3rd Round Of Formula E – Punta del Este – December 13


Tomorrow, the 3rd round of the Formula E racing series gets underway in the form of the Punta del Este ePrix.

Here’s the timetable for tomorrow’s events:

Round 3 Schedule

Round 3 Schedule

Link to live online coverage – Formula E round three

U.S. TV Schedule

U.S. TV Schedule

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Tyler Hilliard

What time is this in eastern time and do they stream online w/o a cable subscription yet?


It just keeps getting better and better.

This was the first sunny day, and helicopter video with sandy beaches…Had a lot of Indycar/F1 feel to it.

Observation: I know it’s early still in the FE series, but they still haven’t hit their stride in the broadcast room. My TV has an excellent sound system, and the first two races had some “blah” appeal as the cars are so quiet on TV it feels like the sound is turned down – yet you hear the broadcasters full volume. Seems like it wasn’t just me, as this race they turned up the volume bigtime on the cars – you heard loud electric motor whine and it really added some thrill and the cars seemed faster. Problem was – they mixed up the cars which drowned out the hosts. Seriously, I had to crank the sound just to hear Franchitti and the other guy who sounded as if they were whispering.

All in – I didn’t see the “E-Jay” ( that weirdo hipster DJ they used the first week who cranked tunes for the crowd )the cars seemed faster somehow and the venue was the best so far.