2020 BMW 4-Series Electric GT To Challenge Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Competitor


It might arrive at the end of the decade and go after the Tesla Model 3.

Much like the oddball BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo is expected to make the transition to the 6 Series family for its new generation, a new report indicates the same thing will happen to the smaller 3 Series GT by being promoted to the 4 Series lineup. In addition, Autocar has it on good authority Bavaria’s five-door liftback will also spawn a pure electric version less than a year after the launch of the conventionally powered models set for 2019.

The 2020 4 Series GT in zero-emissions guise will be positioned as a direct rival for the Tesla Model 3 and will provide a range of at least 311 miles (500 kilometers) between two charges. It’s going to need a 90-kWh lithium-ion battery pack to do that, but the capacity might drop to 70 kWh until the car’s launch thanks to progresses projected to be made in cell performance.

Speaking of performance, BMW wants the all-electric 4 Series GT to be just as quick and fast as today’s 313-hp 335d xDrive, so expect the 0-60 mph (0-96 kph) run to take somewhere in the region of 4.9 seconds and top speed to stand at about 155 mph (250 kph).

BMW 3 Series Gt Facelift

Interestingly, the report goes on to specify the arrival of the 4 Series GT will spell the end of the 4 Series Gran Coupe, much like the aforementioned 6 Series GT will allegedly kill the 6 Series Gran Coupe. This decision has allegedly been taken because the 4 Series GC is a “slow-selling” car, but that’s not actually true. In fact, it’s the most popular model in the family, accounting for 54 percent of all 4 Series global sales.

It would surely be sad to see the 4 Series GC go since it’s arguably one of the prettiest BMWs on sale today. It’s also more practical than the regular 3 Series Sedan thanks to its liftback opening and it actually has a bigger cargo capacity when the rear seats are folded.

We should point out the latest (unconfirmed) intel concerning the 3 Series GT’s faith is a complete contradiction of a previous report from the beginning of the year. BMWBLOG said the GT won’t actually live to see a new generation and the sleek GC will take its place in the lineup.

Seeing as how the Gran Coupe is outselling both the 4 Series Coupe and Convertible combined, why would they axe it? It would make more sense to just pull the plug on the GT, right?

Source: Autocar

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It’s clear that traditional ICE manufacturers just don’t know what to do…..

Competing with an annual production rate of 500.000 Tesla Model 3 per year? How many Gigafactories has BMW in its back pocket?
Oh, what? just a plugin-hybrid again with an electric range for in-house-driving? Ok, no more questions.

Do you remember what Elon said? He will announce 4 new factories by the end of this year.

BMW doesn’t need gigafactories for its 3-4 mile AER EVs.

I think they mean, that the GT and the GC will be merged into one single car.

Autocar was probably confused what the 4GT would actually replace, but I think it would be the 4GC, rather than the 3GT.

So it will probably end up being closer to the 4 GC, than the 3 GT. With the 3 GT getting, somewhat, discontinued.

I agree. I think they will try to merge the practicality of the GT with the styling of the GC. Audi has done a better job with the A5 and A7.

70kWh? 90kWh? I doubt that will start anywhere near $35K.

How could it unless they they expect it to be significantly cheaper just because it is electric?

It is too bad they don’t convert the 4 series Grand Coupe into EV. That is one of BMW’s nicest looking cars. Inside and out..

(link 1)

(link 2)

In safety and engineering, I just saw an article this morning stating the new 5 series is one of only a couple top safety + rated medium/large side passenger cars. Does anyone know if the IIHS rating on the Tesla was a top + rating?

On the other hand, the GT is huge inside. The trunk is big enough to fit a bed mattress back there. So perhaps that is why the decided to adapt that chassis to EV.

Here is the link on the IIHS safety test of the new 5 series:


Maybe that’s why they are waiting for 2020, because that is when they think battery prices will be low enough to have 70-90 kWh batteries in a car that is priced the same as their similar performance diesel.

BMW certainly knows how to build an EV if they wanted to. It’s been a decade since they built the wildly popular Mini E’s.

An ICE platform adapted for batteries will always be at a significant disadvantage vs a BEV platform.

Ya totally agree. The packaging of a modern car is so tight that the idea of efficiently using two completely different drive systems without serious compromises seems unlikely. The REX i3 is probably the closest you will get to a decent blend of ICE and electric in terms of maintaining the advantages of EV packaging/design, but it is a pretty hobbled ICE.

My eGolf had so much space under the hood that i can drop my backpack in there. Some of the hoses and wires just go in a straight line over empty space instead of being crammed in and bent tight in place like in the ICE models.

Same way on a Focus Electric. The space under a LEAF hood is almost as large. It isn’t that way under the hood of a Bolt EV though. There’s more extra space than they need I would think, but not enough to really fit anything in there.

This is another “Move over Tesla, you’re doomed – again” moment.


It’s incomprehensible to me that BMW has the 3,4,3GT and 4GC. Those, plus the 3 wagon, 4 convertible and then of course the X3 and X4. What a mess of a lineup.

Agree – as I said in the first post — these ICE manufacturers don’t seem to know what to do….

It is actually pretty simple:

3-series: limousine, touring, and “newly” the gt. All those base on a higher platform and less sportiness

4-series: sporty coupe and cabriolet and a more practical 4 door grancoupe

Due to the shared platform “35up” (higher then 3series) the costs for a complex portfolio of products are low. So we consumers have a nice choice of possible variants.

Put a x in front for the according SUVs

Same scheme is valid for 5 and 6 series

The 3 GT isn’t “new”. It’s older than the 4 GC.

And I don’t need an explanation of what these are. I know what they are. What I’m saying they are massively overlapping. Why is there a roundback 4-door of both the 3 and 4?

They don’t need all these configurations. The 3GT,4GC and X4 overlap far too much.

You have to be blind to see the difference between a 3 series GT and a 4 series Grand Coupe. Very different cars.

Here are BMW’s pictures from their own website:

(link 1)

(link 2)

They look more similar than I even expected.

Even if you can tell them apart it hardly matters. The issue isn’t that one can’t possibly distinguish them but that they are massively overlapping.