206,584 EVs Registered For Europe In 2016 – Country Breakdown (ACEA)


The last quarter of plug-in electric car sales in Europe (Q4) wasn’t successful as hoped, as new registrations of passenger models decreased by 10.6% (-5.7% BEVs and -12.6% PHEVs), this according to recent data by ACEA.

This fallback can mostly be attributed to some specific incentive programs in 2016 vs the end of 2015, and the anticipation for the new Renault ZOE 40 ZE with 300 km/186 miles of real world range.  Still, we had hoped other factors could overcome the headwinds.

Nissan LEAF

However, the  European Union (EU) and EFTA (Norway, Switzerland) still ended 2016 with a 9.7% higher result for new registrations than a year ago – with 206,584 deliveries overall, which is a new record!

Interestingly, most of the plug-ins sold were PHEVs (not so for the other major regions around the world in 2016):

  • PHEV – 112,999 (up 17.2%)
  • BEVs – 90,795 (up 2.9%)

The six largest markets in Europe, hold more than 83% of all plug-in registrations (compared to 86% year ago), so the smaller countries are starting to make some headway:

  • Norway – 44,908 (up 33.0%)
  • UK – 36,917 (up 28.6%)
  • France – 29,189 (up 27.6%)
  • Germany – 25,214 (up 7.0%)
  • Netherlands – 22,801 (down 48.7%)
  • Sweden – 13,221 (up 52.6%)

Here is full report:


All-electric car registrations in Europe in 2016 (source: ACEA)


Plug-in hybrid car registrations in Europe in 2016 (source: ACEA)


Plug-in electric car registrations in Europe in 2016 (source: ACEA)

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6 Comments on "206,584 EVs Registered For Europe In 2016 – Country Breakdown (ACEA)"

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Not bad. But Norway is carrying you guys.

Germany and France need to get their numbers up. Well . . . the all need better cars. The Zoe is pretty decent. But most of the German plug-ins are rather lackluster . . . they are a whole generation behind Tesla and GM!

But at least they have FINALLY realized their mistake and are now pushing hard to put out better products. Of course it took Tesla eating their lunch to smack some sense into them.

It’s a combination of things driving adoption and Tesla showing how it is done and slapping the complacent European automakers upside the head, big time, as you suggest, has had a lot to do with this. Also the air pollution of major cities in Europe is quite frightening, while evs are just all around better.

PHEVs seem really popular. Has taken over the lead and increasing fast.

Note that the ACEA summary table total does not up up with the breakdown table!

It’s great to see strong growth in Europe but we really need to see more movement coming out of Germany. I know that there are various barriers and challenges to adoption there but less than 1 in 100 new cars having a plug is not “saturation point”. I think they need to have a look at their tax laws EV’s offer so many advantaged to a nation that it is a no brainier to adjust the tax system on new cars to favor their adoption.

They need better cars. Germany dragged their feet on developing EVs and the cars that they have are pretty weaksauce. Short-range BEVs and PHEVs with pathetically small batteries.