360 Degree Video Of Tesla Model X Interior

Tesla Model X


Inside The Tesla Model X

Inside The Tesla Model X

The video itself is not all that informative, but the relatively new 360-degree format makes it a one-of-a-kind clip of the Tesla Model X.

Unfortunately, the shots only show the interior of the electric SUV, but at least you get a chance to check out some of its unique features, including the panoramic windshield and its 6-seat layout (as equipped).

Editor’s Note:  This is an interactive video, so use your mouse/or phone app to manipulate the environment (provided your device is enabled to do so).

This particular Model X was/is on display at the Canadian International Auto Show.

Video description:

“Tesla’s Matt Schulwitz says the company’s first SUV, the Model X, has unique features like a curved windshield and double-hinged falcon wing doors. Join visitors to the Canadian International Autoshow inside the all-electric Tesla Model X. (Feb. 18)”

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Note you can use your mouse to drag the screen around.

Pretty cool. 🙂

Even cooler is starting this with your smartphone YouTube app. You can literally look in all directions. Also you can use cardboard to get a vr experience. I think the quality of the movie in general is lowish though. You can’t see too many details.

The model x looks awesome it’s huge inside!