280 Mile Audi R8 E-Tron Becomes Reality – Will Be Built “Upon Customer Request”


Audi R8 E-Tron

Audi R8 E-Tron

Audi has made the battery breakthrough that was necessary to bring the Audi R8 e-tron to production.

For a Very Short Time, the Audi R8 E-tron Held the Fastest Lap Title For EVs at the Nurburgring

For a Very Short Time, the Audi R8 E-tron Held the Fastest Lap Title For EVs at the Nurburgring

Speaking today at Audi’s annual press conference, Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Member of the Board of Management at AUDI AG for Technical Development, fully confirmed that the R8 e-tron is set to launch:

“My Board of Management colleagues and I appreciate that many of you are awaiting news on our fully battery electric vehicle, the Audi R8 e-tron.”

“In recent months, I have had a very close look at these electric high-performance sports cars with my team The latest development work is very convincing. We have increased their range from 215 to approximately 450 kilometers, which is a decisive step towards everyday practicality. This significant step is the result of progress with battery technology and a revised package with a considerably higher power density. In brief: We combine power and stamina. We have made significant efficiency gains with mechanical as well as electrical and electronic components of the R8 e-tron. The drivetrain is more efficient and onboard electricity consumption has been considerably reduced due to optimizing the power electronics. I am very proud of these achievements of my team.”

“The Board of Management of AUDI AG has decided to offer the next-generation R8 e-tron as a manufactured sports car upon customer request. And we will make intensive use of the next generation of the R8 e-tron as an open technology carrier and working instrument for our engineers to test and further develop technologies for the future.”

Audi R8 E-tron Now Production-Bound

Audi R8 E-tron Now Production-Bound

This marks the first time that Audi has officially commented on the R8 e-tron as being confirmed for production.  Sure, it won’t be a mass-produced vehicle, but it will soon be built “upon customer request.”

Previously released specs for the R8 e-tron no longer apply as the battery pack now clearly features next-gen tech and more kWh, but here are those old figures:

  • 381 hp
  • 605 pound-feet of torque
  • 0 to 62 in ~ 4 seconds
  • Top speed 124 mph

Moving on to price, we see that the R8 e-tron is one of those “if you have to ask”… Actually, there’s no pricing information available at this time, but one word comes to mind: EXPENSIVE.

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8 yrs later Audi is making an inferior Tesla roadster….at an exhobitant price ( customer request)…YAWN!!!! …anyone doubting theTesla lead????

The arrogance of the Germans thinking they know everything automotive. I’ve heard rumors how many including Land Rover took the roadster to China to dissect it & reverse engineer… it did not work!!

Many of this breakthroughs are just Tesla-reverse engineering… yet they come out & make big speeches congratulating themselves. If I was the CEO of such a company I’ll just fire them and order a PHOTOCOPYING machine…Xerox or something!
That way I’ll save on R & D. Because they’re not bringing anything original

Your post without more support is simply a bald asseretion. Please tell the forum in detail, exactly what Audi has in the R8 Etron that is only reverse engineered from Tesla. Links would be helpful in this discussion.

Whether it’s reverse-engineered or not, the real issue is in the first sentence:

8 yrs later Audi is making an inferior Tesla roadster….at an exhobitant price ( customer request)…YAWN!!!! …anyone doubting theTesla lead????

That’s the real deal.

How can you conclude it is “inferior”? You haven’t even driven one.

Honestly, this tesla fanboi stuff reeks immaturity.

roadster epa miles 248miles
0-60 3.7s

lol poor audi

Is this a new trend. Will we see more companies offering 200 mile or so EV’s. Maybe GM has one in the wings as well and will use it as a test bed for their big move to aluminum p/u trucks they announced in (2017?)

280 miles of range in Europe = what in the US? 200?

170 – 180 mile

more like 190 miles… but might be up to 230 in EPA.

What? Miles are miles!

depends on the driving cycle

One thing that I know is that I never get even close to the EPA numbers in my FFE

whereas I always get far over the official mileage in my FFE if doing mostly under 45 mph… break about even between 45 and 55. Well, except when temps are well below freezing and the car hadn’t been plugged in while sitting. Of course, using the cabin heater instead of the seat heater–or running the AC–will put a dent in those figures.

