3-Wheeled “Esoteric” Arcimoto SRK EV Test Driven By KBB

JAN 23 2016 BY JAY COLE 18

From the CES show earlier this month in Las Vegas we present a first hand review of the Arcimoto SRK three wheeler, of which KBB seems to really like, at least as part of what it calls the “esoteric stuff” of the electronics show.

Currently, the Arcimoto is heading to 50-unit pilot production run, before full market launch expected in late 2016.  Pricing will start from $11,900.

Range? 70 miles.

Arcimoto SRK 8th Generation

Arcimoto SRK 8th Generation

Target SRK Specifications
Weight & Measures
Curb Weight: 1,023 lbs.
Length: 106″
Width: 62″
Height: 61″
Battery System
Base Model: 12 kWh Arcimoto 18650 Li-Ion system
Extended Range: 20 kWh Arcimoto 18650 Li-Ion system
Overall Performance
Acceleration: 0-60 in 7.5s
Turning Circle: 27 feet
Controls: Electronic throttle
Power: 100% electric

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The problem for LEVs is they can’t compete with government and OEM subsidized electric cars. The too expensive, but still under-priced 3-4000 pound EVs maintain the fiction of future affordable electric cars, while enabling the sale of poisonous ICE trucks and SUVs under creative pollution trading schemes.

Warren said:

“The too expensive, but still under-priced 3-4000 pound EVs… [enable] the sale of poisonous ICE trucks and SUVs under creative pollution trading schemes.”

Well, that’s a glass-half-empty way of looking at it. The glass-half-full viewpoint is that by requiring large auto makers to develop EVs, even if those are only “test market” or “compliance” EVs, this does at least force those auto makers to invest resources doing R&D in building plug-in EVs.

As they say: “Crawl before you can walk; walk before you can run.” The way most (or perhaps all) large auto makers today are making EVs is like crawling, but at least that’s better than lying still.

Assuming we ever get around to actually capping our CO2, we will be driving these anyway, if we are lucky.

Or, if you are Tesla, sprint while others are reluctantly being forced to walk?

I’d rather have a Renault Twizy.

The Twizy has half the standard pack size and tops out at 50 mph. Oh…and it is not road legal in the US as a quadricycle.

Since they are claiming they will sell it with twice the battery of the Twizy, for $2K less than the NEV version goes for in Canada,


and that a Zero motorcycle with the same pack size, and less than half the weight in materials (one motor, two wheels), sells for $2K more, I am skeptical.

For $11,900, you don’t get the body or doors. I’ve heard no mention of heat or A/C, so I’m assuming they aren’t even available as options, much less standard.
The “deliverator” looks cool (check it out on the Arcimoto site), but I’d bet that, with the body panels, you’re pushing $16,000+ for this. No mention of charging capability or whether the batteries have a TMS, so I’m assuming 3.3 and “no”.
It seems rather expensive to me for what you actually get.

It is rather expensive because…batteries. You would be saying the same of electric cars, if they weren’t heavily subsidized. Your option is to kill the planet with ICE, or live near work and stores…if you can afford it, and are lucky enough to have a secure job. Good luck.


Move information, not people.

Right now we have a foot and a half of snow, below freezing temps, howling wind. Information won’t keep me warm, dry and feed. People with practical skills do that.

What if you had a 3-D printer/laser engraver/CNC router in your house that used information – downloaded programs – to make stuff instead of driving to Wal-Mart to buy them or having Amazon truck them from a port?

You don’t actually make things for a living, do you? You aren’t going to 3-D print a new transformer, when the one on the electric pole out front blows, You aren’t going to 3-D print food, or medicine.

Once you don’t have to commute, you can move anywhere.

I’d move somewhere better for human life. 🙂

Retiring in August. Live in Az 20 miles from Laughlin and the Colorado River. Got my deposit on a new Arcimoto SRK. Would get the extended range battery pack. This vehicle would be a lot of fun around here.Been riding motorcycles since I was in grammar school so not worried about heating and air conditioning. Visited the Arcimoto factory in Eugene back in 2012. The guy said they weren’t really interested in regen. Told them my Vectrix scooter(which I still have) had it and I’d hate to be without it because of the extra braking power. Was glad to see they have it on the new vehicle.Hope I can get one by 2017. Would have a blast cruising around on this vehicle. Pretty sharp looking in my humble opinion. Bring it on.

Yeah. I hope they actually deliver. I really like it, although a lower enclosed body, like the Elio, would get my wife to go for it. As it stands now, it looks like the Bolt will replace her Corolla. I’ll stick to my electric assist bicycles. In a car she drives, and I sleep.

And BTW Jay, the word is ESOTERIC.