2019 World Green Car Finalists: Clarity PHEV, Kia Niro EV, e-tron, I-Pace


Soon we’ll be able to share to results!

The upcoming New York Aut0 Show in April will be an event for the reveal (we always hope for many EVs) of many upcoming cars, platforms, and new technologies. However, it’s also the event during which the World Green Car Awards are revealed. The candidates for the latter award have been publicized. Interestingly (but not surprisingly), there is not a single Tesla vehicle on the list. Perhaps, like in the past with regards to other potential awards, Tesla just chose not to submit its vehicles?

We honestly have no way of knowing not only the entry situation at this point, but also organization’s parameters or requirements. Hopefully, before April, we’ll have a better idea of the circumstances. InsideEVs has already reached out to World Car Awards, as well as Tesla for clarification.

The winners will be announced at the upcoming New York Auto Show in April. Nonetheless, it has come to our attention that the organization’s esteemed jurors have come to a consensus about this year’s award finalists:


Audi e-tron

Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid

Hyundai Nexo

Jaguar I-PACE

Kia Niro EV

Other Plug-In Candidates:

BMW i8 Roadster

It appears all top finalists are of the plug-in electric vehicle variety, aside from the Hyundai Nexo. However, the only other PHEV candidate is the BMW i8. All others are traditional (no plug) hybrids.

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“Interestingly (but not surprisingly), there is not a single Tesla vehicle on the list.”
That statement sums it up for me.

These are all new 2019 cars. It could just be that Tesla doesn’t have any new MY 2019 cars.

There all 2018 cars at least for Europe. I pace allready delivered also in US.
Don’t know about the honda , there not selling this one in Europe.

Model 3 production started in 2017.

The Clarity is not new, either.

With Tesla staying out of Auto Show circuit, it is unlikely they would be eligible for awards from an Auto Show.

I would think people would have figured out how meaningless these awards are, but maybe they haven’t yet.

May be someone could ask WCA; How can we wote for Tesla model 3?

Wow, the selection committee isn’t monkeying around this time

That Blue on the I-Pace is a really nice colour but… No chance that it will win. My money is on the Audi.

A little off topic but Ford just introduced a completely redesigned Explorer for 2020. It’s a pretty good looking SUV but that is beside the point. The point is that, with this vehicle introduction being so close to Fords announced roll out of electric vehicles, the Explorer chassis is probably designed to accept a large battery pack.

No, this would not be an ICE vehicle conversion. This would be a vehicle specifically designed for multiple power train types, like the Hyundai Kona and Ioniq and like the Kia Niro. We already know that the Explorer is going to have a PHEV variant but is it also going to have a BEV variant?

The 2020 Explorer is available with a 5000 pound Class III towing package, so it’s a real SUV. With a big enough battery pack the 2020 Explorer could be the 300 mile EV Ford has been talking about. Anyway, it would be nice to see some EV related progress coming out of Ford

Maybe my enthusiasm is not warranted. It looks like the 2020 Explorer is going to be RWD with the old engine, transmission and differential configuration. My hopes are still not completely dashed but they are greatly diminished.

One can always dream….

I don’t remember whether they said so explicitly; but going by various statements they made over the past years, I think Ford is rather working on a dedicated BEV platform.

Note that while a “universal” platform designed for both combustion cars and BEVs from the start should fare better than a pure ICE platform later converted to BEV, it’s still no match for a dedicated BEV-only platform.

LO…i guess they have no choice but to give it to Kia Niro EV.

I see the Hyundai Nexo on that list. Doesn’t make sense. Unless there is a non hydrogen Nexo I’m not aware of.

Between a stack of sales cash and cheap trophy and certificate, I’d grab the cash and run.

Green car probably means using recycled materials to build the cars and having the optimal level of battery size that is needed for daily use to reduce the carbon footprint of mining and producing batteries. It is also more green to spread a 100kw battery over 4 to 5 cars then to place them into one car to give the one driver more convenience. A cheaper car would also be more green because it is afffordable for the masses. Net affect is a greener product for the planet.

Smaller batteries wear down faster in the same usage — so the only real benefit of smaller batteries is *slightly* lower energy usage due to reduced weight.

I wasn’t referring to the weight vs distance comparison to contribute to greener car. My thought was more on deploying 4 additional cheaper EV cars on the road instead of one expensive EV large battery car to reduce overall net carbon emissions. The size of what the battery size should be or phev/bee would be up for debate depending on daily normal usage patterns.

Contrary to what some people think, a small battery EV would not be that much cheaper than a large battery EV nowadays. When you can have a 500 km one for say $45,000, or a 100 km one for maybe $9,000 less — how many people do you think will consider the 100 km one a better deal? The 100 km one won’t sell five times more — it will sell a fraction of the 500 km one. It’s an unprofitable niche market, as Nissan has had to experience painfully.

Maybe it is not even necessary to report this purely commercial prize. And what is a “world” award with some vehicles not even available in Europe ie one of the huger EV market.