$35,000 Tesla Model 3 Leading To Price Cuts On Chevy Bolt

2017 Chevy Bolt


In the market for a long-range EV? The Chevrolet Bolt is seeing discounts as high as $7,000.

And so it begins.

Regardless of our previous reports that high demand is pushing up the price of the Hyundai Kona Electric at some stealerships dealerships, it appears Chevrolet dealers are taking the $35,000 Tesla Model 3 seriously and adjusting prices according.

It’s important to note that every dealership is free to make its own decisions on pricing, so this may or may not be the case in your area. However, this is one of the biggest complaints of the traditional dealership model.

One person may pay way under MSRP for a car, while another dealership could rob buyers of expected reductions. One dealer may roll in some of the tax rebate for lessees, while others keep it all for their own benefit. Despite obvious price discrepancies, you could definitely use this information to your advantage as you haggle on pricing.

One of our avid readers from the state of Oregon has been tracking 2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV pricing at local dealerships. What he’s discovered is truly interesting. As you can see from the screenshot below, this particular dealer is slashing prices substantially on the Bolt EV.

In addition, checking Cars.com inventory and pricing reveals much the same information.

Let us know if you’ve seen similar price reductions in your area. We’re also interested to know what you paid for your Chevrolet Bolt EV. Did you get an amazing discount? Were you on the fence about which new EV to buy and are now serious about a Tesla Model 3 due to the Standard model coming to market? Please share with us in the comment section below.

Hat tip to Charles!

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Ffs this makes me so angry, I would LOVE to buy the Bolt here in Europe, yet it’s impossible to get. Opel does not really sell the Ampera-e anymore and Chevrolet doesn’t sell the car in Germany as well.

So instead lf discounting that car by so much, just move them accros the pond and people will buy them asap!

I’m guessing that Chevy are losing money on every Bolt they sell hence they have no interested in bringing it to some markets. The reason for selling them to USA is because of compliance, ZEV credits or retaining Chevy customers who are set on EVs and would have moved away from Chevy brand otherwise. They have no intention of making it volume production.

Yep, in markets like California, they have to sell them at a loss so they can sell the big SUV’s that Americans want which Chevy is making a bulk of their profits. It’s just a game they have to play. I

Yes, despite loud and continuous protestations to the contrary this has always, and continues to be the case.

And the Bolt still has the full $7500 incentive until the end of the month. I wonder what will happen to sales once that gets cut in half in about 3 weeks…

They will drop the price some more. Or export more.

GM corporate must sell (most dealers fianance them) to their franchise dealers…

We Americans want things that are bad for us. Gas guzzling cars, junk food, freeways jammed-packed with cars (no good train service, please), sedentary lifestyles. We enjoy our pollution and obesity here.

Unfortunately I agree. There isn’t a Bolt within 500 miles of me in flyover country. Excess inventory in CARB states. Volt production ended even sooner than they first announced I believe. I was thinking first announcement was March 31 (could be wrong) but instead it was Feb 22 for the last Volt. I see carryover 2018 Volts online for mid 20s brand new. So Chevy is basically saying if we have to sell cars and lose money, let’s just do it on 1 model. I just read though Velite 6 will be close to 100,000 in China in 2019 so at least the engineering isn’t going completely to waste.

GM’s credit drops on April 1st, so a Volt produced on March 31st is highly unlikely to get the credit. GM stopped production on February 22nd likely intending to dwindle the inventory to almost nothing by the time the credit is reduced (and the lingering cars can face whatever steep discounts are necessary to move them without the credit.)

The credits for GM don’t just “Disappear”, they just get cut in half, same as they did, for Tesla. So they won’t be “without the credit” for quite some time yet!

There’s zero Tesla available within 500 miles of flyover country and probably never will be, so what? If you really want Bolt, go order on-line. There are tons of dealers who are willing to sell to you. Bro1999 bought his Bolt 2000 miles away and had it shipped. Granted, he’s a super genius when it comes to wheeling and dealing (see his blog about his EV juggling act), but you can do it, too, if you follow his method.

Not many people can lease 5 cars (and then dispose of them) in 1 year and still come out in the black. 😉 That was a crazy year.

Yes bro, you are a legend in your own mind!

It didn’t take long for you to get back to your carpet-bombing ways I see with your double-digit posts and anti-Tesla FUD here on this thread.

There are plenty of Teslas available in the middle of the country. Tesla isn’t running a low volume EV operation.

Also what’s with the weird advertising for bro1999? Too much, too blatant.

So once Tesla closes down most of their physical stores, how will people in flyover states receive their Teslas? Is some Tesla employee gonna actually drive 100+ miles from the nearest service center to their driveway or something for those living in the middle of nowhere?

You and Bob Lutz will probably figure it out at the same time.

Someone in the middle of the country has a lot more options with Tesla than pretty much any other car company since you can specifically configure what you want regardless of what’s available on a lot (note that the Bolt is much less available than Tesla despite GM being one of the largest car companies). Also, “flyover states?” Come on now.

Even in major cities, popular models will frequently go into an inventory crisis and you’ll either pay through the nose after a markup or you’ll have to wait or settle for your second or third choice.

By the way, a $1200 delivery and destination fee more than covers a 2 hour drive. Usually, the cars get delivered from a truck to more than one location on a single route.

Now you sound like a pompous city asshole who clearly doesn’t understand the struggle of living outside of an automakers’ dealership network by a couple hundred miles. And what if you don’t have that $1,200 for delivery charges, which is typically an upfront cost? But electric vehicle worshipers like you still want those people to buy an electric vehicle over a big pickup truck, which is likely easier to access in a rural area, right? Not adhering to those with legitimate concerns is a good way to lose sales, and watch those big gas guzzler trucks continue on to dominate the market. Electric cars still have a long way to go…

Delivery charges are a federally mandated fee for all cars sold in the US. It’s not optional.

I think you’re mistaken man. I’m not from a city. That’s why I don’t like the term “flyover states,” though people don’t seem to understand that there are cities throughout the country too.

