24-Minute Tesla Model X Video Review


Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Looking for the longest Tesla Model X video review out there? Well, we think this one fits the bill at over 24 minutes long.

It’s not the absolute best Model X review we’ve come across, but it does include some “in-depth discussion” that you may find engaging.

Video description:

“We went to Arizona to film an in-depth discussion of a fully loaded P90D Tesla Model X. The S sedan has gained accolades around the world, and the entry level 3 is still forthcoming. So what does the X have to offer. We show you, discuss, disagree, and wonder about the future.”

The first part of the video is more or less advertising for Everyday Driver, so feel free to fast forward to the 2-minute mark where the X review/discussion gets going.

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The video mentions something I haven’t really considered before. The falcon wing doors on the X is possibly not the best idea but they are striking. They make people go “Hey, what’s that?” and as such they are a great advertising for EVs and Tesla in particular. They might be a way to get people interested in electric vehicles!

These Comedians are comparing apples to bananas , This is the Ultimate Hi-Tec aluminum construction vehicle on the planet! The Best most innovative everything vehicle out there, that does Everything better than anything out there bar none!.. These comedians start to make less sense as the video wears on….is it Fatigue? brain drain?, brain fade ,or a no brain? “this is Ugly” He says, As he compares it to a P 0 S garbage heap of a minivan.. This has be a brain Attack happening to the 0ne Comedian!

This review focuses on an interesting point regarding the fun to drive category. Both reviewers give it 2 wheels out of 4. They say you get no feedback from the road, the driving experience. Of course the very nature of the vehicle as a conveyance dictates that this will be so. In essence the vehicle drives you, you don’t drive it. It’s an evolutionary step in vehicle technology, so it is going to feel different, and ludicrous mode merely a party trick? I suppose if you compared it to having David Copperfield being the magician at your Bar Mitzvah, a party trick. It is not a party trick. Neither are the doors, though they agree that the utility of the doors is special it is not worth the price. I think the 50k saved is silly, for not having the doors. I do think they have a point of whether it was worth the cost for the Aw factor. They both give it high marks for technology and utility 3.5 wheels out of 4 and 4 for 4. The one reviewer was like: I don’t want to call it a car, in the traditional sense… It was a bit like… Read more »

I thought it was enjoyable, watching two oil-coated gear heads, discuss why they were having problems internalizing what they were experiencing, driving this SUV.

Any negatives they had against the vehicle, were quite minor and highly subjective. Given their history of ICE vehicle engagement, I thought it was great watching them backhandedly appreciating the depth of thought put into the Model X and what Tesla has accomplished in creating it.

Great review It will make more “Oilies” curious to test drive one. 🙂

This vehicle is so far out of their league & comprehension that they didn’t know what to make of it..

I did not like the video!

Not a review – just substandard chatter. Waste of time.

Extra tint on the glass for AZ… LOL.

I agree with the guy in red shirt.

“I would take a Model S over this thing”

I would too..

I love the Model S, but got no love for Model X at all…

That was inane.

LMAO @ the hate in the comments against Everday Driver. Anywhere from “X is the best, how dare you criticize it?” to “They are TEH BIASED against EVs and for ICE!”.

Practically everything the video says is spot on. The X, while amazing, is only “better” than the S for its party tricks.

And that’s what they are: expensive party tricks.

Model is S so much better, unless you really cannot get a sedan.

Obviously S is better for 1-2, maybe even 4-5 occupants except for if you want the better seats, the better windshield visibility, towing capacity, cabin filter, improved sound system, and if you want to bring 2 friends along with your 4 people family. Probably forgot some more things 🙂

Model S looks better with doors closed anyways, I actually like its presenting door handles that are like an extending hand greeting you, its more aerodynamic and so you get more far on the same charge. Also you get a sunroof to drive open with.

For me the advantages of the X outweigh the S, and I like the looks when the doors are open 🙂

One point not made: The avowed advantage of the rear doors is that they allow one to get in and out of the X when parked close to something. But what about the driver? He/she still has to get their door open and wiggle out – the falcon wings don’t help them a darn bit. As the guy who always has to drive, those doors are an expensive Wow! to me. I wish they had a falcon-wing delete option. Then I’d get excited.