The big news behind this is that the VW group apparently have a new battery ready to go, at around the same energy density as that in the Tesla S and ~double that in the E-Up.

Of course it might be really expensive, or with lousy cycle life which amounts to the same thing, but it seems unlikely that the VW group would have wasted time developing it in that case.

So it is probably a preview of more powerful batteries for the whole of the VW group, perhaps the ones with the ~50% increase in battery density they were talking about recently coming in the next couple of years.

So pretty exciting stuff, and indicative of future BEV cars at less exulted price points than the R8 E-Tron, with 50-100% more battery range.

Agree – this is stealing a page out of the Tesla playbook – lead with expensive model, then have the tech trickle down into the rest of the product lines. In theory VW Group now has a battery that can put some teeth into any BEV plans they may have

You could be wrong, on price. A chemistry that is energy dence but doesn’t last, could be like a race engine that needs rebuilding every so many hours.

Musk should call them out, publicly step up and say “I want one”, or more colloquially “Bring it”.

this is the definition of vaporware , and a company ceo grasping for a news worhty anuual report to attract buyers to the brand.

a little to late to the party.

Audi has 10 fully-road worthy protoypes of the R8. The press has driven them. Hardly vapor, Audi just has not pulled the production trigger, until apparently now.

Interesting how many makers are now targeting the 200-300 mile range car.

Teslas announced gen III is scarring the cr*p out of the oil sucking automotive world. It’s awesome to see someone lighting a fire under their rumps, nudging the industry to do the right thing…

I’m glad Elon is not a supervillian, and is merely interested in helping humanity. 😉

Nice looking car: I congratulate Audi and wish them well with it and its eventual offspring.

Two-seater, a bit slower than a model S, actual real-world range still to be calculated, no luggage space, reliability and road-worthiness undetermined, cost…”on demand”.

I’ll stick with my model S.

Why do the Tesla faithful get so agressive when news comes from another auto company? Did you think Tesla would actually be the only game in town forever? Mr. Musk surely never imagined it. We the EV community should celebrate every confirmed new BEV that ANY maker brings to market as it puts us one step closer to the tipping point.

Folks tend to forget Musk’s goal is not be be the next Toyota or GM but rather to drive the electrification of automobiles. If this is the first step in broader electrification of VW Group, then I am guessing Musk is quite pleased.


If this was news from Toyota, Mercedes, or Honda, I think the responses would be more positive. VW/Audi has cancelled so many EV projects, I am waiting to see it in the showroom to believe it.


VW are currently producing BEV cars, not just compliance models like the Toyota iQ, and the Honda Fit EV.
Mercedes only has an indirect link in the Smart ED.
So no matter how flaky their rhetoric, VW are better represented than the companies you have chosen to compare them with.

Please make it. This is the style of car we would have bought if it was available last year. We now drive a Tesla P85 and a Volt, but there would be room for an Audi.

Price could be a problem, but that will drop when more of these are beeing introduced. So we look forward to more competition in the EV marketplace….

The more the merrier. Maybe it will be a dud, maybe not. Looks cool to me! Playing catch-up, with Tesla is true, and come on, bring it says Musk, is too.
85k my guess for the base no credit.

I sure wish they would sell a distinctive car. Is this it? They claim to be a world leader in both EV’s and battery technology, so you’d think a high priced premium brand would come out with the most luxurious, biggest battery, most horsepower (or at least a few of those – me, ill trade hp for luxury and a big battery. 120 kwh anyone?

I drive a Chevy Volt and get “Ohs and Ahhs” all the time. 🙂

As the old saying goes, “the proof is in the pudding”. Such a lot of fuss and verbiage over something that hasn’t even hit the road yet. It’s not only a “yawn”, but also a big waste of time.

It takes a lot of faith to buy a car you can’t see based on someone’s review of a prototype in an enthusiast publication.

I wish them well, the more EVs are out in the wild drawing favorable attention, the better for all EVs. I just don’t see where this will sell more than a very few copies. The expression was “build it and they will come,” not “buy it and they will build it for you.”