As for pickup trucks, buy one if you want. What the hell do I care? I would say it’s dumb to buy a big pickup over a specialized work vehicle, but I don’t care about that either. Drive around in a semi if you want.

Protip, most people in cities drive SUVs and pickups already. Basically, if the only way you can be proud of your rural heritage is by getting a big vehicle, you’re going to have to do better than a pickup.

Elon thinks two steps ahead… Someone is going to deliver it but he’s thinking at one point the car will just come to your house, your contract will be on the screen, you sign and you can drive the car till the bank transfer goes through. You drive it for a week, if you don’t like it, it’ll drive back to Tesla Mothership.

Ever heard of a novelty called “car delivery” to your door?

They were experiencing “delivery hell” before the announcement of the closing of most physical showrooms. I’m sure the switch to a 100% online sales model will be implemented flawlessly.

I don’t remember “delivery hell” affecting anyone or lasting more than a few weeks months ago.

I got my Model 3 delivered at the end of September, the absolute busiest time for them and it was no problem. They drove it straight to my house, which was 50 miles from the closest store, 15 minutes of paperwork and checking everything over. Best delivery experience of my life.

Tesla is closing their store, not their service centers.

Stores and srtbicey centers are rarely co-located, at least in my browsing of my local Tesla places out here in flyover country.

In all of WA state, there are only 4 Tesla stores. And all of them are near Seattle. Nothing on the Eastern side of the state. NOr in the Northwest or Southwest corners.

Of those, only 1 is a combo service center and store.

Honestly probably are losing much, by closing all but one of those. Didn’t have much to begin with.

> Is some Tesla employee gonna actually drive 100+ miles from the nearest service center to their driveway or something for those living in the middle of nowhere?

Try asking them. I bet the answer is “Yes, we send a truck.”

I live in Anchorage, Alaska, and my Model 3 was delivered by a third party shipper. Nearest Service Center is over 2000 miles away (same goes with nearest Super Charger).

At the time I bought my Kia, there was no new Tesla under $50,000 available on the market (well $49,900 or whatever that was) and no clear path (as noted by Elon Musk himself) to a $35,000 Tesla. Despite what seems like the majority of posters here, I can’t afford a $50,000 car. The answer of ‘Tesla is better’ to every situation is just simply bad logic. An Audi A6 is clearly a better vehicle than a Chevy Sonic….which is a ridiculous comparison. Even now with a $35,000 Tesla out there (or is it? Elon seemed to back off that statement somewhat….which I don’t think has been covered here) there are different situations for different people and *gasp* different tastes. If that wasn’t the case the entire world would just simply be driving a Toyota Corolla.

He is so right, bought my first Leaf from a dealer in a neighboring state, was prepared to go pick it up and tow it back (DCQC was not well developed then). The dealer gave me a $500 discount and delivered it to get my business. A friend bought an IMIEV in a similar deal and got an even bigger discount! Just call and get them bidding against each other…

Chevy dealers have to be certified to sell or work on Bolts. Thus buying one that far away will virtually ensure me getting shafted on any/all issues that may arise.

The 2013 Nissan Leaf I had was maintenance free. I never did anything other than put windshield wiper fluid in it for the two years I owned it. EV’s have basically no maintenance requirements.

Of course that is not true and I am responding to avoid misleading others who don’t know. I have owned four Leafs and 3 of them required large component replacement. It’s not unusual at all. I still enjoy driving them after 8 years but the range is gone and they are one repair away from scrap even though they look great. Truth be told, the highest cost per mile cars I have ever owned when you add up purchase, maintenance and fuel. Those are the facts.

But also I already bought a Kia Niro PHEV 6 months ago. There is no practical way at all to use a BEV where’ I’m at to PHEV. If I had thought they’d discontinue the Volt, I probably would have waited to get a 2019 at a massive discount. After $7500 tax thing, you can get a brand new volt for under $20000 and in a place like Colorado you can get that under $15,000. But the Niro is great and I have a dealer 45 minutes away.

What are you talking about? In flyover country there are 300+ Bolt EVs within 500 miles of me. I can’t image where you would live in the midwest where there wasn’t a Bolt EV within a few hundred miles. Denver, Chicago, KC, St Louis, Twin Cities, etc all have plenty of Bolt EVs.

Maybe Montana? Lol

I’m very sorry to hear that. The existing dealership system is pure poison for EVs. One of Tesla’s smartest moves was refusing to sell cars through traditional dealers.

There is a difference between refusing to do it and not being able to afford it.

The whole point of third party dealerships is to reduce capital cost and retail overhead for manufacturers, genius. Tesla took the pricey route.

160 bolts for sale within 30miles of me.

While there’s truth in that, The GM / PSA business deal fiasco was a larger problem than just the Bolt. Unfortunate that it happened, because I think the Bolt would have been received VERY well over there.

Not for PSA – they finally turned OPEL into a profitable division.

Yep, the conventional automakers have not yet made the investments to bring EVs to scale the way Tesla did with the Gigafactory. Thus although they still sell some EVs for compliance reasons., most of them lose money on every EV.

This was clarified when UBS Research hired Munro and Associates (contract company) to break down the Bolt EV and come up with a cost estimate.

In the reported was a comment that if the Bolt EV sales volume were higher, the loss per car would be lower.

What this means is that all the development cost (R&D, the temp tooling, regulatory testing, general testing, etc) is factored into that loss per (prorated over some period). It is very likely that there is only a loss per car when factoring in these costs. So selling is a good thing for Chevy.

This method of including the prorated development cost in the loss (or gain) per unit, is consistent with the way managers and executive directors (not to be confused with BoD) where I work refer to loss or gain per unit.

BTW, they do sell it in Canada, South Korea, and China (under a different name) as well.

Not necessarily. Component costs also go down with volume. This isn’t just about fixed costs.

