30 kWh Nissan LEAF Walkthrough And Test Drive Review – Video

AUG 13 2016 BY MARK KANE 20

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

The 2016 Nissan LEAF with 30 kWh battery gets a detailed test drive review by Autogefühl.

The complete walk-through covers the exterior, interior and driving experience of the Nissan, and as always, is an absolute must see for all considering buying a LEAF; especially because of the more obscure insights offered by the outfit – from the infotainment system to the quality of the model overall, and seating positions.

Overall, the electric Nissan brings a nice driving impression, with good acceleration and comfort. There is a feeling like you would be driving smaller car, but conversely is no worries about lack of space.

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How about the least timely of all possible reviews?!?

Just as the car is about to become properly obsolete, thanks to a replacement offer (IDK if it’ll be the rumoured 40 kWh battery-upgrade deal or a brand new car, but either way..) that will make you feel like a real idiot if you buy this now, they decide to review it.

And conclude that apart from the exterior, which they didn’t like, it’s all good to go…

OK, I now know one source that I would definitely not take any car-buying advice from!

The purpose of reviews is – at least in part – to give consumers some relevant information that can help them decide whether to buy. To fail to even mention that a new LEAF offering is expected shortly is to fail to side with the consumer – and that is probably the worst a reviewer can ever do!

It doesn’t matter when the 40 kWh comes for the buyers who buy the car for there need. If 30 kWh is enough, than buy now and if not you must wait. I drive the 2012 version and don’t want to miss one day driving the Leaf, its a awesome driving feeling.

Alex, that’s the spirit! 🙂


Judgement’s, not what it used to be.

The rumored 40 kWh Leaf won’t be available for at least the next 90-120 days. This review is kind of relevant until then! There is still a decent amount of inventory of 30 kWh Leaf SV and SL models that need to move off of Dealer lots before the Chevy Bolt starts selling in any meaningful numbers by 2016 year end. NMAC incentives should go up a little when the The Bolt starts pulling Leaf sales further down the charts around December-January.

Great review by him as always.

Love the new colors !

Not obsolete !!

How solid is the 40kwh rumor?

17 MY

It’s 100 %. Why, because insideevs wrote in an article that its available in January 2017, presentation before.
And they revealed first the 84 miles Leaf (later right), they revealed first the 107 miles Leaf (later right) story. What I heared they have good contacts to Nissan employee…and such a battery update is prepared months before. They hold the story back not to damage the sales.

It is not obsolete but if you can buy a 40 for the price of a 30 within the next six months you will have made a poor decision…
Plus the 40 Leaf is rumored to receive a minor facelift that will get rid of its uglyness and that would be worth waiting for even without more range…

Just because you see it that way, does not make it so.

If 30kwh works , it is a great decision for many.

No smaller than 60 kwh.

Question: Will Nissan ever make larger batteries available as a retrofit into older LEAFs? I see lots of people with ’11-12 LEAFs replacing packs under warranty due to capacity loss. But I’m sure that a lot of people would hold off on the replacement and pay extra to get a larger battery if available.

My ’11 LEAF just dropped down to 8 capacity bars, unfortunately just 2 months out of the 60 month warranty. The cost for a new 24kWh pack is $6k. Expensive two months…

Would definitley wait some months, because if the 2017 Leaf has 30 kWh standard and 40 kWh option old one will all get a new 30 kWh, other makes no senese.

He missed the boat when he talked about the long wait between pushing the Start button and being ready to drive.
He was looking at the Touch Screen which controls the radio, etc. Nissan has really slow electronics in that set up (at least in my 2011).
The car is ready to drive when the green light shaped like a car (Near the speedometer lights up-about 5 seconds).

Great car, almost 5 years no gas, no oil, no colds, no viruses, no sinus infections, no repspiratory infections, no oil money for terrorist nations, etc. etc. Plus we save a fortune on our restructured electric rates. Best cars we have ever owned and we have owned a lot of cars. We can drive anywhere in Birmingham Alabama for free. Actually with Plugshare dot com we can drive anywhere in America for free. The 24kWh battery suites us perfectly.

I am 68 and i2012 Leaf was my favorite car since my 67 barracuda. For the most part a 30 kW battery would havebeen perfect. Nissan has to fixthe battery though.

Government rebate only compensates for taxes. It is tricky. Rebate should be on the real amount of car before the application of taxes

Here is an interesting Nissan Leaf challenge 1,000 miles in 2 days (4 countries).