$374 Million Plug-In Electric Taxi Factory Opens Near London

APR 15 2017 BY STAFF 11

Taxi Factory

New $374 Million Electric Taxi Plant Opens

Volvo tech will make new London taxi a “global leader.”

Britain’s first dedicated range-extended electric car plant has opened today in Coventry – and the £300 million facility is going to build a new range of green cabs from the London Taxi Company (LTC). More than 1000 high-skill jobs have been created by the facility, which is going to export PHEV cabs all around the world.

LTC is owned by Chinese car making giant Geely, the firm that also owns Volvo. The factory will manufacture the world’s first purpose-built mass-market electric taxi, in volumes of more than 20,000 a year. London will be the first city to get it, in winter 2017, before the rest of the world follows in early 2018.

The firm says the new model will be “highly competitive” and will boast running costs “substantially lower” than its previous diesel-engine models – many of which are still doing daily business in and around London.

It will use Volvo electric car systems – similar to those already seen in the Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine – and is constructed around a flexible, lightweight EV architecture. Once the next-generation London cab has launched, more models will be rolled out based on this architecture.

Taxi Rolling Down The Line

Carl-Peter Forster, chairman of the London Taxi Company, said:

“The opening of our new plant sets a number of records; it’s the first brand new automotive manufacturing facility in Britain for over a decade; the first dedicated electric vehicle factory in the UK; and the first major Chinese investment in UK automotive. We have firmly put our stake in the ground as a new, global, automotive leader in urban commercial vehicles.”

The new London Taxi will meet strict new legislation that demands all new models must be zero emissions capable; they should have a minimum 30-mile EV range and emit no more than 50g/km CO2. The rules also dictate that the range-extending engines should be petrol, not diesel. Grants of up to £7500 are being offered by Transport for London and the UK government to help cabbies make the switch.

And to reassure taxi drivers keen to be early adopters, the new cab has undergone the company’s most extensive test programme ever, with almost 500,000 miles covered in all conditions – including extreme winter weather. The firm’s promising “the highest levels of quality, reliability and usability” in demanding daily drive cycles.

Greg Clark MP, Secretary of State for business, energy and industrial strategy, helped inaugurate the plant.

“Our iconic black cabs are famous across the world,” he said. “The London Taxi Company’s impressive new factory and R&D facility showcases the innovation that makes the UK a world leader in the development of new automotive technologies.”

Source: London Taxi Company

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The factory is not in London, it’s in Coventry.

Jay Cole

Its true, but its how the company frames the press…I guess “greater London”, lol. Probably because it plays better to an international crowd, and with the name being “London Tax Company” and all, (=

(we do note Coventry is the actual home of the facility)


Would you characterise Chicago as near New York? The company manufactures the “london taxi” but is based in Coventry. This is nowhere near Greater London, but is in the Midlands, where much of British car manufacturing is based.

The big challenge is to install enough chargers at taxi ranks to be make sure the maximum electric miles for london black cabs.

Jay Cole

No, I wouldn’t…but I think your issue is with the London Taxi Company framing it as such, (=


That’s excellent news as the traffic in London travels at a snails pace we might get rid of the smog haze.

Martin Winlow

Well… we might but given that there is no-where to charge them, I suspect these vehicles will make as much difference to London’s air quality as all those BMW i3s & 8s and the (fantastically well-selling in the UK) Mitsubishi Outlanders do. Which is to say none at all because BMW & Mitsu say none of their drivers ever plug them in!

They should have just made them all real EVs but first installed a proper, rapid DC charging infrastructure so that the general public could use them along with the black cabs and Uber drivers alike.

George Bower

Chalk one up for EREV. A good power train concept.

Another perfect application for GM’s Voltec system.

…and also another dropped ball by GM management.

Serial anti tesla troll thomas

Almost as pretty as a Tesla ???


Don’t worry, Elon will announce a Taxi cab next week and this company will be out of business. Only Tesla knows how to build vehicles.


Horse has already bolted. Uber is half the price, and even if the regulated black cab prices were reduced, you can’t compete with mass production of prius prime.


uber won’t be half price if they lose the employment law court case in london.