Canadian sales efforts were a joke for a long time. The Toronto market used to get a $14000 EV rebate, and was only 400km from the Bolt’s assembly plant. We only got a trickle for the longest time, and almost no demo cars, despite floor-to-ceiling banners showing the Bolt as Car of the Year. I wasted so much time trying to test one (in the end, drove 100km to a car show and got a mini test drive only on side streets), and after so much waiting and uncertainty on delivery dates, just reserved a 2018 Leaf instead.

But in Quebec, Canada there’s an EV mandate, and GM sold plenty there…

This is how Capitalism works. When it isn’t factually established you are taking a loss on every Bolt. You can anti-competitively price war / dump around more sustainable companies. I’ll sound arrogant, but say few people paying this price for a car realize everything that is in that price. Others get it, but can’t afford to put a morality premium on the hood.

GM took a walk on cars / CAFE. It’s still fresh, and a third of the market.

have you thought about buying the 325mi RWD tesla and shipping it to europe? should be under $1k to do that.

Plug incompatibility is an issue. No supercharging in Europe with an American M3 as they don’t use type 2 or CCS.

Aren’t the old Model S/X plugs still there?

This is at the dealer level. They are individually discounting cars they’ve already purchased from the dealer. No one expected Tesla to drop prices so soon so they’re panicking a little. These cars probably can’t be shipped overseas no matter what due to regional issues.

Before they withdrew from Europe they slapped a 10,000 Euro premium on the Bolt.

PSA slapped $10k increase after they purchased Opel.

They would have to modify them because the steering is on the wrong side

Only in the u.k.

I will ‘give’ you my leased Bolt if GM allows it to be shipped to Europe and you ship it and get approved to take over the lease. I have about 18-months left on lease. This will allow me to purchase a Model 3.

In Norway the Bolt is imported in quantity.

Bait and Switch. Actually go there and see what I mean.
Still with 140 days of inventory on lots around the country, with little buzz, and now with the price drop on the Model 3 you should be able to get a couple thousand reduction in the price of the Bolt.
Hurry though, just a few weeks left for the full tax credit, and that includes their conquest rebate.
You must show proof of ownership of a competing vehicle, newer than 1999, for 2k of the total.

I’ve called out-of-state dealers offering very steep discounts. They would not sell to me.

But hey, the dealership model is working out great..

They would probably sell to you if you paid outright…Financing and especially leasing is tricky out of state…

I’m not so sure about that. I have purchased a car, an RV, and a boat from several states away without any financing issues.

It’s not a question of the dealership model. GM only wants to sell in CARB states because that’s where they earn CARB credits. If they sell a Bolt in Nevada they don’t get any credits, if they sell it in California they do.

Unlike Tesla, you have thousands of other dealers to try. If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.

I was lucky to find a good dealer right near me. Being able to flip 2 Chevy Cruze leases for over $5k in profit due to getting ridiculous lease deals was pretty sweet. Lol

Why should he try again? Its a car not an Easter egg. Its on GM to make the cars available to buy.

If you want to buy GM car like Tesla, then pay like Tesla: what the manufacturer demands and nothing less. And GM makes plenty EV available to buy, quite literally tens of trillions of Bolts are available to purchase right now with thousands sitting on dealer lots. Go buy one. No? I suspected as much.

I don’t have thousands of dealers I’m willing to drive to or visit the websites of. I would much rather just pick the car I want, pay a fair price (and I know it’s fair because everyone is screaming about Tesla bankrupting itself), and have the car delivered to me.

I highly doubt you’re going to drive to Fremont to visit Tesla before buying. You’re just too lazy and/or anti-GM troll who never had any intent to buy Bolt.

If you’re willing to pay like Tesla, you don’t have to call anyone. Fair price is what you make of it, not what Tesla or anyone makes.

I’m in the Bay Area right now (new to the area actually) so I wouldn’t mind a drive or train ride out to Fremont…. If the whole deal is a test drive, I’m sure Tesla of all companies can figure out how to loan me a car for a day.

Anyway, I drive a high-mpg Ford sedan right now and I only buy American cars. I’ve been waiting for a versatile electric vehicle at a reasonable price since 2011 to be honest. I grew up humble so I can’t make myself pay a premium just to have an electric. I bike to work and take the train and whatnot to reduce my fuel consumption.

I’m also not a teenager. I’ve bought enough cars to figure out what I don’t want to do. I certainly wouldn’t buy a Bolt just for the sake of the dealer experience. I would have bought it if I thought it was the best electric car for the money. News pieces like this make me feel like it isn’t though. I also can’t imagine what I’d need extra trunk space for to be honest since I haven’t opened up my trunk since moving here.

If the car has been sitting on the lot for 3 months, then these deals occur.
How long has the car been on the lot?

At least that long. 140 days of inventory is more like 4 months. But I get your point, they have to move that metal off the lots, or continue to lose money on it. I’d like to up vote a few comments, but I can’t because I’m not logged in, and don’t know how to.
Aye, there’s the rub, to log in or to not log in, to take up keyboards against a sea of comments, and thereby refute them.

“You must show proof of ownership of a competing vehicle”; proof is required but it applies to anyone in the household…Many find a friend in their zip code (for tax purposes) and when they buy a GM vehicle, tell the dealer their friends address…After the deal is done change their address to their real address…

That sounds fraudulent and unethical and if the dealer found out, they could possibly come after you for the $$.

How is that bait and switch?

The Bolt deep discounts will really be welcome by those Chevy Bolt buyers utilizing the full $7.5 k Fed rebate for the remainder of the next three weeks.

Leasing not included.

@ ffbj,
Thanks, if forgot GM doesn’t offer a lease pass through on the full Fed $7.5k.

Leasing is not understood by many and I’ll be the first to agree GM should change their leasing model to advertise “$7500 off in lease cash!” for the lowest common denominator…However, there are things like the money factor for all credit tiers, residuals, ability to stack incentives, one pay lease discount, etc, that contribute to the lease pricing…

Lease rates for the Bolt have never been that great, outside of a ~2 month window in late 2017 in CA. People were able to get $0 down (after the CA rebate) Bolt leases for a little over $200/month. These days, you’ll be lucky to find a Bolt lease for less than $400/month, $0 down even in CA.

