3 Nissan LEAFs Delivered To Fleet In Mexico


Time For The Big Reveal

Time For The Big Reveal

It was 4 months ago when the Nissan LEAF went on sale in Mexico.

Then, approximately 4 weeks ago, Nissan uniquely delivered the first LEAF to a Mexican buyer.

Now, there’s one more first to report for the LEAF in Mexico.  This first pertains to a fleet purchase of 3 Nissan LEAFs:

Tweet Confirming Delivery

Tweet Confirming Delivery

So, there it is…Nissan has delivered the first fleet LEAFs in Mexico.  The first of hundreds or perhaps even thousands we’re sure.

It’s hard to believe that Nissan is still expanding the global reach of LEAF, but it’s true.  It seems that every couple of months Nissan adds at leas one more country to the growing list of LEAF-available-here.

Congrats to Nissan for delivering Mexico’s first electric vehicle to the general public and for delivering Mexico’s first fleet EVs too.

Source: Alex Viveros via Twitter

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The LEAFs look a lot less fugly with those red covers on. I hope the styling of the next gen LEAF will be less quirky and more sexy. Fugly styling means lost sales.

Another place to keep track of for the north american sales. 🙂 I’m expecting Costa Rica to start getting EV’s sometime in the near future too with their goal to be 100% fossil free in all energy by 2020 (even though most of the change will probable be from biofuel).

BYD sells BEVs in Costa Rica.