2019 Nissan LEAF Wins Australia’s Green Innovation Award

NOV 21 2018 BY MARK KANE 4

Nissan LEAF is considered more than just an electric car

The second-generation Nissan LEAF has won its first major Australian automotive award – Drive.com.au Car of the Year Green Innovation.

According to Drive.com.au, it recognized the LEAF for its abilities beyond being just an electric car.

The Japanese flagship EV is scheduled for Australia in mid-2019, which means that first customers need to wait several more months to get one to try.

One of the advantages, mentioned by the Drive Network, is the bi-directional charging capability (LEAF-to-Home), which makes us wonder whether it will be available for consumers in Australia.

Andrew Maclean, editor in chief of the Drive Network said:

“There are significant advantages in driving an electric car, but the Nissan LEAF takes those benefits beyond the driving experience with the ability to save money when it’s in the driveway. The Nissan LEAF-to-Home function makes the electric car more appealing than ever.”

Nissan Australia managing director, Stephen Lester said:

“Drive Car of the Year is one of the most important awards in the industry, and we are delighted with the recognition bestowed on new Nissan LEAF. The benefits of owning a LEAF are considerable. The high power and torque make it incredibly fun to drive, it’s inexpensive to run on a daily basis and the vehicle-to-grid benefits are ground breaking in what they offer owners. This is wonderful recognition for LEAF, Nissan, and a global team that put so much effort into the advanced Nissan Intelligent Mobility technologies included as standard equipment on this vehicle.”

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They have a lot of excess production in the States, too bad they cannot ship 2,000 a month down under. Great cars, they will love them.

You sure of that? Some here recently claimed their US battery factory is doing overtime…

I think the Kona is better, but then Australia, well, it’s like being in the Outback.

This car isn’t even on sale in Australia, and won’t be until March-June (Nissan can’t make up their mind), yet it wins this award? Smells rotten to me.