360 Degree Test Drive / Video Review Of 2016 Chevrolet Volt


2016 Volt In 360 Video

2016 Volt In 360 Video

MotoMan takes us inside and outside the 2016 Chevrolet Volt in this unique 360-degree video test drive and review.

Riding along with MotoMan is Shad Balch, General Motors’ Manager of Electrification Technology Communications.

MotoMan notes:

“To watch 360 degree videos, you’ll need the latest version of Chrome, Opera, Firefox, or Internet Explorer on your computer. On mobile, use the latest version of the YouTube app for Android or iOS.”

There’s an interactive aspect to these 360-degree videos that keeps you panning and searching for every little detail.

Video description:

“In this extended FIRST EVER #360Video for our show and FIRST DRIVE REVIEW of the 2016 Chevrolet Volt EV, MotoMan by GM EV guru, Shad Balch – an old friend of the show from the early days. They start out with a full charge from YouTube Space LA and drive the 2016 Chevy Volt as it was intended – in traffic and around town: In this case, from Playa Vista down the beach cities of Los Angeles and the South Bay. . . . Along the way, they discuss the technical changes from Chevy Volt gen 1 to gen 2, test out the auto park feature and even welcome a very special guest via Apple Car Play . . . In this FIRST EVER VR #360Video, you will not only be able to follow along with MotoMan & @ShadBalch – but move the camera around to see the different angles and explore the small beach communities they drive through – and even give restaurant recommendations!”

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He liked using the word “stranded”. “I was stranded”. “Stranded in LA”. “Stranded”. No, you didn’t feel like burning gas. That’s not stranded. I felt like choking him to death every time he said that.


Heads-up display – Yes.
Sunroof – in LA? – Yes.

WAGON VERSION – Hey, this car is great for a guy with young kids, 2-4 years old. you can keep the car an easy 10 years.

Then what happens when your American Kids hit 6 foot+.
You’ve got to sell the Volt.
Give me a Volt WAGON with rear seat head and leg room.


+1000 for a wagon version. I am thinking of buying a Volt for my next car, but if I find a good wagon with 30+ MPG I will have to get that instead. If the Volt came in a wagon (not SUV), I would 100% get one.


What would I pay extra for ….

Heads-up – No
Sunroof – YES!!!!!

6.6 KW Charger – Yes

Acrylic sunroof? Non-sliding, just clear that electronically goes opaque?… I geek out on Prius’ solar roof that automatically turns on interior fans to cool the car so you don’t burn your tush on hot leather when you return to the car, or use all that wasted energy on AC at startup. The head-up display? Nice to keep track of efficiency and MPH too! No need for a g meter or tach. This is where a Buick Volt-variant comes to mind. The frills are very cool – and have justifiable reasoning behind them as well as selling points ( “wow factor” ). I would pay for these things. Note how absolutely nobody on any review or video has mentioned the wireless charger also COOLS YOUR PHONE? That not only shows an extreme level of thoughtfulness on the engineer’s part – but has geek cred, and states how thorough things were thought out. I know many people wish for an RS Volt with stiffer suspension , maybe even an independent rear end, and zippier programming for better 0-60. Others wish for a “stripper” Volt with roll-up windows and no bells for a bargain. I just want turn signals back in the side… Read more »
I’ll touch on the Prius vs. Volt angle a bit more. Comparisons ( hello, Motor Trend?… ) I have seen thus far of both seem a bit unfair. Why? They don’t emphasize how we use our cars. Big deal if a guy who is a travelling salesman and drives 250 miles/day can save more on a gallon in a Prius! Right now – TODAY, gas prices are at a record low in a decade or more. Selling points on Volt are many – The sheer JOY of electric driving. Clean air in your garage! Fueling at home. Passing gas ( stations! ) and watching those morons in their Prius filling up. Driving at least 5 days/week to work and errands GAS FREE! The clean air angle is best – don’t we want our family to breathe clean air? Drag race Prius from city block to city block, show how much quicker 100% electricity is! Let people sit inside a 2916 Prius with all the weird shapes and goofy lines. They look up at confusing screens all over the place – what a mess! Now ad Prius’ shiny men’s urinal in white for the center console…ugh! Now show Volt’s big 8″… Read more »
Andrew Laquer

As a S. Cal 2013 Volt owner I would pay for more acceleration. But a sunroof, no way. I had a sunroof on my previous gas car and never used it. Heads up display, no, I don’t need that. Power seats, no. You change the seats once in a blue moon so why carry around that extra weight all the time. As for the range, I am 16 miles from work but in the winter time I have to switch to gas mode for 1 or 2 miles. I also use gas if I go out for lunch. So 45 miles E-range would be my sweet spot.