2050 Motors Presents Ibis Electric Sedan, Compares It To Tesla Model S

JAN 19 2016 BY MARK KANE 78

2050 Motors Ibis

2050 Motors Ibis

2050 Motors Ibis

2050 Motors Ibis

The “Angry Tesla Model S” – Aoxin Ibis is back.

The company that would like to sell this car in the U.S. (!!!) is called 2050 Motors, while the car itself is named Ibis.

“Today Michael Hu, President of 2050 Motors, Inc. (OTCQB: ETFM), announced that last week the new Ibis all-carbon fiber electric sedan arrived in the United States.”

2050 Motors refers to the Tesla Model S in its press release stating that unfortunately the logo of both models are similar, but Ibis is different in other areas – like in its carbon fiber body and high-strength extruded aluminum frame, which results in lower weight compared to the Tesla Model S.

Michael Hu said:

2050 Motors Ibis

2050 Motors Ibis

“I would like to clarify some of the Internet comments depicting the Ibis as an imitation of the Tesla Model S. Uninformed people have stated that the Ibis emblem is a ‘knockoff’ of the Tesla emblem. It’s really unfortunate that the two emblems are similar, but that is where the resemblance ends. The following factors I think are more important:

The Ibis body is built totally out of carbon fiber which is five times stronger than steel and one third the weight. The Tesla body is fabricated from punched out aluminum sheeting.

“Even though the Tesla body is made of aluminum, the Ibis is at least 800 lbs lighter which everyone knows will produce better mileage, especially in urban driving conditions.

“The next important point is that the Ibis carbon fiber body sits on a high strength extruded aluminum frame not on a sheet metal punched out aluminum frame as the Tesla.”

2050 Motors Ibis

2050 Motors Ibis

2050 Motors Ibis is to be equipped with a 72 kWh battery (compared to 70/85/90 kWh Tesla Model S) and sold for ~$69,500 pre-tax credit.

Editor’s Note: The company promotes a $59,500 figure after deducting the federal tax credit, and then later separately notes a California based rebate of $5,500…so we assume they don’t have a real good handle on how EVs are actually sold in the US.

According to the press release, lower weight will enable similar range despite the smaller battery.

“Another point is that both vehicles carry impressive battery packs. The Ibis at 72 kWh and the Tesla at 70 kWh and 85 kWh. The lighter weight of the Ibis will certainly compensate for the slightly lower energy capacity of its battery pack. Therefore, both vehicles will have a similar driving range.

“The next item is cost. Most Tesla Model S are priced over $100,000 after federal rebates. The Ibis, after federal rebates, will be $59,500. A cost that is significantly different and not something to sneeze at.”

2050 Motors Ibis

2050 Motors Ibis

Acceleration of Ibis is to be comparable with most gasoline-operated vehicles. The motor is just 134 kW, or way less than a Model S.

0-60 acceleration is estimated at 8.5 seconds. However if that doesn’t satisfy the company promises “several (undetailed) options” to “increase the acceleration” to approximately to 5-6 seconds.

“Both cars have a variety of gadgetry based on customers’ desires. However, the Tesla was the first to demonstrate to the world that an electric car can compete in every aspect with regular gasoline-powered vehicles. We acknowledge Tesla for this accomplishment. However, building an electric car that can accelerate from zero to 60 mph faster than a Ferrari, although impressive, is not what electric cars are all about, they are about the environment. Incidentally, the Ibis acceleration is comparable to most gasoline operated vehicles on the road today. Finally, let’s remember that high powered electric motors used to accomplish hair raising acceleration also consume battery energy at phenomenal rates and are as unnecessary as gas powered muscle cars for the general public.”

“Electric cars are being developed to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and reduce all emissions including the ones causing climate change. We believe the Ibis will capture a portion of the high-end middle market which offers all of the high-tech gadgets at an affordable price and, the e-Go will capture a portion of the lower-end middle market – both due to their carbon fiber bodies and space age aluminum frames which no other manufacturer offers.”

2050 Motors Ibis

2050 Motors Ibis

Not much details were provided on when and where you could see or buy Ibis in the U.S. were released.

