25% Of All Fiskers In US Sold at 3 Southern Californian Dealerships, Many Of Those At Event Last Week

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Fisker's US Dealerships - Get Selling Fisker Of Northwest Arkansas

Fisker has, at last count, 44 registered dealers in the United States, who have sold around 1,000 cars.  However, about a quarter of those have been sold inside a 90 mile radius in California.

One Of 28 Cars At Karma Event At Fisker HQ Last Month (photo via Fisker)

28 of those thousand cars came home last week, as they took a ride down the Pacific Coast Highway after spending the morning at Fisker’s global headquarters in Anaheim for the largest gathering of Karmas in history.

Even Henrik Fisker himself was on hand for the event, and the company made sure to take advantage of the opportunity to promote that “range anxiety was non-existent, even as each made their way home after a catered lunch.”

“This is the first formal Fisker owner event and we hope to have many more,” said Henrik Fisker, Executive Chairman and Co-founder of Fisker Automotive. “Our team has worked hard to make Fisker the first to bring a car like the Karma to market. It was exciting to meet so many who share our vision of environmentally conscious cars that don’t sacrifice power, style or performance.”

The majority of the cars at the event came from Irvine’s Fisker of Orange County, who also happens to lead the universe in Karmas sold at about 100 since the car went on sale last December.   Just 50 miles north is Fisker of Santa Monica who is in second at just under 100 cars, and neighbor to the south in San Diego has notched 25 sales.

“Southern Californians recognize the value of a car that perfectly fits their lifestyles,” said Marcelo Sandoval, sales manager at Fisker of Orange County. “Everything about the Karma, from the solar panel roof to the Fisker logo of a sunset over the Pacific Ocean, represents the lifestyle we love so much.” Sandoval was instrumental in organizing the event and bringing so many owners together.

The event also featured a tour of the Fisker design studios, that included a talk with the staff, and a close up look at the upcoming (sometime in 2014) Fisker Atlantic.

Fisker Press Release
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What is missing from this report is a list of who the participants were….

It’s a High Roller of a car, no surprise so many are sold in the land of Glitz and Glamour. I wonder when a custom body shop will get around to converting one of these into a wicked looking limo.

Would be nice if it just worked a little better and they had stuck to their original $89,000 sticker price.

Still the best looking plugin car

Call me dim-witted, but I prefer the looks of my ugly, boring, and plasticy Volt built for the masses. The Karma is definitely impressive, it has a heft and presence on the road, it invokes jealousy with its solar paneled roof, but it does not posses beauty and style the way the Fisker-designed Z8 did for example.