30 kWh 2016 Nissan LEAF Debuts At Frankfurt Motor Show

SEP 16 2015 BY MARK KANE 28

Nissan e-NV200 at Frankfurt Motor Show

Nissan e-NV200 at Frankfurt Motor Show

Nissan is presenting at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show its new 2016 LEAF with enlarged battery capacity of 30 kWh (full details).


  • 250 km / 155 miles NEDC
  • 172 / 107 miles EPA

Besides the LEAF, there is Nissan e-NV200 on display as well, which still awaits its 30 kWh version.

Because both models were use the same batteries and drivetrain, we hope that the 30 kWh e-NV200 is just around the corner.  This battery upgrade had been why we had suggested in the past that the all-electric van was not previously made available in the United States  – we expect to see a 30 kWh version of it made available in the US in the Fall of next year.

“Nissan’s leadership and innovation in the EV market takes another significant step forward at Frankfurt with the announcement of a new battery for the LEAF that delivers a driving range of 155 miles – an increase of 25 percent. The new sector-first 30 kWh battery is at the heart of the new LEAF 30 kWh which too makes its global debut at Frankfurt. Thanks to revised internal chemistry and new electrode materials, the new battery transforms the Nissan LEAF driving and ownership experience and reinforces its position as the most capable, practical and affordable electric vehicle in the world.

In true Nissan style, the new LEAF 30kWh battery delivers its extra power with no compromises over the existing unit. Despite its additional capacity, it takes up no more room than the 24 kWh battery.”

30 kWh 2016 Nissan LEAF Debuts At Frankfurt Motor Show

30 kWh 2016 Nissan LEAF Debuts At Frankfurt Motor Show

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When will Europe stop using this strange NEDC rating which is quite misrepresentative?

As soon as politicians are forbidden to take additional salaries from companys.

The new testing cycle is ready, it will be implemented next year or the year after that.
So the current super unrealistic one is thankfully going away fairly soon.

Is the new 30 kWh the total capacity or the usable capacity? The Kia Soul EV, for instance, has 30,5 kWh total capacity, but 27 usable.

Every EV battery needs buffers to function well. So it is important to mention the usable capacity and not the total capacity.

Total capacity.

I highly doubt that. The old Leaf has a 21 kWh usable capacity from its 24 kWh battery.

22kWh usable when new. After about 30 000km it goes down to 20-21kWh and stays there.
New will have something like 27,5kWh. Summer driving usually consumes 15kWh, so we can calculate 180km in excellent conditions.
Old can do 120km realistic so new will have 150km realistic. And that 150 is for real and even in chilly or wet weather.

The KIA battery is probably as big (bigger) than the LEAF. What is the Soul EVs EPA range rating? Perhaps the LEAF is more efficient?

93 miles

The Drag coefficient from Leaf is better, i found Leaf 0,29 and Kia Soul EV 0,33. Also Leaf will be less front surface.

It’s between the 30kwh Leaf and a used plain jane 85 for me now that my Volt lease is gone.

It is a very tough decision. On one hand it would make sense to just make the bigger step and go with the used 85 (CPO for around 62K$). Just do it once.

On the other hand 62+tax (5.6% in AZ to bring it in from Ca) is a lot of money.

The Leaf is also enticing but would just be a stepping stone to a Bolt or a gen 2 Leaf or a Model 3 Tesla. So the 2 year Leaf lease would be money spent…..say 15K or so. Leaving 47 for the next Leaf or Bolt.

Almost makes more sense to just get a used S. I could pretty much go anywhere in that car and I would only be doing it once for around the same money.

Are those wheels standard in Europe? Any chance we will see those in the US?

107 miles of range is a 27% improvement. But there is one use case where I think the 30kWh has the biggest benefit.

If you are making a long trip stopping at multiple Chademo chargers, the ideal distance between chargers for the current 24kWh battery is between 50 and 60 miles.

For the same use case, the 30kWh battery should easily handle 75 to 85 miles, which is a big improvement.

With 2016 LEAF and after 100,000 mile Capacity Warranty, an owner can still expect 21 kWh capacity at 70% of new. (~75 miles range)

30kWh and 107 Miles EPA is not fantastic.
To compare NEDC, Renault ZOE does 240 NEDC (250 NEDC for Leaf) with only 22 kWh.

And to charge these 30kWh overnight… how long ?

The Zoe is a much smaller car you can’t compare it with Leaf.

Full charge should be 5hrs.



ZOE is a much smaller car. It should be more efficient.

Yup. Rocket science. Or we can wait 10 years for yet another battery breakthrough. Now if only we had an infinite supply of raw materials. 🙁

Space Lithium! 😉

Read somewhere that within the 1 000 pound+ Tesla battery, there is less than 10 pound of lithium.
And it’s recyclable.
I guess we can go a long way before getting short of supply on that.

It should be cheaper than the Leaf and it should be sold in the US.

Regarding the e-NV200:
“we expect to see a 30 kWh version of it made available in the US in the Fall of next year.”

Is this speculation or have you actually heard any hints to suggest as much?

Gen iv Prius is rumoured at over 60 mpg. Nissan needs to start bringing the price down if they want BEVs to succeed.

55mpg, not 60mpg.

The eco model (lithium ion?) will come out in early 2016 and clear 60 mpg …. that’s the rumor.


If true, my guess is that it would just be on the city cycle.

The video is in french and twice the commentator said 30 kW of battery.
It’s a mistake so many make, but I can’t get over it and wonder what those guy really know about what they talk about.