To be honest, given what we have seen so far, and they way it is being presented today to Americans, we don’t believe it will succeed, and would advise caution.  (Also take note of disclosure statement surrounding the Ibis – attached at borrom)

If you are curious about 2050 Motors, Inc., here’s the company’s own description of itself:

“2050 Motors, Inc. ( http://www.2050motors.com and http://www.etfm.com ), is a publicly traded company incorporated in Nevada in 2012. 2050 Motors was founded to develop and produce the next generation of clean, lightweight, efficient vehicles and its associated technologies. Some of these technologies include alternative renewable fuels, hybrid electric vehicles, advanced graphene lithium batteries and carbon fiber low cost vehicles. 2050 Motors has been successful in forming long term relationships and exclusive contracts for a variety of game changing technologies. 2050 Motors entered into an agreement with Jiangsu Aoxin New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., located in Jiangsu, China, for the distribution in the United States of a new electric automobile, known as the e-Go EV (electric vehicle). The e-Go EV is a revolutionary new concept in the ever evolving world of electric vehicles. It will be the only production line electric car with a carbon fiber body and parts manufactured by a new process using robotic machines which significantly reduces the fabrication time and cost of carbon fiber components. The e-Go EV will seat four passengers, have a long battery life, and high energy efficiency rating up to 150+ MPG-E energy equivalent in urban driving due to the light weight of the vehicle. The five passenger carbon fiber luxury sedan Ibis EV, the e-Go’s big brother, will also be showcased along with the e-Go EV for future sales in the United States. See videos of completion of the e-Go EV manufacturing plant at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wih8_xxZNgA and the unveiling of the e-Go EV at the 2014 Shanghai Auto Show http://www.2050motors.com/shanghaishow.html . The company is fully reporting under the SEC EDGAR system.”

Lastly, some Ibis specs:

2050 Motors Ibis spec:

Electric Luxury Passenger Sedan
 Body Material
Lightweight Aluminum and Carbon Fiber
Shape Parameters
Overall Length
16′ 4.8″ (5000 mm)
Overall Width
6′ 2.7″ (1898 mm)
Total Height
5′ 3.18″ (1605 mm)
9′ 7.35″ (2930 mm)
Front/ Rear Track
1614 mm/1614 mm (5′ 3.5″)
Minimum Ground Clearance
 Power System
 Motor Type
AC Permanent Magnet Synchronous
 System Voltage
360 V
Motor Rated
180 HP (134 kW)
Maximum Torque
250 foot-pound (339 Nm)
Charging Time
 5-6h (15kW car AC Charging)
High Speed Charging
 Motor System
AC permanent magnet synchronous motor, rear drive after a single motor, DSP/EBS
 Battery System
Ternary lithium polymer battery, located under the underbody shield, integrated BMS and charger
 Steering System
Rack and Pinion with EPS
 Braking System
Hydraulic Brake with ABS, ESP, Electric Vacuum Booster, Front and Rear Disc Brakes
 Tire Specifications/wheels
245/ 45ZR19/ light alloy
 Suspension System
 Double Transverse Arm Type, with Hydraulic Shock Absorbers
 Brake Energy Recovery
 Motor Regenerative Braking Energy Recovery
Rated Crew 
5 Passengers
Quality Parameters 
Maximum Total Mass
5,026 lbs (2,280 kg)
Curb Weight
4,000 lbs (1,815 kg)
Maximum Speed (electronically limited)
95 mph (153 km / h)
Maximum Speed Unlimited
112 mph (180 km / h)
Maximum Gradeability

Miles per charge

(depending on driving conditions)
200-240 miles (320-396 km)

NOTE 1: The acceleration of the Ibis for the standard model version is approximately in the 8.5 second range from 0-60 mph which is comparable to most other gasoline operated automobiles. Several options including a more powerful motor and controller, can increase the acceleration from approximately 8.5 seconds to approximately a 5-6 second range.

NOTE 2: The standard version of the Ibis will have a very powerful 72 kWh battery pack. The Ibis will also be offered with a larger battery pack and/or range extender. The range extender option which will increase the range of the Ibis to well over 700 km per charge.

NOTE 3: The battery pack comes with a 10-year warranty or 150,000 miles.

NOTE 4: The cost of the Ibis is estimated to be $69,500 USD before Federal Rebates ($7,500 USD) and State Rebates (such as those available in California up to $5,500 USD).

NOTE 5: The carbon fiber body sits on an extremely strong aluminum frame (not a sheet metal aluminum stamped frame similar to our competitors).

IBIS 2050 Motors

2050motors – January 20, 2015 – Grand Opening

20150 Motors Disclaimer Attached To Announcement

20150 Motors Disclaimer Attached To Announcement – Filling Us With Confidence

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It looks like a Buick to me.


A huge chunk of Buick’s sales in the past decade have been in China. So, the models have definitely started mimicing Chinese tastes rather than American. Most high end Chinese cars remind me of Buick these days.


Yes I thought he same thing. GM set up business in China and the Chinese being the innovators they are (as blood trickles down my cheek) cloned a Buick, called it their own and wants to compete with a US manufacturer. Reeeeeaaaallly? I’m surprised (he said sarcastically)

Bill Howland

“It seems like a Buick to me.”