I suspect lack of good lease deal is the reason why used Bolt prices are so high.

Good lower pricing will help to get more people on EVs.

Bolt does not compete with Model 3. Bolt has no power seats, no ACC, and no bling. I would never buy a Bolt at any price for my personal car. It looks like the Buick variant is gone as well. No news for almost a year.

I drive a CT6 PHEV. Admittedly not a Bolt competitor either. If GM can’t deliver, a lot of people like me will continue to go with Tesla.

You just have to go to China to get the Buick.

Model 3 SR does not have power seats.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

SR Plus does for +$2k.
Autopilot for ACC and autosteer another +$3k.

But while a significant extra on the 3, Bolt doesn’t have either available. That was their point.
It’s almost as if Chevrolet didn’t want much demand for the Bolt.

And, as far as I am aware, the Bolt does not have LED headlights at any trim level. Considering how much more efficient LEDs are over halogen headlights, that seems like an odd oversight on a BEV.

37 for the plus puts it at the same price as the Bolts with the price drop – you make the choice The head to head specs say it all. I guess if you want a hatch get the Bolt other than that..

I agree they don’t compete. Love my Bolt, but I don’t have a problem with anyone else not liking them. There are lots of categories/tastes and I’m glad we have options. That said, I still think that GM needed to (needs to… an MSRP drop eventually rather than the dealer hit/miss deals) drop the price now that Tesla has hit their goal. When I got my Bolt over a year ago, I got over $4k off from the dealer, and I wouldn’t have bought it at the MSRP. With the fed credit, that brought it close to $25k, which I think is nearer to the right price range for the Bolt/Leaf/Kona 200 mile cars for a bit.

Base model 3 doesn’t have power seats or ACC either.

Not sure what you mean by bling. But Bolt does have CarPlay and AA, 4G LTE connectivity.

42500 in November 2017. The Chevy bolt ever premier

It makes one wonder if are they taking a page out of Tesla’s book and including the tax credit as savings. I read their disclosure and that only mentions additional fees, that amount to a few hundred dollars, but nowhere is it said that the new price takes into consideration the value of the tax credit. I think that would be a great deal, making the Bolt cost only 20k in CA, or other states with 2k rebates, 2.5 in OR, with all the rebates both Federal and State included, but that seems unlikely.

They can only take off the tax credit in a lease deal.
The credit would go to GM Finance.
The dealership would have to buy the car, and sell it “used” to get the tax credit and pass it on to a buyer.

I thought 7 ate 9, not the other way around? But yeah, integers eating another must stop.

Some of them ARE doing just that…. you must demand to see the certificate of origin was used to title the vehicle in your name. Crooked dealers…

Eh? The ads show a price of $37,000. How do you get all the way down to $20k? Seems more like ~$27.5k after CA and federal rebates.

Well the way their ad reads to me, is that the actual price is 30k, without any tax credit, that is their sale price. Then you add in the tax credits amounting to around 10k Federal and State.

Considering Bolt were listing (and selling) for about $32K pre subsidy on average before Tesla 3 SR announce, $30K before tax credit (under $20K after subsidy) seems very plausible to me.

To me the add reads very clearly that the price is now $37,000. I don’t really see how you can read an add that say’s “Now $37,000” and interpret that to mean the price is now actually $30,000.

It’s ~20k in MA for the LT trim. The picture in the OP is the premier trim.

Including the tax credit in the ‘dealer price’ has been practiced by some Chevy dealers here in Michigan. Dealers stuck with Bolts on their lots on April 1st (when the GM EV tax credit gets reduced by $3750) will regret not making deals to move their inventory. Bolt and Volt sales are about to fall off a cliff – beginning in April.

Many dealers have vehicles that are several years old on their lots, it’s all part of the game, they probably won’t regret anything…

GM Dealers don’t like cars sitting in inventory as they are financing them with short term loans through GMAC financing. Longer it sits on the lot the more they are spending for the car.

I would still buy the Tesla model 3 and not the Bolt. Even if this dealer comes to clean the house once a week for 10 years.

True. The Model 3, even the BASE version, is a high speed, highway stable, sports car compared to the Bolt.

I mean, the Model 3 is a Drivers Car.
If you like to drive, it’s an EV BMW 3 series, there’s literally no competition.
By the way, it’s EV characteristics BLOW Away any reason for a 3 series.

Base Model 3 is almost 75% more than the Bolt after tax credits (with the massive Bolt discounts). Not everyone wants to play street racer with a car, some people buy them for transportation. The Bolt is perfectly highway stable and I doubt anyone seriously considers the base Model 3 to be a sports car.

Spoken like someone who has never driven a Bolt. It’s a great car at these prices and a much better value than the M3.

Not compared to Model 3 SR. Bolt is slower to accelerate, doesn’t have access to superchargers instead stuck in 1 or 2 handle free charger clogged CCS. But most importantly, Bolt doesn’t have Tesla badge, something that’s probably more valuable than anything for many people buying EV.

It’s a much better value with all the current incentives and discounts e.g., $17k off MSRP.

I don’t know how you get $17K off MSRP. If you mean incentives common to Tesla as well, you have to compare them equally. Bolt is about $5K to $7K cheaper than Tesla 3 depending on sale. While that’s significant if both cars can use supercharger network and otherwise similar, Tesla offers whole lot more, the biggest being Tesla badge.

In Oregon the difference is $10K fed/state and $7K off MSRP.

I agree that the Bolt is a great value at US $30k; the engineering in it seems very well done. It is a solid econo-hatch, with a little extra zip — not sure it would ever qualify as a ‘hot hatch’ though. As a hatchback, it has a very practical, proven layout. As a BEV, it has a quiet ride and smooth, immediate acceleration.

All that said, I am not at all certain that it is a better ‘value’ than the base Model 3.

What if it was a french maid?

That is another story.

