2019 Chevy Bolt EV Test Drive & Review: Video


It’s the EV that’s painless to switch to.

The Chevy Bolt is not a Tesla Model 3 and here that’s an advantage. Basically, you step into a Bolt EV and you’re right at home. No learning curve here.

Unlike in a Model 3 where there’s a learning curve, the Chevy Bolt is more like a step-in-and-go type of electric car.

The car itself will feel familiar. There’s very little to indicate it’s electric or different and that’s definitely a plus.

Get behind the wheel for a second and you’ll notice the electric drive and its seamless acceleration. Outside of that, the Bolt is just a car. It doesn’t spew EV and that’s fine by us.

Check out the quick video clip above and you’ll see why being not so EV-ish is actually a plus.

Video description:

The Chevy Bolt is definitely worth a look if you’re considering switching to an electric vehicle. It’s affordable price and decent range make it an excellent option for a lot of drivers.

I got a chance to test drive one, and here are my thoughts!

My goal this year is to create 50 videos. Each week I’ll be talking about a topic related to electric cars, and I would love to hear what you want to learn about. Leave a comment below!

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Very good overview of this great vehicle…simple and to the point of how it makes switching over to driving electric extremely easy. We have been a 2 Bolt EV family for over two years now (traded in two gas guzzlers early 2017) and would never go back to gas vehicles again! The Bolts are great to drive with excellent acceleration & regenerative braking, easy to charge (the DC fast charging opton is a must if you are doing any roadtrips – Chevrolet should make it standard instead of an option), very roomy & good cargo space behind the back seats, virtually maintenance free, I could go on and on. Best vehicles I’ve owned.

Love my little 2018 bolt , fast , nimble , Michigan did hit me with a $445 plate tab’s renew . That’s 3 x what I pay for my 2500 HD truck plate renew . Michigan government trying to kill sales so they can make money on gas tax.

No matter what they do it is still a Chevy.

Not much of it actually, at least the heart and soul of it, aren’t.
Not trying to prove your point in the negative, but just in the interest of accuracy.

What is the point you’re trying to make? If you think it’s deficient in some way, say what it is.

I love my car, but GM should update the charging rate to not taper off untill 70-75%.

Unfortunately that “update” will probably come in the form of the 2020 Bolt (which you’ll have to buy to get that “update”)

Unfortunately GM will not update any existing Bolts with the new software even if all the hardware is the same.

While that would improve fast charging, that’s a reality to preserve battery life. We’d be hard-pressed to find an EV that doesn’t taper off while DC fast charging.

SparkEV to 80% does not taper. In fact, SparkEV is still the quickest charging EV in the world in C rate, 3C at 80%. Bolt is less than 1C even at highest charge power.

I believe that’s one reason GM decided to program the Bolt with its aggressive charge taper profile. Spark EVs and their full pull to 80% charging behavior have experienced (statistically) significant degradation (though still nowhere near the level of the POS Leaf).

What’s the source of that data? SparkEV goes through at least 3 times more charge cycles compared to Bolt as well as much larger depth of discharge (aka, abuse). Even with all that, mine only had 10% degradation after 3 years. That’s like Bolt having 10% degradation after 9 years driven 200+ miles daily AND frequent DCFC from under 20% to 80% keeping 180 kW.

Source bro? I love led my ICE spark but the ev range of the spark was no bueno. I drove everywhere in that little car

Can you get a 40kw battery in spark?

The learning curve is half the pleasure of buying a new car.

and 100% of the displeasure.

If you are tentative about buying an EV you should go with Tesla. The Super Charging network makes it so easy to travel.

You have to ask yourself if Supercharger network access is worth $12K to $15K since CA travel is just as good on CCS network, and getting better (soon, coast to coast possible). You can get a used SUV/van/truck for $12K for far more utility since you can tow with it.

I would say a Tesla with a Long Range battery is the way to go. My Model 3 drives effortlessly on the highway. My BoltEV is good for city driving. The combination of Super Charging + Destination charging + J-1772 Adapter Charging makes my Model 3 my favorite for long trips.

Volt#671 + BoltEV + Model 3

Bolt EV: the utilitarian, practical EV for everyone (that doesn’t have a huge ego)!

Do you hate yourself that much?
Keep your ego out of it.

I agree with the first two, but it’s not for everyone, regardless of ego, or the size of it. Some people may not like the look of it, a common knock, is that ego, or just taste.

Please post a transcript!

Forget about getting a smart phone and stay with your flip phone since there’s no learning curve.

@ Patrick … ditto! Love this car! It’s fun to drive, extremely economical. My wife told me yesterday that the last time she filled up our Traverse was in Dec. 2018; we use the Bolt for inter-urban travel as much as we can; like today where she’s driving to a town nearby for the day. I’m driving mom’s Panzerwagen (Traverse) to the bus stop. Get a Bolt you won’t be disappointed.

Probably no better time to get one, as if you can use the entire tax credit, this is the last quarter you can get the full one. Lots of them sitting on lots, so deals can be made. I would imagine. If it fits your lifestyle, city runabout, eschew long distance travelling, but perhaps short hops on occasion, then by all means give it consideration.

There are probably competitive choices coming soon, though you may have to wait a while for them, and prices for those vehicles will go up, if tariffs are passed. E-Vehicles like the Kona, the Kia Soul, and others.

Great car, and you can have the dealer put a 1 1/4″ hitch on the back for hauling bikes. Not having a hitch is a total deal breaker for my family.

Test drove one. It was .. adequate.
I’m waiting for the Hyundai Kona EV.
Also, completely unimpressed with GM as a business atm.

Thank you to everyone that watched my video and is leaving feedback – you all have made my day!

I’m so sick of Bolt reviews that, like this one, make statements along the lines of “its zippy, but nowhere near as fast as a Tesla”.

0-60 in 6.3 is not zippy it’s fast. Only 7/10ths slower than base Tesla. It’s like reviewers can’t accept the fact that the Bolt is fast, so they call it peppy or zippy or say that it’s surprisingly quick. Just say it – ITS FAST.

The other thing reviewers do with the Bolt is say that it loses steam at higher speeds (this review did not say that, thankfully). It loses no steam whatsoever at higher speeds. Passing time is better than most euro luxury cars. Same with 1/4 mile.

If you can live with the looks and the spartan interior, the Bolt is the ultimate sleeper with a very reasonable 5 year tco.