Since Buick is importing most of their new vehicle models from China, this car would be a great fit for them… Simply Punch 3 portholes in each side, and sell it at the discount.

The Available 15 kw charger should satisfy most magpies.


What a very, very long-winded way of saying “We’re feebly attempting to ride Tesla’s coat-tails to success, with a poor imitation of a Tesla Model S; one that we’re trying desperately to pretend is actually better, altho anyone who looks at the specs can easily see it’s quite inferior. And we’re hoping to convince Chinese buyers to buy it, because no way will this turkey ever pass First World crash tests and safety tests.”

Someone out there

Spot on! This thing has nothing on Tesla except empty promises. The claim of “200-240 miles of range” is just the manufacturer’s own wishful thinking and probably nothing near what the EPA will finally give it.


They trade on the OTC Stock markets & have About 7.5 Million shares Outstanding Stock went From Aprox $2.56 Down to 10Cents *& is Now @ 22Cents Up 5cents From 17Cents…Probably Because of this article..Sounds Pretty Wishy Washy…Very iffy to me …


Let’s just find a straight 240 mile long road with no traffic lights, and goes downhill, the whole way.

Boom, done, proven.


Slap a 25% import tariff on it, quid pro quo.


Just like the Tesla’s shipped to Europe for “final assembly”. LOL! Gotta love the bias around here.

Robb Stark

The anti-Tesla bias never ends.

Because the EU has a 10% automotive tariff,China a 25% tariff while the US has a 2.5% tariff.

Foreign manufactures don’t have to go through this nonsense to enter the US market competitively.

All OEMs play the foreign/domestic content game to meet trade rules.


The pro Tesla bias never ends. 60% of the early Model S needed to have the complete drive train replaced, but you never heard much about that.




They removed the link, it was on green car reports, search Tesla drive line, you will see.


Two-Thirds of Earliest Tesla Drivetrains To Need Replacement In 60,000 Miles, Owner Data Suggests
Green Car Reports

Bill Howland

‘..60% of the early model S had complete driveline replacement..’.

A more interesting figure would be how often is the ‘murmuring’ reoccurring to the same customers..

Reliability was the most important factor as to why I am a FORMER Tesla Owner.


SJC said:

“60% of the early Model S needed to have the complete drive train replaced…

60%? Really, dude?

You know, when you spew anti-Tesla FUD, you should try to make your lies not quite so obvious.

P.S. — In its latest Model S report, Consumer Reports rated the “Drive System” reliability for the 2015 Model S as “Excellent”, and for the 2014 as “Very good”.


You know “dude” you should really read Green Car Reports and search Tesla drive train replacement before shooting you mouth off.

Omar Sultan

Well, dude, you should really read the things you are linking to…


There is no way out from the following statement. If you want to make lots of electric cars you must have a source of a lot of batteries.

How many cars can they make?

If they can make lots of cars then this is very good news.


We don’t need a Tesla knockoff to get off fossil fuel. Tesla already has ~43% of the luxury car market in its price range. These guys are way too late to add an environmental benefit to that market segment. We need a low cost EV for the mass market to get off fossil fuel, along with a supercharger network to give it nationwide range.


If the Tesla knockoff is significantly cheaper it will address a different price range. If this car is not vapourware then it is one part of getting rid of fossil fuel cars. No way Tesla can do that all alone. A cheaper knockoff would be something to applaud.




heisenberght said:

“A cheaper [Tesla] knockoff would be something to applaud.”

Nobody in the USA, the EU, or any British Commonwealth country will be applauding this car, because it won’t be sold there. It’s a Chinese make car, which means it won’t pass First World safety/crash tests, and there’s also the question of using patents without a license.

If China wants to export cars to First World countries, it’s gonna have to “up its game”, quite a lot. I’m not saying they can’t; Japan did in the 1970s. But they’ve got a steep hill to climb.


Vapourware !

In unrelated news, Ghosn’s face says it all !


Let’s hope it they get their finger out !

Someone out there

Carlos Ghosn always looks like that! But yes, if Nissan wants to remain a leader and sell 1 million cars before 2020 they need to vastly improve the LEAF and quickly.

I don’t even think a 60 kWh battery will cut it. A 150 mile LEAF is not going to turn any heads and a 200 mile limit would just be a “me too”-car. They need to go to 70 kWh, they need to be noticeably better than the Bolt to get attention while still remain in the same price range.