I was in the market for a Bolt, expecting that Model 3 prices would remain high. I ordered after the Tesla announcement. Since, I’ve gotten calls from Chevy dealers about price drops on the Bolt.

I like the Bolt, but quoted prices in Feb we’re the same as the SR+. The tax credit factors in, but for us the 3 is worth the few thousand difference. At a 10k difference it was harder to make that argument.

Which Model 3 variant did you order, did you have a reservation and did Tesla give you a delivery date?

I ordered an SR+, then a few days later upped it to an MR because the extra range will alleviate some anxiety due to our rural location. I have a VIN and a delivery date for next week, but no call from an adviser yet.

No, the Model 3 has had no influence on the pricing of the Bolt EV. Those price cuts have been available on the Bolt EV for months now.

That may be true, but as the $35k Model 3 really hits the market, and GM loses 1/2 their federal tax credit, we can definitely expect GM will have to cut prices even further in order to sell any Bolts.

Sure, GM needs to discount the Bolt EV to move stock before the credit steps down. However, that is not because of the Model 3 in any way. A better argument is that it is due to the Hyundai Kona Electric, but again, these discounts aren’t new for the Bolt EV.

If EV media sites hadn’t been ignoring the Bolt EV for the last two years, they would have realized that.

The $6-7k discounts have been available since Q4 of last year and are not in response to the M3. Our family was debating between the Bolt EV and M3 briefly before deciding the M3 was just too impractical (albeit more exciting). The much higher insurance quote from Geico on the M3 was the final deal killer (all due to collision coverage). After a couple months in the Bolt I don’t regret the decision one bit—- it’s plenty exciting to drive, it’s got Apple CarPlay and I can haul more gear.

How can you ignore the base Model 3 as direct competition to the Bolt, when it is undercutting the MSRP of the Bolt Premier ($41k) by ~$5k, after adding Tesla’s $1k delivery fee to the base Model 3.

Even with the $7k discount mentioned in the story above, the Premier is still competing directly vs the Model 3, though now undercutting it by $2k plus any difference in tax credit one might claim.

Kona Electric is not available in mass quantities like the base Model 3 will soon be. It’s not competition until you can actually buy one.

How could you ignore the fact that these price cuts have been in place since the beginning of Q4 2018?

This story is just an erroneous attempt to amplify the significance of the Model 3. Sorry to burst your bubble, but not everything is about Tesla.

No, I agree that the pre-existing price cuts are not caused by the announcement of the base Model 3. I’m just saying that going forward there will be direct competition between the two, and more price cuts will have to come for the Bolt in order to compete.

Why are comparing the premier trim to the base model 3?

Because the Model 3 is bigger, faster, better performing, more luxurious, etc …

Bigger but less efficient cargo space, faster (yes, but Bolt is a thrill too), and more luxurious….well…..I would hardly call the base TM3 interior ‘luxurious’ next to the Premier trim of the Bolt.

Prospective buyers would be smart to consider both (I did), but the actual cost differences are closer to $6K on the most base TM3 vs a Premier Bolt EV (note, the Premier has leather interior and cheaper optional advanced safety features and tech). Plus there were the differences in insurance, service locations, collision repair, etc. to consider.

In my area (not a ZEV state) that is not true. The best I was quote from multiple dealers was ~2k off MSRP .

Anecdote. Go look at truecar. Average Bolt price was hovering $31K to $33K for many months.

Not in some non-ZEV states. Best discount may be $1-2k, unless the dealer is keeping the federal credit. Many do that without informing the customer.

What do you see in non ZEV states from Truecar?

> In the market for a long-range EV? The Chevrolet Bolt is seeing discounts as high as $7,000.

So the people who bought one last month at the higher price are going to start protesting on twitter and waving banners outside the dealerships, right?

Such a kidder. Good one.

I will welcome a North America GM Chevy Bolt deep discount dealership protest, over a GM EV1 car crushing protest any day.

And your friendly dealership will say “don’t like your Bolt EV? Trade it in and I’ll get you into a brand new Silverado”…

They feel gut punched and outraged and …

oh never mind, they just bought their Bolt and drive it without the slightest concern that GM might have a new $2000 “Conquest Incentive” that they didn’t get.

How is that any different from Tesla and their overnight price changes they make all too often?

you mean as often as you can get different prices from one ripoff artist to another thiefership?

Best comment so far.

In Netherlands today:
Tesla is dropping prices on top spec X and S by more than € 50.000 !!! ( yes FIFTY THOUSAND)

Looks like he want’s to build 500,000 cars and make the SEC SUCK IT.

Around $24k, I think.

John, here is where you can insert your “must sting” comment. LOL
Poor saps that bought an S/X recently.

Here is the deal from my local dealer:

MSRP $38,525
Sale Price $37,793
Bolt EV – LT Discount 1
– $2,500
Stand-Alone % Off Customer Cash 2
– $600 Take Delivery By 03/31/2019
Weekend Bonus Cash 3
– $500 Take Delivery By 03/31/2019
Bonus Cash 4
– $250
Conquest % Cash Back Private Offer 5
– $1,542 Take Delivery By 03/31/2019
Cash Allowance 6
– $2,668 Take Delivery By 03/31/2019
Best Price $29,733
Total Savings $8,792

Who would no like to have such transparent pricing?

That’s about the discounts offered 10 months ago when I was looking. It seems they’re not really discounting much more than before.

Meh, way too much! In ICE land the price difference between some compact hatch and a BMW 330i would be at least $20K. GM needs to do better than that!

I have brought two Bolt LT for
2017 – $34,500 – $7500 FT Credit – $5000 Colorado EV credit
2018 – $33,500 – $7500 FT Credit – $5000 Colorado EV credit

…but half of that tax credit and all of that state rebate apply to Model 3 as well….

Yes that’s true, after driving a TM3 the only thing i found i needed was the telsa supercharger network. Everything else like looks, 0-60… was not relevant in my purchase decision.
I drive ~3K-4K long distance trips each month, and as more L3 chargers that are being installed that need of tesla supercharger network is becoming less of an issue.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

“Conquest % Cash Back Private Offer”

Meaning not everyone gets this discount and if your a friend of the stealership they can still offer it to you eventhough it’s not a conquest sale, i.e. discriminate.

