2050 Motors To Build Electric Cars In Nevada


2050 e-Go, Photo credit: 2050 Motors

2050 e-Go, Photo credit: 2050 Motors

It seems Faraday won’t be the only company thinking about building an automotive manufacturing plant in Nevada.

2050 Motors is analyzing sites in the Las Vegas area early this year, and the company may also seek tax incentives, similar to Faraday.

Director of the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development, Steve Hill, said that so far, 2050 Motors hasn’t requested tax incentives.

For now, 2050 Motors will import vehicles manufactured at its plant in China. The 200,000-square-foot, $100 million plant in Yancheng was built in September 2014. Within 5 months, it was functional, and full-scale production is anticipated for the coming spring.

2050 is sending its e-Go vehicles to U.S. crash test facilities with hopes of approval to sell in the States by this summer.  After the completion of successful testing (if successful, which seems doubtful), 2050 will push forward with its plan to build the e-Go plant in Nevada.

Both the e-Go and the Ibis (the car the company compares to the Tesla Model S) were unveiled to the public and media at recent VIP receptions in Vegas. They are now on display for all to see at the William Carr Gallery at Tivoli Village. Guests can find information and register on the 2050 Motors website.

2050 Motors reported that the 4-passenger e-Go could sell for $25,000 and the 5-passenger Ibis for $59,500 (both after tax credits).

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Um, yuck. e-Go, e-Sucks.

Do their cars use those less-advanced lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) batteries favored by the Chinese government?

The e-Go definitely uses lithium iron phosphate batteries. The Ibis may not.

Hmmm….poor man’s knock-offs of Mercedes ‘A’ and Buick Enclave? What’s not to like!

I like it. I hope they sell well.

I doubt a $32,500 Smart EV knockoff will sell well at all.

A little runabout. I give it a C-, just on first impressions and the fact the Chinese built it.
Probably true that it will not pass crash tests. If it does it will barely pass, so I would take a pass. But keep trying, that is how we learn.

So the e-Go at $32,500 is going to compete with the base Model 3 at $35,000? Hahahahaha.

Ibis is interesting.

It has 72kWh battery and good for about 200-250 miles of range with about 180HP and Volt level’s performance.

It weighs 4,000lbs with carbon fiber/composite and AL alloy.

The safety is questionable.

Price is a bit high for both the range and performance. (comparing to the Bolt).

Interior looks like early 2000’s Hyundai and exterior looks like previous generation Buick..

I am NOT sure if it will sell at $56K for sure.

Looks and sounds better than the CODA, but still at least 1 generation behind the elite of the class, not to mention the best of the class Model 3.

I don’t think it is even better than the Bolt… Except for battery size and 15kW onboard charger…

More info here: http://www.2050motors.com/cars.html

I can’t believe it. Model 3 is two years from production and already declared “best of class”.

Kinda like anointing a promising high school sophomore as his class valedictorian two years before he graduates. LOL!

It is “best of class” based on the “known spec or promises”.

1. Best of performance, 0-60mph for under 6 seconds. Name me another $35K PEV that can do that? None. Model 3 is the best.

2. EPA minimum of 215 miles. Bolt is closest at 200 miles+. Until GM or Nissan or anyone else can make that claim, Tesla got the best “claimed spec”.

3. Styling. It is subjective. But Model 3 is close to the top (even though it isn’t my favorite)

4. Charging access. Supercharger is superior right now to others. So, that is still top of the class.

5. Tesla services. Top of the class.

So, unless others can make better claims, Tesla are the best so far in terms of released specs and claims.

Yes, the car isn’t out yet, but the claims are there. Other can do the same if they are willing.

Or giving Obama the Nobel Peace Price prior to destroying or continuing to destroy 7 countries while he’s in office.

Actually, Obama has been better than I thought he’d be, – he has been definitely reluctant to attack the Russias too hard.

Elon has generally delivered to what promises as far as what the car does.

At least from the spec released so far, Model S looks to be the best in class. Bolt is very close behind, not far at all.

But which BEV is the best right now in terms of performance/range/price, right now?

Is the ibis any better than the BYD sedan? It would need to be Tesla quality at a no-name Chinese price.

At least they have a real product, already engineered, production experience, etc. No virtual tours,They’ll probably put up a basic, inexpensive factory shell and make actual EV’s at an affordable price. Basic cars. Not S3XY like Tesla or fantasy like Faraday. But will probably sell a ton of them. Good Luck 2050. I really mean this.

..and good luck to you. I really mean that.

Not bloody likely. Who would buy an ugly, unknown, Chinese micro EV when a better, more attractive, solidly backed Fiat 500E or Spark EV is less expensive? And both of those are in their final model year. But I do envy your optimism!

Somebody’s been sniffing the coolant again.

It seems Nevada is the new Michigan

The article from LV Review Journal is from February 13, 2016. This is not recent news.

It is still conjecture at this point whether they build their factory in Nevada or elsewhere, as they were also eyeing an old Hyundai factory in Eastern Canada.

Not sure why that matters Simon, as nothing material has changed in the interim. 2050 Motors isn’t a significant player by any stretch in the segment, and won’t be building anything for years … the story is more of a ‘point of interest’, so other breaking/current news took precedence moving it back until there was a slot.