2WD Plug-in Hybrid Mitsubishi Coming To 2015 Geneva Motor Show


The all new Mitsubishi Motors concept

The all new Mitsubishi Motors concept

At the upcoming 85th International 2015 Geneva Motor Show, Mitsubishi will present an “all-new concept car” equipped with the automaker’s next-generation 2WD plug-in hybrid system.

The first images remind us of the Mitsubishi Concept XR-PHEV, which was first presented in late 2013.

This announcement is especially interesting because the Japanese manufacturer intends to bring this car to the market in the coming years.

“TOKYO – “A future-oriented attitude: powerful, fast and dynamic”. This is the theme of the 85th International Geneva Motor Show official poster in perfect synergy with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation’s (MMC’s) confident presence this year; from a new dramatic booth design to the sharpness of an all-new concept car.

A world premiere in Geneva, the striking concept car is  a ‘declaration of intent’ for MMC’s future directions -a powerful embodiment of its next generation 2WD plug-in hybrid electric (“PHEV”) technology as well as its bold design renaissance, all contained in Mitsubishi Motors’ favorite format of the SUV crossover.

The all new Mitsubishi Motors concept – a smart combination of engineering, fluency with a high-output electric motor, low environmental impact, dynamic agility and athletic design.”

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2WD = 2 wheel drive? 😛

One of the smart things about PHEV’s is that when you already need two motors you can easily make it a 4-wheel drive.

My questions would be:

Is there a forced EV mode, and if so, what is performance in that mode?
Range on gas?

Probably the usual. 20 AER. 75 kW motor. 0-60 in EV mode will be 12+ sec. But it’ll get 110 mpge for CARB so win for them.

I’m tempted to say “*Groan* not another concept!” But at least they said they’ll build this one…maybe.

Why is this interesting? A concept car is exactly that — very far away from production, so “intends to bring this car to market in the following years” is pretty much meaningless in itself. A concept car is IMO only important if it demonstrates truly novel features, or if its features aren’t that novel, but it’s from a significant automaker and appears to indicate it’s changing policy (e.g., if Tesla were to demo an ICE concept).

Hopefully Mitsubishi will still have dealerships in the US by the time this concept goes on sale.

Maybe they are waiting for them all to close, then they can sell direct like Tesla 🙂

This is the ASX PHEV, significant cost reduction compared to Outlander PHEV,
improved battery, only FWD, improved efficiency particularly in charge depleted mode.

In many ways its similar to some predictions for the Volt 2 except with seating for 5 and a 14 Kwh battery.

Have a good time rest of the planet, Mitsubishi has decided to stop all operations capable of restoring brand awareness and customer interest in the U.S. The remaining ‘concept’ is conceiving of Mitsubishi returning