Wouldn’t it make the buying experience easier if they just said/advertised sale price of $29,733 expires 3/31/2019 instead of these idiot game playing they’re doing?

It would make for more sales, but that’s stupid Stealerships for you.

But then you would get people pissed off that they paid $8k more just the day or weekend before.

Previously called X 100D was €159.200 – today € 102.700
Model S Ludicrous Performance yesterday € 150.000 – now € 98.300

I would like to say – GM hasn’t lowered the price of the Bolt EV. Dealers can lower the price all they want until they get to their cost. They can even take a loss if they want as long as GM gets their money. Granted GM can offer incentives that allow them to lower the price, but the MSRP of the Bolt has changed.

It probably will change on April 1st when the Federal incentives are cut in half. Predict they will simply follow the lead of Tesla with perhaps a $2000 drop.

Yes GM has lowered the price, most of the discount is GM incentives. MSRP has always been fake with GM cars, a meaningless number. But they don’t generate the howls of outrage from past buyers when they change the incentives, unlike with entitled Tesla owners who feel gut punched if their pride and joy purchase is worth less today than it was yesterday.

Wow, I didn’t know GM was the only automotive company to not always sell cars at sticker price. Who knew?!

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

MSRP = Fake News

I suspect some of the complaint about price cuts in top-spec S and X were because those buyers bought in significant part because the price was very high so they could prove to others they were rich and others couldn’t afford it.

The dealer ads I was seeing said most of the discounts were coming from GM direct incentives.

Here’s the headline I’d like to see; “Tesla Model 3 Forces Chevrolet to Build EV that Doesn’t Resemble Clown Car.”

Since it appears GM cancelled the FWD Buick Bolt/Encore, it’ll be a few years for the Caddy crossover…

Clown car as in you can fit a lot more inside than what you’d think would be able to fit at first glance? Definitely correct!

Joe, Why do you Pick on Clowns? They need cars too!

??? these prices are still north of base (and base plus!) Model 3? That’s pretty optimistic…I’m sure one could get a much better deal than that.

I’ve been seeing Bolts listed at $5-6k off MSRP in MD for several months now, well before the $35k Model 3 was announced. The dealership closest to me has some leftover ’18 Bolts at over $7k off.

That’s gotta sting, buying not only the wrong car, but at the absolute wrong time. Sorry bro1999.. 🙁

It would sting if I was one of those Tesla S owners in China that saw the value of their cars drop literally in half while they were sleeping one night. OUCH.
And bought the wrong car? dafuq are you talking about?

Zero street cred compact hatch for more than Model 3 money…one couldn’t do much worse than that.

Because the $35k Model 3 was available for purchase 2 years ago, right?
Oh wait.
And 0 street cred compact hatch? I think I vaguely remember the Bolt winning some obscure award….North American Car of the Year or something. The Model 3 surely won it the year it debuted, right?

Well you keep explaining that to your friends as you show up in what at first glance looks suspiciously like an econobox. The proud Tesla owner OTOH has very little to explain.

I know, street cred sounds trivial but when it comes to buying cars worries about what friends, neighbors, family and coworkers will think is a big factor in the decision making process. GM will have to factor that into the price now.

I’m not a person like you that feels like they need to impress their superficial friends/family by boasting about material purchases to obtain some twisted sense of self-worth. But hey, if bragging about “luxury” purchases gets you off, so be it.

Your posting pattern never suggested much sense of self worth and probably even less now that you have to live with the notion of having paid Model 3 money for a compact hatch, no way you feel good about yourself for that :). However for just about every car consumer and yes, despite the denial that includes petty you, what the neighbors think is a major factor in the buying decision.

I’m glad I’m not such a shallow person like yourself.

I feel plenty good for buying a dependable, diverse hatchback EV that still remains the only 200+ mile BEV you can buy in all 50 states that I’ve used dozens of times to haul things you could only dream of fitting in a Model 3. 🙂

Nor have I ever had my Bolt’s bumper fall off driving through a puddle or have 35 pounds of sand and dirt trapped inside the underbody that needed to be manually removed. Lol

so petty, such sour grapes. Well I guess stories like that help Bolt owners like you feel better about themselves especially if they can convince themselves that the small stack of sand that was found in the video actually weighs 35 pounds.

The article quoted the guy saying he removed 35 pounds of sand/dirt in the most extreme case. But I guess a guy that makes a living working on electric cars, including many Teslas, would be willing to sabotage his own business and reputation by lying about something like that, right? You TSLA zealots are something else.

No footage of that fabled 35 pound pile of sand apparently…Who knows why people lie…why do you lie all the time? In your case it’s hate I guess. Whatever, this is a great story to cling to for a guy who paid Model 3 money for Bolt, tell all your friends and insist that you are the one deserving the respect, not that nasty Tesla driver. Evil Tesla with all those fans and stuff and stuck up ideas about doing something good for the planet and just no appreciation for all the good things GM has done for humanity in the past 100 years. Evil I say, just evil, makes my blood boil and makes me want to troll up and down every Tesla related topic, just so evil!

The above comment is really the problem with the comments section in IEVs these days. I make a comment completely relevant to the article topic, and then you have the TSLA fanboi crowd jump in and make their typical trolling comments that they always accuse others of making. Literally the epitome of hypocrisy.

No a troll like yourself complaining about the people you successfully ticked off getting back at you is the epitome of hypocrisy.

I actually felt bad for you, bro1999, I don’t like seeing anyone get bit by bad timing, whether it be you or someone who bought a Tesla right before they lowered the price recently. And in my defense, you didn’t respectfully address me last week when I gave you props for manning up about being wrong about Tesla rolling out the $35k Model 3. Just as you never give me credit when I always remind you that 1) I own a Chevy Volt, and 2) the Chevy Bolt is a really, really good car. Yet you never fail to address me when you think you’ve been wronged.

