tesla Model S.”

Here’s that “family” i8, as rendered by Auto Projecoes.

We must admit that, even in its stretched form, the BMW i8 is still a stunner, but would it be a Tesla Model S competitor?

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Source: Auto Projecoes

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12 Comments on "4-Door BMW i8 Gran Coupe Gets Rendered As Tesla Model S Competitor"

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Those wheels on the i8 are horrible.

Save the time on the redesign and just buy a Model S

good luck getting in and out through that back door. that rear door looks rather tiny to me.

Maybe the rear doors open coach-style like the i3…or some scissor/coach combination.

Not too bad for a rendering. I agree that the doors would have to change drastically for the production version, but that’s not too unusual for a concept car to need tweaks for production.

I think they should do it. Align it in price and features closer to a 6 or 7-series. Makes perfect sense to me. It would certainly bring in more potential buyers.

It would also lead the way for taking the i3, and pushing out the dimensions to being around the size of a BMW X1, and giving it AWD like the upcoming Model X. Then they would have a budget Model X competitor, but with the option of a Range Extender that Tesla doesn’t offer.

There is a reason why there are so many gas cars to choose from. Having more EV’s to choose from just helps all EV’s.

looks better as a coupe

the model s is just a new age classic design, i can assure that its still going to look new and turn heads in 20+ years


Great looking car it’s ahead of the game. BMW is definitely a leader.

and it wouldnt become a “rival” with 20 measly electric miles and an engine lol

model s has no competition

Agreed, yet again – it would be a competitor in terms of being a full-size, luxury, 4-door sports sedan with overall comparable performance numbers.

However, it would not be the refined driving elegance, precision and stability of a pure EV powertrain and all the cargo and passenger space that the Model S has.

Yeah, they need to redesign the drivetrain to be all EV. Or at least get 40+ miles of electric range instead of the pathetic 15.

Okay, first impressions – it looks impossible that a person would actually be able get in the back seat by themselves because the rear door is so small.

Rather, I’d think that one would have to freeze oneself solid into prostrate position so that a buddy could pick you up like a two-by-four and load you into the car the way they might jam lumber through a mail slot.