36 High-Res Images Of White Tesla Model 3 (w/video)


Tesla Model 3

The most extensive collection of Tesla Model 3 images to date has hit the Internet.

Dressed in white, this Model 3 is captured in photos some 36 times from the lens of an individual in a nearby car.

The shots are all high-resolution and offer our clearest look yet at the Model 3 in the wild.

Click the next arrow on the embedded image above to check out the white Model 3 as it passes on by. Or check it out in the video below.


White is one of several colors we’ve seen on Model 3s in the wild now. Other colors include red, blue, silver and black. Some examples are shown below:


Silver Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Hat tip to Dan Z!

Source: Imgur

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Impossible Engineering had the showed the Fremont Tesla factory saying it was the largest factory in the western hemisphere. Aleis Georgeson the spokeswoman did a good job showing parts of the factory. Really impressive factory so many robots but they still employe 6000 workers although I didn’t see many workers in the show.

Maybe most of the workers were at home nursing their injuries. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I kid. I kid. [Ducks for cover]


(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous


That trunk, though…

Do the rear seats fold down? Or just 1? Or just a small pass-thru window?

Musk said a surfboard could fit so I would assume both fold. But if it’s a 1,2 split then it might not. I don’t see why they don’t just get rid of the shelf behind the rear seats that separates the trunk space from the passenger space.

What’s the point of that space behind the seats especially with a very long raking back window that tapers down to a small tight space. It will suck trying to clean the glass back there.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

That space is for the 3 10inch subwoofers and the 2500W AMP!

One advantage of a sedan over hatchback configuration is better sound isolation in the back seat from rear tire noise.

The more I look at the M3 the more I feel that there is nothing really unique or special about the look. I don’t think that is necessarily a bad thing. And I wouldn’t say it’s boring either. It’s just kind of a vanilla, generic sporty sedan. I will take that over a slightly dorky look or a vanilla, generic compact hatch look which most affordable EVs have at this moment. Good design of any kind, especially when forced to design withing a certain box with very little latitude, is all about subtleties. There are only so many moves you can make with a modern car in its sedan or hatch forms. There is always a fine line that designers have to walk where they don’t fall to one side or the other from too simple to too complex. Using Toyota as an example. It’s tempting to go with lots of panel folds and layered pieces to be applied almost as a surface decoration to the underlying form that has already been decided upon (Prius). On the other hand doing almost nothing to a very efficient body form gives you a very plain look (Camry). Compare the Camry three-box design… Read more »
without chasing specifics, I agree, car design is -naturally, due to efficiency speak- become a composite of what people that viewed autos as ‘art’ were used to, appreciative of, or in the worst cast (mine) absolute lovers. The list of car profiles that were very pleasing to the eye was Long, back when aero ‘didn’t matter’. The nuance has narrowed to the point of trying to deliver a ‘face’, always the first thing to set one similar-through-popularity body style apart from the competition / division. The amount of time dedicated to ‘memorable AND pleasing’ faces and butts of cars is the stuff of legend and books — Everyone can appreciate a Supercar’s looks, nearly No One wants to actually get in and out of it, lol. An attractive “I Love the looks of my car!” automobile that was Also useful to adults and children were few and far between (and therefore memorable). Now, the body style is necessarily Function (gotta see out, gotta aero,gotta get in/out easily, gotta AERO, lol) that what used to be nuance is All that remains (Taurus was the death-nell for car-profile, once the ‘egg’ hit, Aero ruled). SOoo, do ya’ like Toyota’s/BMW’s/Tesla’s face? or butt?… Read more »

(screwed my edit, sorry)– @.. ‘newer’):

just DON’T try to see out of it, or down the road -headlights and hood- and the Tame 350ci was good for a Solid 16mpg most of the time.. did I forget to mention it was a coupe? gone, but never forgotten)

Same friend popped a tuned 327ci: lighter, recirc-ball actually steered and 8k redline HP improved 175% over tame 350..
mpg? yeah, notsomuch, heheh.. that 25gal tank could take ya almost 300mi.

What are the three funny looking sportscars (all identical – except in orange, green and silver) in the background of the ‘silver Tesla model 3’ picture? Are those future roadsters?

Nope, those aren’t future roadsters, they’re past Roadsters. =) That picture looks to be taken at a Tesla facility.

Being slightly artistic…( “autistic?!” ) -Shut up wiseguys! 🙂 , I notice stuff like camera angle. From the low camera angle of this video, it’s hard to imagine how the car would look if your visual perspective was from a standing position or even at equal height. Plenty of pictures online are from different heights and angles and can be more flattering of Model 3’s shape. This low perspective of the rear of the car makes the top look a bit bulbous. I like the look of the car as a whole and from 90% of it’s angles. I especially like the rear quarter view and the front quarter view. The short nose with quick drop off and the high top are for utility in a car much shorter than Model S and X. It seats 5 folks, and tall adults in back too with ample leg and knee room. Impressive for the overall size of the car. It has the look of a mini Model S. I like that. BMW 3s and Audi A4s along with Mercedes C Class look like mini versions of their big brothers like S class A6 and 7 Series. No Camry or Accord looks… Read more »

* Correction: “Model 3 backside seems plain to a fault”, I meant to say —-

Model S has just the right touch of chrome trim to my taste – not too much , but just right. The 3 could use a touch of flash back there.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

White looks best out of all of them.

Looks like a rental car with silver rims.

Red is the best true color. White needs complimentary blacked out treatment along with colored brake calipers to actually look nice.

So much for that “don’t touch your cellphone” law California just passed…. 😉

Interesting, on the darker colours I didn’t notice the line on the door panels, but in white it really stands out. That’s not something you see much on cars and adds a bit of interest to the side. Not sure if I like it or not, I think it will grow on me.
I like cars without much chrome or bling, so this design looks good to me. The weird folds and lines on Prius Prime look too gaudy for my taste, but M3 looks classy. The front reminds me of Porsche, the back reminds me of the Model X.