Honestly, I understand someone complaining when they feel wronged, but absolutely DON’T understand when someone constantly jabs at the other side, and then randomly decides not to play anymore. Trust me when I say this: you absolutely give as good as you get. If you don’t care for Tesla folks responding, then don’t chum the waters. And if you don’t think you do so, then you’re absolutely deluding yourself.

Like always, Bolts are still cool, we both like EV’s, and we’re on the same team.

The title of this article implies causation which is not necessarily true. These discounts off MSRP have existed long before the Model 3 SR was available. I got $5000 off MSRP for my Bolt LT way back in October 2017.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Exactly. EV people have long known about the discounts. But most people are not EV people, so they first have to consider the car before finding out about available discounts and incentives. And if the headline is $37.5k for a car they can get for a lot less, it reduces consideration.

But an article title like “$35k Model 3 forces steep Bolt discounts!” sure makes for a good click-baity story though.

Maybe, but last month I didn’t see them in my area, but now they are.

Just bought a Bolt a few weeks ago in VA before Tesla 3 announcement. It was about $6k off MSRP then.

In the Houston area, I’m seeing $2-$5k discounts off of MSRP. It will be interesting to see if the prices stay low.

I have seen some similar discounts from Los Angeles area dealers recently, but seems like the steepest discounts are on the highest trim levels. That may change as the tax credit phases out. Regardless, though, a good discount combined with federal, state, local and utility rebates and tax credits can make for a sweet deal. We bought our 2017 Bolt this way. Got about 7K off from the dealer and Chevrolet, plus a bunch of state and local rebates. Total cost after all that was a little over $22k.

Just sold one of my two Volts, so I test drove a Kona EV the other day. Wow, that acceleration is something, and the vehicle looks great.

So, Bolt EV or Model 3? Well, I decided to buy a 40kWh Nissan Leaf SV with All Weather Package. NEVER thought I’d own a Leaf, especially with how they used to look. It’s not the same performance as a Kona or Bolt EV, but it’s bigger than a Model S, has Intelligent Cruise Control, and came with $17,300 in discounts off MSRP locally (2000 state, 7500 tax credit, 5000 “utility” rebate [funded by Nissan?], 1000 Nissan Cash, and 1800 dealer discount). As a second car, a 40kWh EV should serve me well.

Model 3 was too small for me, same form factor as the Volt and we’ve got a growing family.

Wife didn’t like the look of the Bolt EV from the outside, and I tend to agree; otherwise it’s also a great car, just doesn’t have the same incentives as the Leaf.


LOL. You forgot to put a smiley face, otherwise it comes across as being serious.

Congratulations on your new Nissan Eric…. You sold a Volt and I bought one – mainly because I wanted one of the Gen 2’s before they were no more.

Thanks. Awesome that you got a Gen 2 Bill! I seriously considered it too, with the faster charging, power driver seat, and that new Pacific Blue. Couldn’t seem to find a good price though so I passed.

I look forward to hearing your likes and dislikes on the new Volt after your other EV experiences!

Even though I’m on my second BEV, the Bolt ev just isn’t practical for most people. I drive mine a lot, (41,000 miles in 2 years), and you can stuff plenty in it with the rear seats down, but it doesn’t go far enough, especially in the winter time.

As an exception this time, I wanted the Premiere version. NO cheap ones in WNY so bought mine from Geneva, NY.

Let me get this straight. $7000 off the Bolt premier and it still costs the same as a Model 3 standard range plus? GTFO!

Don’t forget the extra $3,750 fed tax credit (for now). Plus no amount of money can convert the Model 3 into a hatchback.

No, the Premier is ~$6k cheaper than the TM3 factoring in the extra fed tax credit. The price difference is still significant but certainly less than it was 2 weeks ago.

I bought a ’19 Bolt LT in NorCal mid-February. Dealer savings were $6,500 off MSRP at that time. Premier discounts were lighter ($~4k), and if I was in the market for a Premier vs M3 at even money, I’d pick the M3 in a heartbeat, so it would make sense for Premier to see cuts. With federal, state, and utility incentives, and tax + fees, I paid $26k out the door for an LT with DCFC and heated seats package.

Be wary of the Cars.com price discounts including things like $1,500 GM Lease deals which don’t apply to most buyers.

I got $7k off MSRP my Premier in December last year….

Excellent. I’d still go with the Model 3 but people that want a hatchback now have a nice cheap long range EV to buy!

see 10K off Chevy Bolt LT at Fremont Chevrolet, love the effect of competition on prices; $28,805 net cost

$10K off the CB LT, is starting to look like some real deep discounting is cropping up in the Bay Area.

And the customers win!

Not surprised, that’s one undesirable car. Range is good (thanks LG Chem), everything else is garbage GM quality.

Said the smug Tesla owner….

So much emotion and baseless critique of one car over the other … grow up people, these are just boxes with 4 wheels. Get emotional over your kids, health etc …. freaking cars? Please.

Why are you here?

So I can read who upset you today at a free charging station. Isn’t it obvious?

leave us alone!
this is our norm.

The dealer, in northern Virginia, where we bought our Bolt LT for $2K below list, 19 months ago, has the same car for $9K off list today.

If this price reduction was the result of huge sales volume, and economies of scale, I would be happy. Since it is the result of a total lack of interest in efficient, practical cars, it only makes me sad.

As many people have pointed out, discounts like this on the Bolt have been around for a while, so it’s not a reaction to the Model 3 base model.

However, GM and Chevy dealers will be forced to react to a couple things going forward:
1) reduction of the tax credit down to $3750,
2) the base Model 3, which you can get into for $36,000 – federal tax credit of $3750,
3) Other competition from Kia/Hyundai, Nissan, etc … who still have $7500 tax credit available.

To me, the Bolt Premier should cost at least a bit less than a base Model 3, which has so much more performance, looks, luxury, cachet etc … Bolt makes up for it some with slightly greater range, and significantly greater utility.