Ghosn often has this look. A 70 kWh battery makes no sense. When next Leaf has much better aero than Bolt they could beat Bolt with over 30 miles with the same battery. That Nissan is testing the same 288 cells like Bolt means that Ghosn knew it since end 2014 (prototype is running since march 2015). And they had much time to work on aero and efficiency (thin tires). But best would if Nissan is also offering a 40 kWh Leaf with ~160 miles for under 30.000 before incentives, that would be a real gavel!


I don’t think a lot the gen 1 Leaf buyers are going to line up for gen 2 until Nissan has fixed their battery longevity (read liquid thermal control). GM has shown with the Volt to have a very reliable pack. Nissan can’t say the same.


I don’t think they need to know to 70kwh, though it would be very nice and a really good way to get one up on GM.

Nissan will almost certainly have greater production capacity for LEAF 2.0 and are a more known EV branch than GM at the moment.


Also, Tesla’s 70kw base model starts at $70k, below the 2050 base model. Comparing 2050’s base to a Tesla with $100k of options is just BS. Wish the article had pointed that out.



In addition the specs of the Tesla 70 are by far better. The seating of 5/7 and the super charger network are enough. Not to mention the Over The Air updates that will make the car have new functionality often.


Beat me to it – agreed! I notice that automotive and political adversaries of Tesla Motors often pit the average selling price of a Model S to the base price of competitors.

Mark B. Spiegel

This company looks to me like an outright fraud– the web site claims the car will weigh 1450 pounds INCLUDING batteries. Sadly, it’s far too small to short so I’ll just remain short TSLA.

Jay Cole

…you state things a little more bluntly on this one than us Mark, (=

Chris O

LOL, your usual MO is to turn news of some unlikely “Tesla competitor” in one of your “look, Tesla is toast” rants.

Mark B. Spiegel

@Chris O,

Unlike you Teslarians I’m a realist. (That’s why I’m short TSLA.)

Chris O

Your only a realist within the web of make believe you spin around Tesla all day long.


Mark B. Spiegel said:

“Unlike you Teslarians I’m a realist. (That’s why I’m short TSLA.)”

As a “realist”, how much money have you “really” lost on the multiple TSLA short squeezes? Hmmm?


Too bad you were not short the entire market, though maybe you were, as it fell horribly the past two weeks. I suspect not.


That 1450 lbs. Curb Weight is for the tiny E-Go EV that they sell, and not for the new model!


Their IBIS CARBON FIBER electric LUXURY sedan has a Curb Weight of 4,000 lbs.


Sorry this is the most descent electric car I seen for a while.
320 Km realistic range
70 KW battery
Price is just to high, to compete with Tesla but Carbon Fiber does not come cheap.
the 180 HP is enough for most people.

Bill Howland
Yeah that’s a point. Its interesting the GM’s chinese plants are always ‘in partnership’ with Chinese home grown firms, presumably so that a defacto technology transfer takes place. After all, besides Wealth being generated on the factory floor, so is Innovation. So while there’s less and less of that in the states, it exists in spades in China. Now that the Cadillac CT6 PHEV ( a vehicle I was very interested in, is going to be made only in China – the ICE only versions will be made stateside – I figure I might as well use the Home Depot /Lowe’s principle. I needed a slow speed 1/2″ Drill motor, and at the 2 aforementioned BB stores, the cheapest items were $160 and $195. But at Harbor Freight (JUNK) Tools (at least thats what the mechanics jokingly call it), I got one basically equivalent for $32 including sales tax. It didn’t have quite as much power, and the gear reduction was much noisier, but they did include a spare set of brushes (! That means they expect the motor to last more than 200 hours !), and the point is, the expensive stuff is made in China as well, with… Read more »

Visions of Coda?


At lest CODA managed to make a car which could pass U.S. crash tests and safety tests, so they could sell their Chinese make BEV in the USA. It appears to me to be extremely unlikely that Ibis will be able to achieve that.



Ed Buratti

Well, That’s NO Model S!




Too many unknowns about any new manufacturer. Have to wait for reliability reports about car overall, and battery. That takes a few years, and only with a decent number sold.

Just to point out another Chinese auto manufacturer: Supposedly BYD’s introduction in the past was stopped due to rusted out frames! Of all things, they can’t even get anti-corrosion on the frame right. Also, heard reports of battery quality issues, because of manufacturing quality control issues.

I always think, that any owner/management who could not even come up with a good name for the company, what kind of other “bad” decisions are they making.


Yes, despite the obviously ripped-off logo design, very poor name choice.

“Ibis”… sounds and looks like “Isis”.

I’m surprised they didn’t name it Telsa.


https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_white_ibis Cleptomanic bird seems like a proper fit tho? Jokes aside – I think they have a point that the range is more important to a family sedan than sports car like acceleration. However the ‘tesla autopilot’ aka lane keeping with adaptive cruise control just like the fast charging and safety rating are.


