24 Hour Electric Car Fast Charging Challenge

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A company called ZEF Energy announced a cool event on 12-13 April – the 24 Hour Electric Vehicle Charging Challenge.

It’s about electric cars and DC fast charging them in 24 hours through CHAdeMO. A goal has beenset for 100 cars (each charged once), which would be about 15-minutes for one from a single charger (Tesla adapter available). There is no word on Combo plug.

Part of the reason for the event is to raise awareness about fast charging capabilities and of course to set a new Guinness Book World Record.

Even more surprising is that such a cool project is launched in Minnesota, obviously not the largest market for EVs.

If you can help with the world record attempt, sign up and get free hot pizza and coffee to celebrate the record.

“Help Set An EV World Record In MPLS

We are celebrating and raising awareness of the unprecedented spread of Fast Chargers in the Metro, making it easier than ever for you to drive your EV without limits.

Say goodbye to range anxiety and celebrate with us by setting a Guinness Book World Record. You have an opportunity to make electric vehicle history by participating in the 24 Hour Electric Vehicle Charging Challenge.

Our goal is to fast charge 100 PEVs within 24 hours to set a Guinness Book World record at this event!

We will have a PEV charging every fifteen minutes around the clock.  The unique location for this event is the 36 Lyn Refuel Station —a gas station that has a DC fast charger.

To be successful, we need each of you who have PEVs with fast charging capabilities to participate. 

There will be a CHAdeMO adapter for Tesla owners—so sign up your Tesla. For those who participate you will be rewarded with hot pizza from Galactic Pizza, Peace coffee, and possibly some giveaways.

The charging of PEVs will be recorded through time-lapse video over the 24 hours and will be made into a YouTube video.  We have invited local media to cover the event, join us in making history! We can’t do it without your support!  


WHEN: For 24 hours beginning at 2 p.m. on Sunday, April 12 and ends at 2 p.m. on Monday, April 13th SIGN UP: We need you to sign up for your spot to make sure everyone gets a charge. Sign up here.


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Interesting idea … 15 minute Quick Charge sessions.

Note: An average session will need to be under 14 minutes to have 100 sessions in 24 hours.

Great way to get the sheeple media interested. Records get attention.

I’m not sure of how the goal will be measured. It is just 100 cars? Or is it the amount of kWhs? Does each car have to completely fill, or just get 15 min worth of charge? Obviously it will take longer to fill different cars based on their battery sizes and current level of charge.

15 min. QC sessions noted above.
That’s 4 per hour, for 24 hours … 96 total.

To reach a goal of over a 100 sessions; average session needs to be 14 min., or less.

So it’s just a session. Wonder why they went with DC Chademo? Could have used L2 or L1.

Hey kdawg, the reason we settled on 15 mins and DC Fast Charging, was to demonstrate to people the average residency time on these fast units (it’s actually less than that during the summer, but longer during the winter).

It’s all about showing how easy it is to live with an EV in the Twin Cities.

Cool idea, although not entirely new. Check out this 24 hour fast charging & driving video from 2011 (!)

All CHAdeMO, more than 20 fast charging session in one day per car.

This kind of reminds me of those other record setting events where hundreds of guys line up for 60 seconds with their favorite adult “star”. I hope everyone has a clean charge port!

Great story Mr. Kane!

Interesting enough on a related story the Chevrolet Volt EREV with Destination Refueling and Opportunity Charging has seen insane total miles, all electric in a 24 hour period.

OnStar Data as captured on Volt Stats Dot net By Mike Rosack records 356.81, 312.97 and 287.63 miles driven, All Electric in a single 24 hour period.

That’s a lot of sitting in a 24 hour period but remarkable non the less!

Link Goes To VoltStats Dot Net ‘Achievements Page” Electric Miles/Day-



Thomas J. Thias

Sundance Chevrolet Inc.


Publisher –


Looks like the record is 434.57 miles in a 24 hour period.

I am looking forward to participating in this event. As mentioned in the article, Minnesota isn’t often considered a leader in the EV arena but ZEF Energy and partners now have roughly 20 DC fast chargers throughout the Twin Cities metro area. We have a very active EV Owner’s Circle.

FYI – This unit is a dual CHAdeMO/CCS Combo along with an adapter for the Tesla folks. (I’ve used this unit a few times before.)