GM will definitely need to make some adjustments moving forward. For things that can be done in the near term, giving the Bolt a haircut on price seems the most obvious. If dealers can sell Bolts for $6-7k off MSRP without a lot of issue, there is definitely room to drop the price down. They did a similar thing for the ’15 Volt, shaving the base price $4,400 compared to the ’14 model year. Chopping the price to say $33,749 will still allow GM to advertise the Bolt for <$30k after fed tax credit once the credit is halved. Also, boosting the fast charging rate is another. It seems the baseline for current 200+ mile EVs is now "100 kW" DC fast charging. The Bolt's ~55 kW max DC charge rate (with severe tapering) is now lagging behind the pack. Boosting the max charge rate and/or easing up on the hard taper limits would be a positive. Another thing would be to add SOME kind of semi-autonomous driving feature. Supercruise would be a huge addition to the Bolt, but for the love of god, at least add ACC, GM! The Bolt can already sense the distance between it and the… Read more »

Don’t worry about DCFC rate. I have a feeling that non-Tesla network will not be expanding much due to lack of demand.

I agree with all of those suggestions.

There’s a company that already makes a car with everything you just listed..

So Chevy/Chevy dealers wants to take an already unprofitable EV and make it REALLY unprofitable, before abandoning it for some other EV platform that will come out some day. Given the choice of the chintzy Bolt Premier or a Model 3 SR and SR+ with AP, people won’t mind an extra say $0 – $5k to have an actually attractive and comfortable car with fast charging and safety features standard. Add on to that a quickly expanding and already quite mature fast charging network and it’s really hard for me to see that many people going for a Bolt over a Model 3 at this point.

Combine the discount with the $7,500 tax credit and bolts may sell out for the year in 3 weeks.

$44,000 was always an insane price for the Bolt. I paid $39,000 for mine in the first month it was available. Does a $35,000 Bolt stack up against the TM3, no way no how. It would have to be more like $30,000 now.

It’s been about $30K to $32K for quite a while now. I measure against similar gasser, easiest being VW GTI about $27K. Bolt post subsidy of $25K is about where it should be (which it is).

Yea, I got the $7500 for the Bolt, so about $31,000 for me, it was the price of having it 1 1/2 years before the TM3. It was worth it. My wife appreciates the hatchback, although I have to admit the idea of having dual black TM3s in the driveway would be awesome.

Carr Chevrolet in Beaverton Oregon has their entire inventory of Bolt’s discounted by $8,000. So, if you live in Oregon, without further discounts, you get the base model for $30,000, plus the federal credit of $7,500, plus the state credit of $2,500. So, $20,000 out the door.

Yep. Seeing similar discounts on Cars.com for Bolt EVs in the Seattle area.

One dealership description claims the price drop is coming from a 10% GM incentive, and 4% GM “customer conquest” incentive (I’m interpreting to mean it would apply to customers new to GM?).

A bit to late Chevy… Should never have killed the Volt either, huge, huge mistake. You’ll be sorry!

I tried to lease one several times, but I prefer getting my wisdom teeth pulled instead.

Crappy dealer experience and super crappy lease deals.

Bless your little hearts.

I actually saw this in San Diego *before* the model 3 announcement. I think they just weren’t selling very well, which I think is appropriate, considering the Bolt’s disappointment charging speed. It was a lot of money to pay for a limited-purpose car.

I JUST bought a new 2019 Bolt LT for $36,500 out the door including taxes. Bummed that I could have gotten a Premier for basically the same price.

Bolt doesn’t need price cuts, it needs upgrades. Better seats, power seats, dynamic cruise, AWD drive version. The Bolts lack of features are its main flaw. And GM was supposed to be selling Buick version with AWD , power seats, dynamic cruise but just canceled the Volt and is letting the Bolt die from lack of improvements.

Let’s see what they announce for MY2020.

It might be wise to wait and see how many people actually BUY the $35,000 model 3.

I saw 2019 Bolt LT prices as low as $32K (to be clear: *before rebates and fuel savings*) months before the $35K TM3 was announced. I think it has a lot more to do with the supply and demand thingy, and with the dropping costs of the Bolt traction battery than with the the TM3 pricing.

And with the government rebate on the Bolt dropping to $3,.750 on April 1st.

Just like the Volt back in 2013. Heavy discount followed by a price adjustment.

2020 Bolt will probably start around $33K or lower.

less the $7,500 tax credit makes this one specially a steal if you qualify for the full 9K rebates.

Interesting to see market forces at work. Here in Ontario where the Model 3 is very much for sale and we have ZERO incentives, the GM dealers no only didn’t lower prices on the Bolt and Volt this fall, they raised them.

At Quality Chevrolet in Escondido, California:
5dr Wgn Premier
MSRP $43,575
Price Reduction Below MSRP – $1,416
Special Value Price1 $42,159
QUALITY MANAGERS SPECIAL 2 – $4,000 Take Delivery By 04/01/2019
Cash Allowance 3 – $2,942 Take Delivery By 04/01/2019
Quality Chevy Price $35,217
Savings $8,358

Just check here in Ohio and there’s price cuts up to $29k on LT Bolts 300 miles from here

It will be nice if GM can reduce few $1,000 from Bolt price. Instead of responding to market, if they sit idle and complain that people are not buying, there is no use, then Bolt will go the way of Volt.
Model-3 SR production has started, next step is the transport and delivery. Model-3 is bigger than Bolt in size, faster, luxurious, techy and will easily beat Bolt.

Ummm, they are reducing the price. That’s what this whole article is about. These priced reductions at the dealers are due to GM incentives for the Bolt.

When we bought my wife’s Bolt a year and a half ago I talked the dealer down 5k to get it for $34,500 before rebates. After all the rebates here in Colorado, we only paid $22,000 for one that was well equipped. She has been absolutely loving the Bolt.

The Bolt lease is unchanged from Feb and is actually higher that it was for Jan for SoCal. If Bolt is dropping in price because the 3 i just don’t see it.