Agreed – acceleration isn’t everything (unless they are complete screw-ups, it will still be fun off-the-line like most other EVs on the market), but a 2-ton sedan out-dragging a Ferrari helps get the name out and establish the potential of the powertrain.


Chinese steel is inferior, this is well known, as are most of the heavy industrial products that they produce. If you have even had a glimmer of a notion to buy Chinese products, don’t.
Of course never consume any product made in China, if you value your health.


Sorry but I won’t give up my iPhone and Apple Watch which are made in China 🙂


Assembled in China, but the electronics are mostly made in Taiwan and S. Korea.

You do not want to buy electronics made in China.



I was going to jump on the bashing bandwagon…but I’m sure all of us remember when Hyundai/Kia were a joke and NO ONE thought they’d make it in the US. How many did you see on your drive to work this morning?


I owned the Hyundai Pony years ago (1987), with it’s Mitsubishi engine (before the Koreans knew how to design their own engines, they licensed a design from Mitsubishi).

I thought it was a great little car, and had people tell me, they heard it was a “disposable” car. LOL!


I had a ’93 Hyundai Excel. Somehow it survived long enough to get 110K miles.

I guess they learned their lesson by then.





Mister G

Most of our consumer products are MADE IN CHINA..been to WalMart lately? If this company can get the Ibis to Americans, it will sell. Don’t believe me…go to WalMart.


He says as Walmart closes 68 stores. Yeah if want junk by Chinese junk. Everybody does it you should too.

Mister G

When a Chinese Tesla clone is sold for $30k in the USA…you will think about getting one…just like most Americans will, I know I will.


That is a misnomer since a clone is identical to that which is cloned, and this POS is no clone of Tesla.

Bill Howland

Yeah, something is going on that I haven’t as of yet figured out. The Baltic Dry Index is at a record low, with most of the decrease lack of shipment from China.

I know the “economy” truly ain’t as great as “El Presidente” states, but there seems to be another factor at play….. We’ll see.

Low oil prices just keep getting lower. And Now that Iran is also producing doesn’t look as though oil is going higher anytime soon.

As far as throwing out Putin due to lowered oil revenues, it seems to be throwing out more American Fracking company’s execs instead. Putin has warned his populace ‘Be prepared for $20/bbl oil.’. Jeez if it goes THAT low many more companies in the states wil be in trouble. I’m glad I don’t play in that game.


Actual results may differ from expected results. Hardly. My expectations for this vehicle are very poor. A real pig in a poke.

Oh, and far as thinking its like a Tesla with that turtle slow speed no one will make that mistake. Yes it is an unfortunate accident that you chose, out of 26 letters, a T. Then of the possible designs you accidentally chose one, I call it a fat T, one that looks exactly like Tesla’s.
Please make it stop.


I’d be highly impressed if a Chinese company could even manage to mass-produce a carbon fiber sedan body on a metal frame. That’s a great leap forward from anything any Chinese company is doing now. No matter what it looks like, such a body can’t really be reverse-engineered from any current automobile.


A conundrum. How do the Chinese reverse engineer themselves?


They don’t bother. They just politely ask the government to have their military hackers steal detailed instructions on how to build it from their competitors. If it’s a domestic competitor, the military likely won’t even need to assign their top tier hackers to the project.

(Am I joking? No, just exaggerating slightly.)


Haha the logo is a knockoff, so does the car.


I thought Ibis was a terrorist organization. Glad to see they’ve given up their blood lust and joined the EV revolution!

mr. M

+1 lol


The rear end of the car looks like Saab 9-3, not bad at all. As for the front end, it is just as hideous as any Fiat model and is not gonna be long-lived.


Isn’t an Ibis an extinct flightless bird with hairy feathers?

Omar Sultan

Seems like another car intended for the China market that’s hoping to be able to charge a “US car company” premium.


Looks like a Kia Maserati

whatever the f*ck that would look like lol


With how much faster the EV market is growing in China compared to the US, I don’t know why any Chinese companies would even try to export to the US.

Focusing on sales in China seems like a much better way to make money.


Ibis was built on a modular platform for electric vehicles intellectual property right owned by Picchio (www.picchio.com)
Battery and power train according to customer request.
Can bear up to four-wheel drive engine, 400 kW of power and batteries up to 80 kWh (with battery swap too).
The carbon fiber bodywork is the result of the work by Picchio Centro Stile. It’s designed according to customer directions.
more info at http://picchio.com/en/2015/04/la-picchio-nel-progetto-ibis/