Here’s One Way To Get $3,000 Off New 2018 Nissan LEAF


With this $3,000 rebate added to the $7,500 federal tax credit, some people can enjoy more than one-third off an all-new 2018 Nissan LEAF.

First of all, you have to live in Vermont and be a Green Mountain Power customer. Sadly, most of these special programs are limited to select areas, but the discounts are catching on and we’re seeing more and more huge savings pop up. We recently reported several related to the BMW i3.

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This newest offer is provided as part of a combined effort between Vermont Business Magazine, Green Moutain Power, and Freedom Nissan of South Burlington. This year marks the second consecutive year that the partnership has offered such a deal.

GMP’s President and CEO Mary Powell shared:

At GMP, we are committed to helping customers find ways to reduce carbon and to save money. The Leaf is a cutting edge, fully electric car that frees its owners from paying for gasoline and oil changes ever again.

This rebate and the tax credit combined will make electric vehicles affordable for more of our customers. Some employers, including GMP, will give further incentives to employees who purchase electric vehicles, so the savings is really significant.

In addition to this deal, GMP customers are getting a free Level-2 home charger. This is part of another initiative coined GMP Smart Home Charging. The power company is also responsible for adding Level-2 and Level-3 public charging infrastructure in the area.

General Manager at Freedom Nissan, Robert Miller said:

We are so pleased to offer this program again and to partner with Green Mountain Power to offer their customers a great deal on the 2018 Leaf. Last year’s program helped 115 GMP customers, plus 50 from other utility partners, get into electric vehicles, something many clearly consider an important step to helping our environment.

In order to take advantage of this deal, take a copy of your GMP monthly billing statement or GMP employee I.D. to Freedom Nissan along with Fleetail Certification Code “B66059.”

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It looks like Hawaiian Electric might be participating as well. Not well publicized with any details. When they were running the $10K program, it was for purchase only; don’t know if the same restriction applies.

Regarding the i3, there is also a $2K owner loyalty rebate running and when you combine with dealer discounts and the $7.5K federal rebate, the price becomes quite compelling. We’re talking as much as 50% discounts.

I honestly think these incentive programs are designed to get more people to purchase rather than lease because of the huge disparity between what the residual value is versus what these cars actually bring at auction when coming off lease. Why not drive more sales by putting $10K on the hood now rather than waiting 24 or 36 months and having to do it then?

When folks can’t figure out why there is a spike in i3 or Leaf sales on the monthly tally, I have to imagine it’s due to the start of programs like these

The Leaf is a straight up great value. The i3 is limited in availability it seems. BMW seems content to run at about 30,000 units per year worldwide. It’s a bridge vehicle and test bed for them. A big ole science project. The tear down video by (whatever that dude’s name is) is fascinating. Lots of basic science was advanced in making the car.

Same deal offered here in southern Wisconsin by Nissan through the local power company. I suspect it’s pretty widespread.

Group buy in Northern Indiana too (NIPSCO territory): “…NIPSCO and Nissan have again partnered for a group buy project providing NIPSCO customers and employees the opportunity to purchase the all new, all electric 2018 Nissan LEAF at a savings of up to $10,500. The program provides a $3,000 rebate off MSRP and a potential federal tax incentive up to $7,500. Simply show proof of NIPSCO employment or a copy of your NIPSCO bill at participating Nissan dealerships with the Fleet Certification Code B46251 before June 30, 2018”

Say no to NEC batteries.

Or live in the San Joaquin Air Pollution District in California. -$3,000. State rebate: $2,500. Low-income state rebate? $4,500. Low income in San Joaquin? $3,000 + $4,500. PG&E customer, too? $500 more. Federal tax credit of $7,500 worked into the lease for a while yet. Some might have leased a 2017 SV last year for $0 down, $0 monthly payments (effectively). We’ll see if the 2018s get that low toward the end of this year. People are fools not to take advantage of these deals while they are available.

In Ohio we have no such deals